Cuba Suspends Flights to and From Mexico: Is It Racism?

By John W. Lillpop

Left wing apologists, fresh out of arguments against those who advocate swift, firm action to contain the swine flu crisis within the originating state of Mexico, have resorted to indiscriminate abuse of the R word.

As a result, those that would close borders, refuse to accept meat and food products from Mexico, and promote other common sense measure to protect their people are automatically branded as bigoted racists.

This, in spite of the fact that Mexico is a nation and Mexicans are those who live in Mexico, neither of which has anything whatsoever to do with race.

An excellent example of how lame the racism argument is made headline news today, when it was reported that Cuba has shut down all flights into and out of Mexico.

As reported at Yahoo.com, in part:


"Cuba suspended flights to and from Mexico on Tuesday, becoming the first country to impose a travel ban, as the fast-moving swine flu strain extended its reach overseas and in the United States.

"World health officials in Geneva said they believed the virus appears to be establishing itself in communities and be able to produce larger outbreaks outside Mexico. In the U.S., there were new reports of hospitalizations among those affected, and officials are watching for a potential flu pandemic.

"It's a very serious possibility, but it is still too early to say that this is inevitable," the World Health Organization's flu chief, Dr. Keiji Fukuda, told a telephone news conference.

"The global health body insisted that travel restrictions were ineffective, but Cuba's 48-hour suspension came as the EU's disease control agency as well as Canada, Israel and France warned against nonessential travel to Mexico."

The big question: By restricting travel to and from Mexico, is Cuba guilty of allowing the ugly head of racism to taint its international relations?

If so, that would be most peculiar since Cuba's population is predominantly Hispanic and the national language is Spanish!

Clearly, serious life and death issues are at stake here.

It is way past time for Mexican apologists to get the hell out of denial by putting the R word into forced retirement!