The Holder Legacy: Contemptible Corruption, Racial Injustice--- or, “Golden Years”?

By John W. Lillpop

Thanks to that ‘lump of coal’, as deposed Senate Leader Harry Reid jocularly refers to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Loretta Lynch has been confirmed by the US Senate to serve as Attorney General of the United States.

Ms. Lynch is now officially free to pursue the destruction of America by following the hideous path set by her predecessor, the notorious Eric Holder.

In a just and genuinely transparent society, Eric Holder would leave Washington, D.C. bound in handcuffs and ankle bracelets, & transported via armored truck, or government drone, to a maximum security federal facility for the criminally insane, where he would spend the rest of his days enduring the bitter fruits of his crimes.

His crimes include participation in, and cover up of, the scandalous “Fast and Furious” gunrunning scheme, a ploy designed to embarrass 2nd Amendment advocates, but which backfired miserably into a major expose of corruption and crime in the Obama administration.

For his criminal behavior, Holder was issued a “Contempt of Congress” from the US House of Representatives, the first and only such pejorative issued to the head of the Department of Justice.

Holder further disgraced his high public office of trust by suborning justice in the case of Lois Lerner, the IRS ‘professional’ who deliberately manipulated IRS resources against conservatives in an unlawful attempt to inject “Nixonian” tactics into the play book of the ‘most transparent’ administration in history.

As history records, Richard Nixon was forced to resign the presidency for his transgressions, whereas Eric Holder has successfully shielded Barack Obama from the hungry jaws of justice.

Among his more hostile acts was Holder’s racially motivated behavior in the Ferguson, Missouri shooting and riots, where DOJ encouraged and supported criminals in the “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot” fraud, crimes that could have wrongly convicted white police officer Darren Wilson of murder.

The fact that black fraud merchants in Ferguson were on a mission to destroy a white police officer seemed to escape the attention of Holder as he pursued his rebel-rousing rhetoric against white law enforcement.

Of course, Holder views his six-year stint at DOJ in a much more accepting light.  In fact, as reported at the reference, Holder believes that history will see his term as the “Golden Years” off DOJ:

HOLDER said:

I think 50 years from now, maybe even sooner than that, people will look at the work you all did and say this was another golden age. There’s a long line of excellence in the United States Department of Justice, but every now and again, at an appropriate time; a group comes along that is worthy of special recognition. And you all are in fact one of those groups. I am proud of you. I am proud of you.”

A “golden age,” Mr. Holder?

An age in which the Attorney General was held in contempt of Congress? An age in which the Attorney General refused to prosecute an IRS manager who willfully used the IRS against political opponents of Barack Obama?

An age in which the Department of Justice was more of an advocacy for blacks (Your People) than an independent, unbiased instrument of justice for all Americans?

“Golden Years,“ for whom, Mr. Holder?

Those who would use government to oppress and prosecute political enemies? Who use government to illegally run guns in order to discredit those who choose to respect the terms of the 2nd Amendment?  To those who defy Dr. Martin Luther King’s call for a color-blind system of justice based on the need to atone for a perceived legacy of discrimination?

Golden Years, Mr. Holder?

Reference: http://dailycaller.com/2015/04/24/holder-historians-will-view-my-tenure-as-golden-age-of-justice-dept-video/


January 20, 2017: Destined to Be Day of Serendipitous Joy?

By John W. Lillpop

Patriots are advised to mark January 20, 2017 down on your calendars.

That day could very well mark the dramatic rekindling of the spirit of freedom and liberty that has made America the envy of the civilized human world for nearly 270 years.

This is so because when Barack Obama finally descends from the tyrant’s post he built with his own destructive hands in the Oval Office, a great sense of serendipitous joy will pass through each of the 50 states of what was once known as America the Great.

Obama’s long over-due exit from American politics will hopefully be matched by the end of the “Inevitability” nonsense heaped upon Hillary Rodham Clinton who will finally be free to care for her grandchild and not-so-grand child, the hopelessly clueless, William Jefferson.

More than 330 million grateful souls will unite in song and gratitude as the greatest nemesis to American culture, Constitutional law, and Democratic self-governance is rendered utterly impotent and removed from our midst in the twinkling of an eye.

Along with Obama’s exit, the greatest future threat to sustainable sanity in American politics in the name of gender equality will, God willing, be  banished from the scene due to old age and a lifetime of congenital lying!

Adios, Hillary!

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and other soulless thugs from the wasteland of progressive thought and deed, will join Obama and Hillary as consignees to the Devil and his evil angels for eternity!

Hallelujah! Will be the throaty cry of we the Faithful who comprise the Vast Right Conspiracy and who function at the Right Hand and Mercy of the Almighty!

We who, despite intense pressure from liberal government goons and their water carriers in the mainstream media, remain loyal to the Founding Fathers and the Godly covenants upon which this blessed land was founded!

We, who have endured the painfully elitist presidencies of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama over these past 24 years, will be free at last to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

What a day it will be if we are able to simultaneously celebrate the final chapter in the “Inevitability” career of Hillary Clinton and the end to Barack Obama’s reign of terror in American politics!

Hallelujah!, indeed!


Yearning for a President to Respect, Admire, and Be Proud of!

By John W. Lillpop

Among the casualties suffered by the American people over the past six plus years is the tragic loss of having a president that we can look up to with respect, admiration, and pride, notwithstanding existing ideological and partisan differences.

Over recent years, Barack Obama has exacerbated the differences between Americans by using race, income, class, religion, and patriotic fervor to further divide us; the result being that we the people are left, or seem to be, without a leader who is willing to be president to all Americans.

From the earliest days of his term in office, Obama has traveled to foreign lands where he has routinely bashed American leaders and policies and even disputed the notion that America is a Christian nation.

By his words and deeds, Barack Obama at times seems more foe than friend. Simply put, he does not appear to be on our side!

This president seems hostile to the Constitution, the rule of law, the US Congress, and to Americans born and raised here. It’s as if being American is something to be ashamed of, at least in the distorted vision of Barack Obama.

Although American politics is correctly understood to be a blood sport not for the feint of heart, I do not recall a time when a sitting president has been seriously suspected of being against the American people and for our enemies.

Previous presidents have always been faulted for faulty judgment and poor decision-making abilities.

None, however, in my recollection, has been seen as fundamentally opposed to the values held dear by hundreds of millions of Americans.

None, until now, have openly declared a burning desire to “fundamentally transform” our nation which, after all, has produced the greatest, most free, most prosperous, and most beloved, society in human history.

The big question as we head into another critical presidential election: Can the hurt and anger visited upon the American people during the latest presidency be overcome? 

Can we re-unite as a people and elect a man or woman whom we can respect, admire, and be proud of, regardless of party affiliation?

Can we find and elect an American man or women who genuinely loves America and Americans?

Above all else, it is still possible to love America unconditionally, from sea to shining sea, despite her many faults and disappointments?


Should Individual States Apply Obama-Type “Logic” to Secure Borders and Protect US Citizens?

By John W. Lillpop

In his specious argument for ‘making and breaking immigration law’ from that lofty tyrant’s perch in the Oval Office, Barack Obama asserts that his unilateral Executive Orders are needed, and even morally mandated, because the law-making branch of government endowed with the Constitutional  authority to legislate(the US Congress) has failed to do so.

Left unstated is Obama’s heretical notion that Congress’ refusal to pass a law which grants unconditional amnesty to  tens of millions of foreign invaders(future Democrat voters each and every one!) is sufficient cause for shredding the Constitution and ignoring Congress.

In other words, according to The One, “Congress must pass laws that meet with my exacting approval. Otherwise, I am justified in acting unilaterally, and against the wishes of both the Congress and the people to implement that which is, in my sole judgment, the right and moral thing to do.”

And let the US Constitution go straight to hell!

Of course, such a crazy notion runs absolutely contrary to the concepts of balance of power, checks and balances, and other anti-tyrant safeguards built into our Constitution.

But one must forgive Obama for being somewhat fuzzy about the details of a document that he regards as ‘old school’ and riddled with racist views promulgated by long- since dead white Christians fond of owning  black slaves and employing an abundance of unregulated firearms to control reluctant slaves!

After all, The One  is but a community organizer, albeit with credentials as a Constitutional scholar and one who actually taught Constitutional law.

While those credentials may seem impressive, one must not underestimate the inherent ability of the liberal-infested mind to distort and destroy truth, particularly when such is perceived as an obstacle to fulfillment of liberal dogma, regardless of how dangerous.

But perhaps the border states of Texas, Arizona, and others who suffer the greatest harm from the invasion of US sovereign land by non-English speaking illiterates should adopt a version of ‘Obama logic’ to defend and protect their citizens?

Perhaps the governors of Texas and Arizona and others should send  National Guard and other armed state forces to the borders and command such forces to use force as needed to stop the wave of invasions that threaten homeland security and the economic and cultural well being of their citizens?

Such orders would be amply justified by the fact that the federal government, Barack Obama, is not acting to defend US citizens from foreign invasions as required by the Constitution?

Such actions by any governor would be just as legitimate as Obama’s foolish Executive Orders!


Jeb Bush’s Quiet Surrender to Barack Obama and Progressive Insanity!

By John W. Lillpop

To an isolated minority of Republicans still on the fence with respect to Jeb Bush’s credentials to represent conservatives in the 2016 presidential election, any remaining doubts were emphatically trashed by Bush’s gutless,  total surrender to Barack Obama in New Hampshire over these past days.

The latest airing of the Jeb Bush anti-conservative heresy took place at the “Politics and Pie” forum in Concord, New Hampshire, where Republican candidates were gathered in a town-hall type of setting to discuss issues of the day and their relative qualifications to address those issues.

It was at the “Politics and Pie” event, see reference 1, that Bush:

1)Encouraged Senate Republicans to confirm Barack Obama’s choice of Loretta Lynch to serve as Attorney General, and 2)Repeated his racist assertion that  Hispanics in America illegally should not be required to adhere to existing immigration laws, but should rather be rewarded for violating the law with Executive Amnesty.

Clearly, Jeb Bush has shown conclusively that he is a disciple of Barack Obama, a role that should immediately disqualify any candidate from consideration for high elective office.

Combined with his pitiful family name, Jeb Bush should call it quits and formally join the Democrat Party….perhaps as a far-left alternate to Hillary?

Ref 1: http://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2015/04/16/at-politics-and-pie-event-jeb-bush-goes-against-the-republican-grain/