What If W. Had Bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia?

Satire By John W. Lillpop

Say what you will about President Bush, but in hindsight the Texas Bushies look sophisticated and downright worldly compared to the antics carried out in Europe by that naive couple from Illinois.

To begin with, Michelle Obama apparently mistook the Queen of England for that dead common creature, Queen Latifah of America.

Operating in accordance with that misconception, Michelle mugged Queen Elizabeth in a horrifying example of how organized labor has ruined everything in America from the automobile industry to higher education.

As if that faux pas were not egregious enough, the president himself committed an act of treason grave enough to warrant an immediate impeachment inquiry, if only Dennis Kucinich could be coaxed into dropping his ongoing vendetta against W. long enough to start the process.

Obama's sin? He bowed before the King of Saudi Arabia!

Spin has it that Obama mistook the king for an ACORN volunteer and was merely expressing his gratitude for the voter fraud that allowed BHO to hijack the White House.

Nonetheless, can you imagine the reaction if W. had bowed to the same figure?

"Bow for oil!" and "Bow- Gate" would have been cluttering the headlines for days, if not weeks, had the "prostrating" president been a Republican rather than a Marxist liberal with friends in the mainstream media.

However, with President Obama, the offending gesture was understood to be religious in nature. A bonding between Muslim brothers as it were!