Obama’s Failed “Reset” Initiative Leaves Russian Children Without Hope!

By John W. Lillpop

Another devastating policy failure by Barack Obama made the news recently. In the latest Obama fiasco, the promised “reset” of US relations with Russia has failed utterly, leaving thousands of Russian orphan children in the lurch, and denying hundreds of American families the opportunity to adopt orphans in need of good homes.

As reported at the reference:

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law on Friday a measure that bans the adoption the Russian children by U.S. families effective January 1.

The action could affect hundreds of U.S. families seeking to adopt. Americans adopted close to 1,000 Russian children last year, according to U.S. State Department figures.

Though the number has been dropping in recent years, Russia remains the third-most-popular country -- after China and Ethiopia -- for U.S. citizens to adopt.

The U.S. State Department said it "deeply regrets" the law announced by the Kremlin.

"The Russian government's politically motivated decision will reduce adoption possibilities for children who are now under institutional care," it said in a statement. "We are further concerned about statements that adoptions already underway may be stopped and hope that the Russian government would allow those children who have already met and bonded with their future parent to finish the necessary legal procedures so that they can join their families."

The announcement was a wrenching one for Aaron and Jenny Moyer, coming in an adoption process that was well under way for them to become parents of a Russian orphan named Vitali. They carry photographs of them and Vitali together during their visits to Russia.

"He's our son," Aaron Moyer said. "In our hearts, he is our son."

The couple, who have two biological children and one adopted American child, said they are relying on their faith to see them through the uncertainty.

"We want not just our son, but all the kids over there to have families and to grow up and know the love of a mom and dad," Aaron Moyer said.

The Russian measure also bars any political activities by non-governmental organizations receiving funding from the United States, if such activities could affect Russian interests, Russia's semiofficial RIA-Novosti news agency said.

And it imposes sanctions against U.S. officials thought to have violated human rights.”

Good heavens, it appears as though Obama’s reset scheme is driving US-Russian relations back to the cold war era!

This is yet another reason why the American people must not elect—or reelect—na├»ve, inexperienced, clueless community organizers to high public office!



French Supreme Court Rules “Millionaire- Tax” Unconstitutional! Can Obama Learn from Hollande’s Blunder?

By John W. Lillpop

Who said the frogs are a nation of socialist wimps, so pathetically to the left as to be pitied rather than emulated??

At least when it comes to France’s  Supreme Court, there is a hint that common sense and fairness are still alive (barely) and tolerated.

As reported at the reference, this is so because the high court has shot down the anti-success, discriminatory, unequal, punitive tax which is the hallmark of the tyrant Hollande :

President Francois Hollande’s 75 percent millionaire-tax is unconstitutional because it doesn’t guarantee equality for taxpayers.

Hollande’s plan would have added extra levies of 18 percent on individuals’ incomes of more than 1 million euros ($1.32 million), while regular income taxes and a 4 percent exceptional contribution for high earners would have been based on household income, the court said today in an e-mailed statement. 
         As a result, two households with the same total revenue could end up paying different rates                depending     on how earnings are divided among members of those households, which runs counter to a rule of equal tax treatment, the Paris-based court said.
The tax, one of Hollande’s campaign promises, had become a focal point of discontent among entrepreneurs and other wealth creators, some of whom have quit French shores as a result. Movie star Gerard Depardieu, 64, said he was leaving France “because you consider success, creativity, talent, anything different are grounds for sanction.”

“Politically, this has an impact because it was a symbol for French public opinion, and was considered abroad as the emblem of French tax excess, of French tax hell,” said Dominique Barbet, senior economist at BNP Paribas SA in Paris. “In deficit terms, it’s truly negligible.”

Might the French experience provide a teaching opportunity for Barack Obama and his Marxist pals in Congress?

Or is America doomed to replicate the idiotic mistakes of Hollande?

The sad fact is that Barack Obama is so consumed with hatred and a desire for revenge against those who have achieved success that America may be forced to repeat Hollande’s misjudgment..

Ref http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-12-29/french-court-says-75-tax-rate-on-wealthy-is-unconstitutional.html


Christian Firm to Honor Religious Beliefs, Defy Unconstitutional Dictates of ObamaCare!

By John W. Lillpop

When it comes to cow-towing to the evil excesses of ObamaCare, a private company called Hobby Lobby is refusing to buckle to the religious busting abuses of the Obama administration!

As reported at the Reference:

Hobby Lobby and religious book-seller Mardel Inc., which are owned by the same conservative Christian family, are suing to block part of the federal health care law that requires employee health-care plans to provide insurance coverage for the morning-after pill and similar emergency contraception pills.

The companies claim the mandate violates the religious beliefs of their owners. They say the morning-after pill is tantamount to abortion because it can prevent a fertilized egg from becoming implanted in a woman's womb.

On Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor denied the companies' request for an injunction while their lawsuit is pending, saying the stores failed to satisfy the demanding legal standard for blocking the requirement on an emergency basis. She said the companies may still challenge the regulations in the lower courts.

Kyle Duncan, who is representing Hobby Lobby on behalf of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, said in a statement posted on the group's web site Thursday that Hobby Lobby doesn't intend to offer its employees insurance that would cover the drug while its lawsuit is pending.

"The company will continue to provide health insurance to all qualified employees," Duncan said. "To remain true to their faith, it is not their intention, as a company, to pay for abortion-inducing drugs."

Hooray for Hobby Lobby, —and may their stand on principle be rewarded with a favorable final ruling in the courts!


Top 10 Reasons Why Liberals Hate Christmas

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Most liberals hate Christmas for the following reasons:

The real messiah was born 1961 years after Christ in a mud hut somewhere in a Kenyan village just a few thousand miles outside of Honolulu;

Christians cannot produce a valid birth certificate for Jesus Christ; therefore, He is not, has never been, and never will be, eligible to serve as president or messiah;

Turning water into wine is nothing compared to Obama’s ability to turn paper (dollar bill) into precious metal (silver dime);

Nativity scenes are offensive because Joseph and Mary were not married;

Singing Christmas carols in public is not protected free speech because none of the founding fathers were exposed to Silent Night, O Little Town of Bethlehem, or any other of the violent anti-Muslim lyrics so popular these days;

Biblical accounts concerning the birth of Jesus are clearly flawed because there were not so many as three wise men in all of the Middle East back in those days, and continuing to this day;

Christmas trees are bad for the environment, are a serious violation of separation of Church and state, and piss off both Muslims and Jews;

Tolerance is essential, except when it comes to gap-toothed, Bible thumping red necks who actually believe that a baby Jew was born to a virgin just to save the world;

Children should be protected from Christmas nonsense like Santa Claus and his elves, whereas teaching the young about Obama and his minions in Congress is an essential part of a quality education

There you go: Liberal insanity at it best at Christmas!


While Obama Works on Behalf on Illegal Invaders, US War Hero Rots in Mexican Prison!

By John W. Lillpop

President Barack Obama has gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to shielding illegal invaders in America from justice and the rule of law. Our defiant, anti-rule of law president has refused to secure the US border with third-world Mexico and has prevented existing laws regarding deportations from being applied to hundreds of thousands of illegals—mostly Hispanics—all for the purpose of adding bodies, regardless of how corrupt and dangerous, to the ranks and files of the Democrat Party.

Obama’s outrageous habit of favoring foreign illegal aliens over US citizens is all the more hideous given his inaction with regard to a US war hero who is caught up in the corruption and sleaze of Mexico’s prison and political system.

The victim is American war hero Jon Hammer, a US Marine, who has been imprisoned for four months on a disputed weapons charge.

As reported at the reference, mindless Mexican authorities are dashing hopes that Jon Hammer might be able to return to America in time to spend Christmas with his family:

Any hope that Jon Hammar, the Marine imprisoned in Mexico on a disputed gun charge, might be freed in time for Christmas has apparently been dashed by a terse letter a top Mexican diplomat sent to Hammar’s congresswoman.
The two-page missive from Mexican Ambassador to the United States Arturo Sarukhan to Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), who has been aggressively advocating for Hammar's release, leaves little hope of a diplomatic solution.

In it, Sarukhan takes a thinly veiled swipe at the U.S., blaming it for gun proliferation south of the border.

"Mexico has had very stringent gun-control laws in place for many years, and have reinforced their application as a result of the flow of weapons illicitly purchased in the U.S. and then trafficked into Mexico and into the hands of Transnational criminal Organizations, " wrote the loco ambassador.

Hammar has been stuck in a notorious, drug cartel-controlled prison just 15 miles south of the U.S. border since Aug. 13, after he crossed into Mexico and declared an antique shotgun to Mexican customs officials.

Sarukhan failed to mention that Tamaulipas, the state which the CEDES prison in Matamoros is located, is controlled by the Los Zetas Cartel, arguably the most vicious of the cartels.

Hammar’s father said the letter is fraught with statements at odds with what he knows and what his son has told him.

"There are huge inaccuracies about what is happening in their system," Jon Hammar Sr., said.

Sarukhan said Hammar was arrested for possession of a weapon that, according to Mexican law, is restricted for the exclusive use of the Mexican Armed Forces.

But high-ranking Mexican military officials have told Hammar's attorney, Eddie Varon-Levy, that the gun Hammar tried to declare shortly after crossing into Mexico on his way to Costa Rica is not the type of firearm the laws are meant to block. The gun Hammar claims he also declared to U.S. Customs and border protection is a .410 gauge antique Sears Roebuck shotgun.

But Mexico’s top diplomat to the U.S. said the letter of the law must be followed.

"Regardless of what he may have declared or stated to CBP agents and then to Mexican Customs authorities, the sole introduction or possession of this type of weapon (not withstanding its intended use or year of manufacture) in Mexican territory constitutes a federal crime in Mexico and is not subject to any prosecutorial (sic) discretion," Sarukhan said.

Varon-Levy disagreed, saying no one can make the argument the antique, small-gauge shotgun is anything resembling a military weapon. He said the prosecutor and his team can't even agree on specifics of the rifle.

Perhaps the biggest bone of contention Hammar’s family and legal team have with Sarukhan is the ambassador’s pledge that Hammar will be held “in conditions that ensure his well-being and his rights." Already, Hammar, who suffers post-traumatic stress disorder from his service in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been denied an interpreter at court appearances, had his life threatened and has been chained to a steel bed.

Two days after his arrest, Hammar's parents received a midnight extortion attempt by a male caller who said he “owned” the prison, giving credence to speculation that the criminal elements control CEDES prison.

The ambassador also neglected to appreciate the Nov. 23 incident where Hammar was brought to court before the judge -- there are no jury trials in Mexico -- and asked to plea without his lawyer or even the arresting customs agent present.

Sarukhan claims in the letter that, had Hammar pleaded guilty at a Nov. 23 appearance, he would have likely been released. But Varon-Levy said his client was brought before a judge with no attorney present and no way of understanding what was happening. And despite Sarukhan’s claim, conviction on the charge carries a potential penalty of 15 years in prison.

In his letter, Sarukhan alluded to the fact there will be no wiggle room for negotiation and that Hammar is going trial.

"This circumstance requires that he remain under detention during the duration of his trial," Sarukhan said.

A trial date is set for Jan. 17.”

Someone should remind Sarukhan, the Mexican vermin, that in the neighborhood of 20 million invading aliens from Mexico are squatting in America, all of whom are in violation of US laws and should be unceremoniously rounded up and shipped back to Mexico.

Someone also needs to tell Barack Obama to drop his drive to repopulate America with illegal foreign aliens and to take up the case of Jon Hammar immediately!

After all, Barack, you do have leverage! Indeed, if Hammar is not back in America by Christmas eve, the United States should cut off all foreign aid to Mexico and immediately begin the process of removing all Mexican illegal aliens from our midst!

Helping a US war hero escape the clutches of third-world Mexico is one hell of a lot more reasonable than working for those who violate our borders and immigration laws and cost American taxpayers $110 billion a year.

Most of all, springing Hammar from Mexico is “the right thing to do!” Mr. President!
Just "man up" and do it!
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/12/20/letter-from-mexican-ambassador-dampens-hope-for-early-release-jon-hammar/#ixzz2FejDbQgm


BREAKING NEWS: Morbid Obesity (Being Fat) Can SAVE Your Life!

By John W. Lillpop

Just in time for Christmas, comes great news!

Despite all of the dire warnings about how being fat can fill your days with diabetes, heart disease, elevated blood pressure and other life-threatening ailments, there IS a bright side to weighing over 450 pounds!

In fact, it can save your bloody life!

As reported at the reference, Ronald Post was supposed to be sent to the next life with an assist from the state of Ohio on January 16, 2012 as recompense for a murder her committed in 1983.

However, Post argued that his 450-480 pounds should exempt him from the guillotine and the “imposition of a cruel and unusual” penalty which the 8th Amendment forbids.
His story:

"In 1983, (Ronald Post) was found guilty in the murder of motel clerk Helen Vantz. He was supposed to die on Jan. 16, 2013.

But on Monday, Post was spared by Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who decided Post had poor legal representation during his initial trial, the Associated Press reports.

Post's case gained notoriety after his new legal team had argued his death would be cruel and unusual punishment.

Post is between 450 and 480 pounds — a weight that his attorneys reportedly argued would amount to "a torturous and lingering death" if Post was subjected to lethal injection. (If executioners couldn't find a vein, they'd have to inject the drugs straight into Post's muscle.)

The parole board's recommendation to the Governor apparently came after a 5-3 vote. Post will now serve life in prison.”

Asked to comment after learning that he had been spared, the perpetually-ravenous Post lamented the loss of the “last meal” he would have enjoyed on the eve of his demise.

Apparently, America’s entitlement mentality affects everyone and some people can never be satisfied!



Got Christmas Spirit? How Can You Be Sure?


By John W. Lillpop

Being in the "Christmas Spirit" is a very serious civic responsibility not to be dismissed or taken lightly.

Although it is probably not specifically mandated by the U.S. Constitution, being in the "Spirit" is nearly as important as voting, paying taxes, and enjoying baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Toyota.

Denying the events of 9/11 is about the only offense that can compare to not being in the Spirit. Evading income taxes is a much less serious crime.

But just what exactly does it mean? Some claim that the condition is contagious, that it can be caught by being around young children, or hanging with adults who have caught "it."

From personal experience, I have learned that it is a fairly safe bet that I have been Spirit-smitten when I catch myself engaged in any of the following:

Watching the two classic (old school) renditions of "A Christmas Carol" and Jimmy Stewart's " It's a Wonderful Life " for the 7,903rd time each, seated comfortably next to a crackling, politically incorrect fireplace fire.

Listening to Bing Crosby's "I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas," without a single thought about racism, slavery, reparations or Eric Holder.

Dropping all the loose change from my pockets into the Salvation Army kettle--after confirming that the attending Santa-dude speaks English!

Applying for a refinance of my Home Equity Line of Credit to consolidate the massive debt accumulated this Christmas with unpaid bills from last Christmas and several Christmases before that.

Visiting with sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, and in- laws and outlaws of every stripe and persuasion. Once again, giving thanks that Christmas comes but once a year!

Enjoying "Polar Express," "Santa Clause" and other contemporary films about Christmas from a secular perspective.

Watching Christmas Eve services from Rome where the pope prays for peace and gives thanks for the birth of the Christ Child. Viewed on my 52" plasma television with High Definition, which was purchased last Christmas and which is about to be refinanced in that Home Equity loan redo

Driving through upper middle-class neighborhoods in Silicon Valley at night to witness the spectacular lights and decorations and even music. Explaining to my bigoted in-law that homes in the "rich" part of town are mostly dark and quiet because of energy conservation, not because nearly all wealthy property owners are Jewish.

Adding the obligatory poundage and girth while experiencing seasonal gout symptoms, owing to a eating frenzy not seen in years by my personal physician, dentist, or life insurance agent.

Debating whether or not my $25 gift for the office Christmas party is tax deductible as a business expense, and for how much. Should I add $10 for the three hours it took me to wrap the damned thing?

Listening to "Merry Christmas" by Nat King Cole and all of the other classics as performed by Henry Mancini and the Boston Pops. Also, Gene Autry's "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," Elvis Presley's "Blue Christmas," and Brenda Lee's "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree."

Attending a Christmas Eve midnight service. Giving praise when the church roof does not cave in on the occasion of my entry.

Breaking all food and drink resolutions hundreds of times over in a fortnight of debauchery and decadence. Vowing to do better in the New Year, just like I did last year at this time.

Watching small toddlers react to the bright lights, trees, and resounding joy.

Helping an older gentleman or lady cross a busy street, and wishing them a Merry Christmas

Watching the joy and excitement of youngsters as they wait to sit on Santa's lap and make known their demands for Christmas Eve.

Shouting Merry Christmas! at a stranger in the mall and celebrating the Merry Christmas! shouted back!

And so it is indeed the season to be jolly!
John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California


Where's the Beef? Lastest USDA Action Puts More on Plates of Children!

By John W. Lillpop

Michele Obama’s ruthless attempt to seize fascist control over the menus and dietary habits of American school children took a severe hit when the US Department of Agriculture(USDA) heeded the pleas of starving students who protested the anti-meat malarkey pushed by the other communist occupying the White House.

As reported at the reference:

U.S. regulators dealt a blow to First Lady Michelle Obama's anti-childhood obesity campaign by announcing they are relaxing school meal rules.

Mrs. Obama had supported new rules that would restrict calories and limit portion sizes in school meals but some students, parents and lawmakers complained that new stricter policies left many children hungry.

Under the adjustment, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said it would suspend daily and weekly maximum amounts for grains and meat or meat alternatives. That means school districts this year can serve larger portions of those items without penalty.

USDA officials said late on Friday they were loosening the regulations after some schools found it difficult to buy alternative portion sizes of such foods from suppliers. Some also said they had inventory to use up that does not meet the new guidelines.”

Most of all, food experts found that growing children NEED meat and should not be starved just to inflate the out- of- control ego of an unelected leftist with way too much time on her chubby hands!

So, bring on the beef, and to heck with “Michelle Care”!

Reference: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2246150/Blow-Michelle-Obama-regulators-loosen-stringent-school-meal-regulations.html#ixzz2ElOXHZm5


Ready for 2016? Bah, Humbug!

By John W. Lillpop

With all due respect and best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all, Christian and heathen alike, I am simply too spent, emotionally and mentally, to even think about ANOTHER presidential election!

And yet I am already receiving emails from politicians and fund raisers looking to get an early start on 2016!


Good heavens, mate, I am still in disbelief that our nation reelected a man whose loathing of business and capitalism has trapped the nation in non-ending recession, a permanent unemployment crises, and devastating debt!

Just what the hell did so many Americans find compelling about a president who wantonly trampled the US Constitution, circumvented Congress, committed high crimes and misdemeanors that clearly justify his removal from office, led the nation into bankruptcy with insane liberal policies which have never worked anywhere, "evolved" into a sympathizer of gay marriage, just in time to court the homosexual demographic for the election, and ridiculed the values and traditions of the greatest society in human history?

A man with no known history of actually contributing to the betterment of society?

Why would anyone BUT a crazed entitlement addict with a genetic aversion to honest work of any kind vote for a man who hates America and is enraged by the very notion that America is a beacon of Exceptionalism?

What the hell has happened to America?

The only hope seems to be that December 21 will bring the doom and gloom promised by the Mayans, thereby ending the Obama curse.

Therefore, until at least December 22, do NOT ask me about 2016!

2016? Bah, hum bug!