After Cavorting With Ebola Nurses, Should Obama Be Quarantined and Sequestered?

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama made it perfectly clear that he has no respect for the Ebola virus and its potential to kill large numbers of people. In fact, the One joked about the fact that he shook hands with, hugged, and kissed nurses who had treated Ebola victims and, he boasted, “I do not have Ebola!”

All good and well sir, except for the fact that the virus has a 42 day incubation period, which means that you should postpone your victory trot until late November or early December, after the incubation period has lapsed.

In the meanwhile, just to protect the American republic and its 330 million residents, Barack Obama should be detained and placed on hold in a medically-supervised facility where his behavior and actions can be monitored closely by professionals, including mental health experts, to assure that no untoward hysteria or other signs of instability have further encumbered the community organizer.

He should be forbidden from issuing any Executive Orders, acting on legislation, or making war until the election results have been certified AND his sanity has been confirmed by professionals, evenly represented by Democrat and Republican doctors.

Ebola is far too dangerous to be left in the hands of an ill-informed,  community organizer constantly lies and who plays politics with all issues regardless of potential impact.


Obama Goes Macho on Ebola: Cancels Fundraiser, Hugs & Kisses Nurses!

By John W. Lillpop

American history is replete with examples of bold, courageous actions taken by US Presidents which have led the nation through dark and dangerous times: George Washington crossing the Delaware; Abraham Lincoln fighting to preserve the republic by ending slavery; FDR leading US into World War 11 after Pearl Harbor; and John Kennedy and the Cuban Missile crisis, are but a few of the more dramatic instances of exceptional leadership by great men when it mattered most.

Now, add to the list of historic figures the name of Barack Hussein Obama who, on October 15, 2014, showed the world that American Exceptionalism is still alive and well, notwithstanding leftist critics who argue otherwise.

President Obama, faced with the horrible potential of the Ebola crisis, stepped up to the plate and smacked a grand-slam-homer for America, and all of humanity, by exhibiting a “testosterone moment” that will be remember forever.

To begin with, the president set aside petty partisan politics, at least temporarily, and answered the more urgent call of the health and safety of the American people.

Specifically, as reported, Obama cancelled a scheduled fundraiser just weeks away from an election which threatens to end Democrat party control of the US Senate, and which could make life even more difficult for the president and his Marxist agenda:

“President Obama won't be traveling to New Jersey and Connecticut later today, as he had been planning to do. There he was going to raise money for Democrats up for reelection in November. Instead, Obama is going to be hosting Cabinet members for a meeting on Ebola. 
White House aide Dan Pfeiffer tweets: "Later this afternoon, POTUS will convene a meeting at the White House of cabinet agencies coordinating the government’s Ebola response."

Now THAT takes guts and dedication to the values that really matter most in America!

As if that were not enough, Barack Obama went even further by making note of his own personal courage and sacrifice.

As reported:

President Obama declared Wednesday that the dangers of a widespread Ebola outbreak in the United States are "extraordinarily low," pointing to his own contact with medical personnel treating a patient infected with the virus.
Speaking to reporters after a meeting with cabinet secretaries and other top federal officials, Obama said Ebola is being "taken very seriously at the highest levels of government," but stressed that the risk of infection for the average American remains very low.
Obama said he had been in close contact with nurses at Emory University hospital who cared for two American Ebola patients.

"I shook hands with, hugged and kissed not the doctors, but a couple of the nurses at Emory, because of the valiant work that they did in treating one of the patients. They followed the protocols, they knew what they were doing, and I felt perfectly safe doing so," he said.”

Imagine that: A sitting US president actually shaking hands, and hugging and kissing nurses who treated an Ebola victim!

Where in the annals of US history is there a more splendid example of courage and leadership on the part of the “most powerful man in the world”?

Of course, Obama’s hugs and kisses make excellent sound bites, but in no way do they do excuse the fact that Obama has still not imposed a travel ban or taken other more forceful actions to protect we the people from Ebola.

Sorry, Barry, but handshakes, and hugs and kisses are NOT the sort of leadership that America needs when it comes to Ebola!




Ebola Death in Dallas: Another “Intelligence Failure,” Mr. President?

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s greatest legacy may very well be his tragic inability to distinguish between legitimate danger and political folly in formulating policy. For example, Obama wastes an inordinate amount of time and energy fretting over global weather change which neither he nor any of the other  so-called world “leaders” can control, while ignoring, or denying, the rise of the Islamic state, the greatest terrorist threat in the history of the planet.

His second greatest legacy item may be his despicable habit of deliberately lying about his failures, as he did with the Islamic state, when he blamed the emergence of the sub-human, 7th century band of lunatics on the failure of US intelligence, when, in fact, it was Obama’s ego-driven, foolish belief that the war on terror had been won which caused him to reject news which did not match his warped sense of accomplishment.

Obama’s flawed character and low-information approach to governance has brought another potential disaster to America in the case of Ebola.  This president has been adamant in refusing to restrict travel to and from West African nations where Ebola continues to spread and kill.

His reaction has generally been “It can’t happen here” and other head-in-the-sand stupidity which defies explanation.

As reported at the reference, a traveler from Liberia and a known Ebola victim in Texas, has died:

The death of the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States renewed questions about his medical care and whether Thomas Eric Duncan's life could have been extended or saved if the Texas hospital where he first sought help had taken him in sooner.
Duncan died in Dallas on Wednesday, a little more than a week after his illness exposed gaps in the nation's defenses against the disease and set off a scramble to track down anyone exposed to him.

Once again, Barack Obama’s distorted judgment and refusal to act intelligently have combined to bring  tragedy to America.

Is the Ebola death in Texas yet another instance of failed US intelligence, Mr. President?




Has Obama Really “Given up”?

By John W. Lillpop

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta offered a partial explanation for Barack Obama’s  dismal performance and recent malaise.

As reported at the reference, Panetta said:

"There is a feeling and I have a feeling that the leadership and the president have given up on the big issues facing this country whether it's immigration or a budget deal or infrastructure funding or trade or energy. there is a sense that you can't deal with that. This country needs that. They can't give up.

 "He [Obama] approaches things like a law professor in presenting a logic of his position. There is nothing wrong with that. We want to have a president who thinks through the issues. My experience in Washington is that logic alone doesn't work. Once you lay out a position, you are going to roll up your sleeves and you have to fight to get it done. That is key in Washington. In order for presidents to succeed, they cannot just -- when they run into problems, step back and give up.

If the Panetta theory is correct, the big question that Obama should be forced to answer is:

Shouldn’t Obama voluntarily leave office and give others the opportunity to at least try to save America? 
Or, is his ego so huge that he would prefer to take the nation down with him?

Responsible Democrats, and there MUST be some left somewhere, need to confront the president and encourage him to act on behalf of the American people for a change by immediately resigning.

By so doing, Obama would follow the splendid example set by Richard M. Nixon more than 40 years ago.

Time to go, Barack, so that America can begin the healing process!



Let’s Deport the “Numero Uno” Illegal Alien, AKA BHO!

By John W. Lillpop

Larry Klayman is a great American patriot whom has been untiring and fearless in his efforts to expose and reverse the high crimes and misdemeanors committed against the US Constitution  and the American people by Barack Hussein Obama.

In Klayman’s mind, the US Constitution and the rule of law apply equally to all Americans, including the President of the United States, or perhaps more accurately, especially to the president, whom takes a sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

Barack Obama has take the oath of office twice and as Klayman correctly observes, Obama has yet to take the oath seriously.

Obama’s latest example of tyranny involves his widely-advertised plan to violate codified immigration laws by bypassing Congress with Executive Order(s) that would, in effect, legalize millions of foreign aliens who have invaded America and whom reside here unlawfully-- and against the will of the majority of the American people.

As reported at the reference, Larry Klayman is going to the root of this problem by filing suite against the most prominent illegal alien in America, that being Barack Hussein Obama! 

Klayman’s brilliant legal maneuver is described in reference 1:

He has sued the National Security Agency, and won at the district court level

He has sued to get Barack Obama’s birth certificate

He has sued Hugo Chavez on behalf of torture victims.

He has sue the Taliban and al-Quaeda

He sued Cuba and won a multimillion-dollar judgment.
Now Larry Klayman, the former Justice Department lawyer and founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, is suing to get President Obama deported.

Shipped out. Sent back. Removed.

“In sum, deportation proceedings should be immediately commenced, an investigation undertaken, a full evidentiary hearing held, and Barack Hussein Obama should be removed from the United States,” Klayman writes in his deportation petition.

The petition was sent to Thomas Homan of Enforcement Removal Operations at the Department of Homeland Security, Thomas Winkowksi of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Sarah Kendall of the Office of Fraud Detection and National Security at DHS.

Klayman explained it is based “on the grounds that he has falsified various birth and other documents with regard to obtaining a U.S. passport and other privileges as an alleged American citizen.”

“It is clear, based on a mountain of evidence as set forth in and attached to the petition, that the president and his agents have falsified documents, such as his birth certificate and Social Security number, to qualify for the privileges of American citizenship such that his citizenship, which is based on false pretenses, must be nullified,” Klayman said.

“As set forth in the petition, this includes but is not limited to the fraudulent production of a computer-generated facsimile of an official state of Hawaiian birth certificate. Even if a legitimate birth certificate exists, Obama’s repeated use of a clearly forged birth certificate is still a crime and in violation of the law,” he said.

While this deportation proceeding may seem to some to be the work of conservatives who are out to get the president, this is not the case. Barack Obama’s propensity to not tell the truth is now well known, even among his leftist supporters. And, his actions while president [reflects] someone whose actions show that he feels more kinship with his foreign roots and Muslim religious schooling and heritage, than the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this nation was founded.
“I thus urge everyone to read and digest this petition to have him deported and remove him from the United States, before dismissing it,” Klayman said.”

Indeed, Mr. Klayman!

Here’s praying that the courts agree and that sometime between now and November 4, Barack Obama is escorted out of the Oval Office and onto a plane headed for Kenya.