Why Shutting Down the Borders Is Urgent: Mexico Is Ground Zero for Swine Flu!

By John W. Lillpop

Apologists for Mexico and most, but not all, Democrats ask a recurring question about the swine flu crisis: "How will closing the U.S.-Mexico border keep out the swine flu, when the swine flu is already in the country?"


Shutting down the border would prevent people most likely to have swine flu--Mexicans--from entering America and bringing with them even more infections.

Of course, closing the border will do nothing to prevent the spread of the disease from people already here.

However, Mexico is the point of origin for the swine flu and remains ground zero for the deadly disease.

Mexico is the nation with the greatest number of infections, deaths, and hospitalizations. Mexico has essentially shut itself down n order to contain the disease.

Illegal aliens from Mexico are especially dangerous because most are impoverished and do not have access to decent health care.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has ratcheted up the swine flu alert and warns that "all of humanity is threatened" by the deadly disease, which originated in Mexico.

Please note that even one of the delegation staff members in President Obama's recent trip to Mexico came in contact with the disease and three of that man's family members have since tested positive for the swine flu.

A Mexican who helped host President Obama during his trip to Mexico, and who shook Obama's hand, died hours after Obama's

Joe Biden made some strong remarks about the crisis that bordered on common sense, until Obama's transparency police throttled the foot in the mouth prone VP.

The only death in the United States (thus far) attributable to swine flu was a toddler from Mexico; said child was in the U.S. seeking treatment.

Mexico is the problem.

Since Mexico is the source of the problem, prudence dictates that America shut down the borders and keep even more infected Mexicans from crossing our borders, legally or otherwise.

In much the same way as Cuba and Argentina have banned air travel to and from Mexico.

Mexico is the problem.

That is not anti-Mexican racism. Rather, it is a bitter fact that our president, Congress, and responsible Americans had better address, and damn soon.

Mexico is the problem!