SCOTUS Nixes Reverse Racial Discrimination in College Admissions

John W Lillpop


Eradicating racial discrimination should be a goal of all for all in a society that bills itself as committed to equality.

Unfortunately, for far too long, progressives have been able to sell the notion that Affirmative Action, an euphemism for reverse discrimination, is acceptable as a remedy to counter discrimination suffered by people of color.

However, the Supreme Court ruled otherwise on Tuesday in deciding the fate of racial preferences as a basis for admissions at the University of Michigan. By a vote of 6-2, the court upheld Michigan’s ban on the use of race as a factor for determining college admissions.

This decision sends a long-overdue message: Two wrongs do not make a right!

John Lillpop


English Versus Spanish: A Question of Racism?


By John W. Lillpop
In a rare show of populist wisdom several years ago, California voters passed Proposition 227 to abolish most forms of bilingual education. The premise was quite simple: Pampering non-English speaking youngsters with bilingual instruction is counterproductive, and not in the best interests of the young learners.
Unfortunately, some Hispanics educators still refuse to abide by the law and continue to teach in Spanish.
One such so-called educator was recognized as “Teacher of the Year” by a San Diego school district several years ago. Pancho, which is not his real name, proclaimed it his duty to instruct Hispanics in their native tongue, and hailed this defiance of state law as a major accomplishment.
Were it not for the fact that California’s educational system is administered almost exclusively by outlaw liberals, Pancho would have been fired and his teaching credentials permanently revoked. By refusing to expose his students to the language needed to succeed in America, Pancho should also be arrested and charged with child endangerment/abuse.
As an educator, Pancho should know that California now requires students to pass a test in order to graduate from high School. One of the test subjects is English proficiency.
Do you get that, Pancho? English, not Spanish, is a requirement for high school graduation in California.
California does not test for Spanish proficiency because English is the predominate language in California and throughout America. Internationally, mastery of English, not Spanish, is vital.
Pancho probably labels those who want English to be the official American language as “racists.” However, I doubt that Pancho sees himself as a racist for preferring Spanish to English.
In fact, Pancho probably believes that his defiance of state law is perfectly justified because bilingual education means diversity.
To liberals, “Diversity is our greatest strength” is recognized and accepted as the new pledge of allegiance to socialism.
California parents please remember this: English proficiency is required to graduate high school. Spanish proficiency is required to pick fruit and operate leaf blowers.
Which future do you want for your child?




Happy Earth Day? NOT If I Can Help It!

By John W. Lillpop

Ready or not, Earth Day is here again.

As usual, April 22 will be sequestered by the mainstream media and progressive knuckleheads and exploited to advance liberal heresy on climate change, illegal immigration, higher taxes, income inequality, gay marriage and other issues that have absolutely nothing to do with dirt.

Its all a fantastic lark fostered by Marxist mental midgets in government and the mainstream media, conjoined in a conspiracy to disassemble and destroy capitalism and all quaint, old school notions of individual liberty and decency.

Thus, Earth Day will be devoted to the programmed  exploitation (or advanced exploitation) of weak-minded progressive dolts who will be taught to hate coal, oil, gas, and all other forms of energy, except wind and solar.

Several activities are recommended for those who like to piss off dim wits like Al Gore. 

Among the most favored anti-Al Gore activities are:

( ) Accumulate at least 30 old, oversized truck tires and set the mass ablaze. Rekindle often so as to keep a solid pillar of black smoke ripping through the sky for at least two days;

( )Locate at least 7 vehicles that have failed recent Smog emission tests and are emitting oil smoke in noxious clouds. Start each vehicle and leave running for a minimum of four hours;

( )Even though it may be a balmy 80 degrees in your yard, fire up the inside fireplace and keep it going for the entire day. Rekindle with oil-soaked rags every hour or so;

( )Sponsor and attend as many backyard BBQs as possible;

( )Collect as many copies of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and toss said copies on the tire fire previously mentioned.

If all goes well, this April 22nd could be a “Screw the Air” day to remember forever!

Happy Earth Day?  Not a chance!

You Are a left-wing Extremist If...

By John Lillpop

Remember the controversy that ensued when the Department of Homeland Security warned that “right wing extremists” represented a serious domestic terrorist threat?

That government over reach is being countered by a responsible, moderate look at left-wing extremists by conservative patriots in order to identify and deal with terrorist threats from the left.

According to prudent sources, You Are a left-wing Extremist and a potential threat, If You Believe that…

* The U.S. Constitution is unconstitutional because women, racial, sexual preference, and religious minorities were all under represented in 1776

* Nancy Pelosi understands the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion and gay marriage better than all popes, past, present, and future

* Birth certificates and picture Ids must produced to purchase a gun, but are completely unnecessary in order to prove eligibility for the US presidency

* Freedom of choice is inalienable, except when it comes to heath care, saving for retirement, and other decisions best left to government

* Vast sections of America are still owned by Mexico, despite the Treaty of Guadeloupe, which was approved by both Mexico and America in 1848

* Silencing conservative talk radio is vital to America’s national defense

* Anthony Weiner was a greater patriot and more honorable than Dick Cheney

* Rachel Maddow would make a terrific Secretary of Defense

* Hillary Clinton is a better role model than Mother Teresa

* The right of government trumps all individual rights, notwithstanding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

* Reparations should be paid to African Americans who can prove that they voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012

* Speaking English within ear shot of Hispanics obviously here illegally is a serious hate crime

* Straight, white, employed, Christian, Republican males should notify the local police 60 days before moving into a new neighborhood

* Burning Old Glory is protected free speech, whereas rants by conservatives like Rush Limbaugh are “hate speech”

* A woman’s right to abort the life of an innocent child is inalienable; whereas execution of a convicted killer is cruel, unusual & barbaric

* Starving a helpless victim like Terri Schaivo to death is acceptable, but using lethal injection to end the life of a brutal killer is not

* Publicly wishing a friend or family member “Merry Christmas” is clearly an act of civil disobedience and unconstitutional, is ample justification for immediate arrest and imprisonment

* While symbols of Christianity must be hidden from public view, Islam must be openly promoted in the name of religious awareness and tolerance

* Separation of state and government applies only to Christianity and Judaism

* Leveling the playing field between haves and have-nots and eradicating income inequality is the most important function of government, even more so than national security

* Tax cuts are wrong when returned to people who actually paid taxes, but perfectly fine when sent to those who paid none

* Paying higher taxes is the highest “Patriotic” calling one answer

* Marriage is no longer necessary to sanctify man-woman relationships; however, it is absolutely essential that same-sex couples be allowed to marry

* Enforcing U.S. borders and immigration laws is wrong because it discriminates against Hispanics

* Those who support English as America’s official language are racists, but those who prefer Spanish and other foreign languages over English are OK because of the inherent value of diversity

* Conservatives who seek to preserve American culture are hate mongers, whereas immigrants are encouraged to celebrate their heritage even if it interferes with assimilation into mainstream America

* Skyrocketing energy costs devastate working American families, but protecting Alaskan wild life is a greater priority

* Outsourcing American jobs to foreign nations is driven by immoral corporate greed, but open borders and amnesty are acceptable because most illegal aliens are future Democrats who will also pay union dues

* Huge profits are obscene, except when enjoyed by George Soros, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and other liberals

* Military force must never be used, except when needed to hide a Democrat president’s sexual misconduct in the Oval Office

* Invading a foreign nation is wrong, except when aliens from Mexico invade America

Bottom line: Being a left-wing extremist is the least patriotic behavior that one can engage in. Avoid liberalism at all costs!


“Undocumented” Boomers Head to Mexico!

Satire By John W. Lillpop

An Open Letter To Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

Dear President Nieto:

As you are no doubt aware, America the Great is quickly becoming America the Gray. The so-called "boomer" generation, comprised of tens of millions of maturing geezers, is rapidly approaching retirement age.

As they age, America's boomers yearn for a less frantic pace---and a lifestyle that allows one to pause and smell the roses now and again.

In other words, boomers are looking for the "Good Life" which is supposed to accrue to those who work 45 or 50 years, pay ungodly amounts in taxes, raise a family, put children through college, and baby-sit the grandchildren.

Unfortunately, the United States is no longer as hospitable as it once was to graying citizens, especially now that our economy has collapsed, and our government is in the hands of renegade Marxists whom favor younger folks on whom higher and ever higher taxes can be levied.

As a result of the ever increasing discrimination against people of age in America, boomers have decided to move to your beloved Mexico.

Knowing that the Mexican government is a strong supporter of open borders and liberal immigration policies, as least with respect to migrations from Mexico to America, boomers anticipate that their needs and wishes will be fully accommodated with minimal interference and bureaucratic hassle.

In plain English, boomers expect to be treated like upscale Mexican citizens, with all the perks and advantages attendant thereto.

Incidentally, we prefer to be called "undocumented boomers."

President Nieto, I am delighted to announce that tens of millions of undocumented American boomers are headed to Mexico!

Viva America!

Current plans call for millions of boomers to cross the border into Mexico each month.

As with any complex transition, there are several "ground rules" that must be followed in order to make this cultural and educational enhancement of Mexico seamless.

Accordingly, your attention is directed to the following action items:

* Mexican sovereignty, borders, and immigration laws are essentially null and void with respect to undocumented boomers. No attempt should be made to enforce said restrictions on good hearted, formerly hard working Americans.

* Undocumented boomers shall receive unlimited education, food, housing, legal assistance, and geriatric care on demand, the cost of which shall be borne solely by Mexican taxpayers.

* Mexican hospitals, medical clinics, and emergency rooms shall be obligated to meet the medical needs of all undocumented boomers, without regard to ability to pay.

This obligation shall not be limited or restricted in any way because of any real or projected negative impact on Mexico's medical systems, including the loss of vital services to Mexican citizens.

* Although undocumented boomers shall not be obligated to pay for medical services received, they shall be entitled to send $100-200 billion a year back to the United States with impunity. The Mexican government shall actively facilitate the transfer of such funds to America.

* English is the only language used by undocumented boomers; boomers have no desire or obligation to learn Spanish.

* America's historic free speech, free love, and anti-war revolutions originated with activists in the boomer generation.

In keeping with the boomer tradition of aggressive activism, from time to time it may be necessary for millions of boomers to take over the streets of Mexico's large cities in order to protest proposed new laws when the "rights" of undocumented boomers are in jeopardy.

During such protests, boomers will wave Old Glory and scream "Yes, we can!" and "We are Mexico!" in English, as they protest the rule of law.

All such activities are valid free speech expressions in a thriving Democracy. As a consequence, the Mexican government shall take no action to limit or impede protests by undocumented boomers.

* We Americans celebrate the 4th of July to commemorate our independence from Great Britain. Undocumented boomers prefer to conduct business as normal on May 5 and September 16, and to reserve the 4th of July for fireworks, BBQs, and displaying Red, White, and Blue everywhere.

* Undocumented boomers shall be licensed to drive without regard to immigration status. All driver instruction and testing materials shall be in English.

* Blood relatives of undocumented boomers shall be eligible for the same reduced tuition rates offered to Mexican students in the nation legally. Immersion for the purpose of teaching Spanish is a failed concept and shall not even be attempted.

* Undocumented boomers shall be eligible to vote in Mexican elections without any requirement to prove identity.

* Grandchildren of undocumented boomers born in Mexico shall be Mexican citizens by virtue of their birth, regardless of the immigration status of their parents and grand parents, and

* Undocumented boomers are very sensitive and are easily offended. Therefore, Mexicans shall refrain from using terms like "illegal alien," "Red Neck," "Cracker" or "Gringo" when addressing or discussing boomers.

In closing, Mr. President, let me assure you that undocumented boomers will attempt to do for Mexico what 40 million Mexican illegal aliens are currently doing to America!

With best regards and wishes for a diverse and free Mexico!

Juan (John) Lillpop