Rep. Luis Gutierrez: Another Illinois Democrat Who Prefers Racial Politics to Rule of Law

By John W. Lillpop

With unemployment now at 8.5 percent and the economy in complete shambles, the last thing this nation needs is to legitimatize 12-38 million uninvited guests, the vast majority of whom are uneducated, unskilled, impoverished, and non-English speaking, all of whom are here illegally.

What possible benefit could accrue to the American people by willingly taking on such needy people when thirteen million American citizens are already out of work, millions more are losing their homes to foreclosures, and millions more are losing their 401(k) accounts and life savings?

What politician, with even the slightest regard for the rule of law, U.S. Sovereignty, homeland security, or preservation of American culture would propose amnesty when such a move will only cause additional tens of millions of impoverished peasants to invade from points south of our borders?

The simple answer is that most Democrats do not give a damn about American anything when it comes to securing greater political power to advance their own selfish interests.

Even more blatantly un-American is the behavior Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois) who is far more passionate about increasing the number of people who share his ethnicity--Hispanic--than he is in doing what is best overall for America and her citizens.

In other words, race above all else.

As reported, in part at Yahoo news:

"Amidst a backdrop of rising unemployment and increased costs of illegal immigration, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) has been on a five week tour visiting 16 American cities - including Philadelphia this Saturday - promoting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and the dismantling of immigration law enforcement. Rep. Gutierrez describes the Family Unity Immigration Outreach Tour as an effort to 'document the harm caused to citizens across our nation in the absence of comprehensive immigration reform.'

What is notably missing in Rep. Gutierrez's tour is any mention of the harm mass amnesty would have on citizens and legal immigrants, or the economic toll illegal immigration has on American workers. With a national unemployment rate of 8.1%, over 12 million Americans are scrambling for jobs. Yet according to the Pew Hispanic center, an estimated 7.7 million jobs, desperately needed by U.S. workers, are held by illegal aliens. To be sure, unless worksite enforcement is continued, E-Verify reauthorized, and laws enforced, Americans will continue to compete against illegal aliens in ever greater numbers. The amnesty initiative advocated by Rep. Gutierrez would simply reward those who have broken the law, encourage more illegal immigration, and exacerbate a labor market already in distress."

As further evidence of his race-based hysteria to achieve undeserved amnesty for millions of invading Hispanics, Rep. Luis Gutierrez berated an American citizen who referred to illegal aliens as "banditos" in testimony before a House panel.

As reported at CNSNEWS, in part:

"In emotional testimony before a House joint panel this week, a Virginia man recalled the death of his teenage daughter in 2007 – a death caused by an illegal immigrant who was driving drunk and who had been arrested twice before the crime, but was not deported.

'Two years ago this week, my 16-year-old daughter, Tessa, and her best friend Allison were killed as they were sitting at in intersection waiting for a red light to change,' Ray Tranchant said, as friends placed a photograph of Tessa Tranchant on an easel behind him.

Since his daughter’s death, Tranchant, a professor from Virginia Beach, has become an advocate for the enforcement of immigration law.

On Thursday, as Tranchant applauded local law enforcement in Virginia for its increased efforts to work with federal immigration authorities since his daughter’s death, he referred to individuals listed on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s database of illegal aliens with criminal backgrounds as “banditos.”

That comment drew a rebuff from Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D- Ill.).

'Mr. Tranchant, can I share with you as the father of two daughters, I thank you for bringing your testimony here, but I suggest to you that if we refer to people as banditos, as you referred to them in your testimony, it does not help to solve the problem,' Gutierrez said."

The ideal rejoinder would have been:

Rep. Gutierrez, I suggest that if one of your daughters had been slaughtered by a drunken illegal alien who has no legal or moral basis for being in America, instead of working to reward outlaws with the greatest prize on the planet--American citizenship--you would be on the front lines of enforcing our borders and immigration laws, including mass deportations.

I further suggest that it is because of people like you, Representative Gutierrez, that our nation is being destroyed in order to manipulate our population based on race, rather than rule of law.

In that regard, YOU pose a clear and present danger to the U.S. Constitution and to the rule of law in America.

With all due respect, sir, YOU are among the most despicable "Banditos" in America!

And THAT does not help solve the problem!