Obama and Castro as Pals? Why Not?

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Mainstream media have been breathlessly reporting the recent exchange of diplomatic messages between Barack Obama and Raul Castro as though the gestures were earth-shattering news on a par with the virgin birth, the Resurrection, and the much anticipated Second Coming.

This partial clip from Yahoo reflects the tone and tenor of the hysteria surrounding the Obama-Castro fling:

"Trading their warmest words in a half-century, the United States and Cuba built momentum toward renewed ties on Friday, with President Barack Obama declaring he "seeks a new beginning" — including direct talks — with the island's communist regime. As leaders of the Americas gathered for a summit in this Caribbean nation, the head of the Organization of American States even said he'll ask his group to invite Cuba back after 47 years.

"The flurry of back-and-forth gestures began earlier this week when Obama dropped restrictions on travel and remittances to Cuba, challenging his Cuban counterpart, Raul Castro, to reciprocate. Obama noted those moves and renewed his promise for his administration to engage with the Cuban government "on a wide range of issues," including human rights, free speech, democratic reform, drugs, immigration and the economy."

Some outlets even called the events a "thawing" in the relationship between the two nations, with the leftist media eager to portray Obama as the voice of calm and reason needed to reverse the foul feelings brought about by John F. Kennedy and all white males that followed him into the Oval Office.

Now, according to the media, with a person of color in charge, the litter from the past can be cleaned out and a new beginning can be forged and immediately added to Obama's growing legacy.

However, is it really all that shocking that Barack Obama and the Castro brothers would see eye to eye on so many things?

Think about the similarities:

-All live or have lived on an island

-None are citizens of the United States

-All are die hard communists

-All lie incessantly and without remorse

-All hate the United States, capitalism, and free markets

About the only real differences between the parties are that Obama does not speak Spanish, prefers basketball to soccer, and does not smoke cigars, while the Castro brothers hate gays, torture prisoners for both amusement and intelligence purposes, and want to increase, rather than reduce, the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Soooooooooooo, what's to stop the Obama- Castro fling from blossoming into a full-throated pain in the rear to America and Americans?