San Francisco's "Proud Tradition"

By John W. Lillpop

San Francisco is a city governed by arrogant and foolish "progressives" who delight in pursuing policies that defy common sense while trashing the best interests of citizen taxpayers.

Adding insult to injury, city leaders brazenly refer to such policies in glowing terms like "Proud tradition."

That is the term used to describe San Francisco's deliberate violation of federal law when to comes to shielding illegal aliens, especially juveniles convicted of serious felonies.

Under five months ago, San Francisco law enforcement refused to cooperate with the federal government by turning illegal aliens over to the care of Uncle Sam. Instead, San Francisco taxpayers paid $2.3 million dollars (since 2005) to house criminals who actually belonged in federal retention centers.

Adding stupidity to arrogance, city bosses spend another $40,000 to fly illegal alien felons home when the thugs should have been removed from polite society by placing a free call to federal authorities.

San Francisco's "Proud Tradition" backfired last June as described in the following report from Spero News***:

"It was a Sunday afternoon last June and Anthony Bologna and his sons Michael and Matthew were almost home from their family picnic. Anthony, driving the family car, briefly blocked another car from completing a left turn down a narrow San Francisco street. Angered by this momentary delay in his trip, according to police reports, Edwin Ramos got out of the car and opened fire on the Bologna’s car with an AK-47, shooting all three men. Tony Bologna, 48, and his son Michael, 20, died at the scene, and Matthew, 16, died a few days later in the hospital.

"Now charged with three murders, the 21 year-old Ramos was previously found guilty of two felonies as a juvenile: attempting to rob a pregnant woman, and as part of a gang-related assault on a city bus passenger. By all accounts, Ramos is a vicious animal who has no business being in the United States, and no business being in San Francisco."

Just how much "Pride" can one take in a policy that shields a convicted felon from justice so that he can murder three innocent citizens in cold blood?

There are other victims of this town's goofy politics.

Although not nearly as serious as the Edwin Ramos murder spree, 400 city employees are about to lose their jobs just in time for Christmas. The firings are the result of a huge budget deficit.

It would be illogical and incorrect to blame the deficit entirely on the manner by which illegal aliens have been mishandled by Mayor Gavin Newsom and his misguided associates.

Nonetheless, city workers forced to join the ranks of the unemployed during the most severe economic downturn in 80 years are completely justified in asking the following question:

How many American citizens are being dumped on the streets of San Francisco just before Christmas because "progressive" politicians foolishly chose to pamper illegal alien felons at
taxpayer expense?



Is W. Ever Going to Govern like a Conservative?

By John W. Lillpop

With only about five weeks remaining in his presidency, George W. Bush is not going to change his legacy as the most liberal "conservative" president in history.

He does, however, have a couple of opportunities in which to leave office in a blaze of, if not glory, at least somewhat muted mutiny.

To begin with, the president can refuse to continue playing the game of Monopoly with taxpayer funds as Democrats are want to do when it comes to the auto manufacturing industry.

Spending any amount of taxpayer money to buy an interest in the Big Three is a fool's mission. Until Detroit sheds it's outrageous cost of labor commitments and makes products that are truly competitive, money sent there is nothing except "good money chasing bad."

This president must make it clear that American taxpayer money should not be used to bail out Detroit; he should enforce that position with a veto if need be.

One of the major disappointments of the W. presidency has been his refusal to secure our borders and support the brave men and women who serve America in the Border Patrol.

W.'s shameful performance in the overall area of immigration is particularly wretched when it comes to his refusal, so far, to pardon border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean who have been prosecuted and persecuted for defending America from invading criminals from Mexico.

It will be remembered that Ramos and Compean chased illegal alien Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila back across the Mexican border, thereby preventing the thug from smuggling drugs into America.

Davila left American soil sans a few grams of brown buttocks blasted off his criminal being by a single shot from Ramos or Compean.

However, Davila was not injured too gravely, as he attempted to smuggle a “second load” of drugs into the U.S., an indiscretion for which he was arrested.

Unfortunately, the Bush administration was able to convict Ramos and Compean based on testimony provided by the drug smuggling illegal alien himself, the insufferable Davila.

That conviction led to sentences which cheated Ramos and Compean out of twelve and eleven years of life, respectively.

President George W. Bush must not leave the White House without having executed a full and unconditional pardon for Messrs. Ramos and Compean.

In order to show even a modest respect for conservative values, W. must veto any additional bailout bills and pardon Ramos and Compean before leaving office on January 20.

Another Body Shoved Under the Bus By Obama

By John W. Lillpop

The list of people that Barack Obama has converted into road kill continues to grow with each passing day. It started with the likes of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and convicted felon Tony Rezko.

In each instance, when the person's weird or un-American behavior and or crimes became publicized, Obama immediately claimed to have no real knowledge of the individual. He then quickly moved to disassociate himself by shoving the culprit under the Obama Bus and ordering the driver to move with full speed ahead to escape the glare of uncontrolled light.

Obama's list of folks thrown under the bus increased big time today as federal agents showed up at the home of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich at 6 AM, CST, with an arrest warrant in hand. Blagojevich was taken into custody for, among other things, attempting to sell Barack Obama's senate seat to the highest bidder.

When made aware of the unbelievable arrest, the president-elect said, "I had no contact with the governor or his office, and so I was not aware of what was happening" concerning any possible dealing about Blagojevich's appointment of a successor to Obama's vacated senate seat. ***

*** http://apnews.myway.com/article/20081209/D94VG39G0.html

Not even an inkling, inspired by natural curiosity, Mr. Obama?

Then just what in the hell is going on, President-elect?

Millions of gooey-eyed moon bats actually fell for your "change" double talk and bologna, and are expecting big things from you.

Many expect the government run by you to make their mortgage and car payments, lower gasoline to a dollar a gallon, provide everyone with a cushy job paying at least $85,100 a year with free health care and no restrictions on pre-existing conditions, and are counting on you to end all of the foreign wars that George W. Bush started by not later than Valentine's day!

The big question of the day: What will Barack Obama do when there is no room remaining under the bus?

This Week in Sports by John W. Lillpop

Without knowing better, one could easily mistake Greg Alan Maddux for an average, work a day sort of guy.

Slight of build, bespectacled, and of modest demeanor, Maddux hardly fits the stereotype of a high-powered athlete with fame and fortune at his beckon call.

In fact, however, Greg Maddux is an icon in major league baseball history by virtue of a professional career that spanned 22 years and graced four different ball clubs. He owns one of the most excellent pitching records compiled in baseball history, as evidenced by the $10 million he earned in 2008 while pitching for the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Now, at the ripe old age of 42, this super-star has officially retired from the kid's game that made him rich and famous. He did so on December 8 in his hometown on Las Vegas where major league baseball is holding its winter meetings.

Among Greg Maddux's major accomplishments:

*World Series champion in 1995

*Eighth on the all-time list of career wins with 355 to his credit. (Passed Roger Clemens in 2008.)

*Earned Run Average of 3.16

*10th in career strikeouts

*Four consecutive Cy Young awards, given annually to the best pitcher in each league.

*Eight appearances in baseball's All-Star game.

*17 consecutive seasons in which he won at least 15 games

*Eighteen "Gold Glove" awards for fielding excellence

Maddux credits his wife, Kathy, for allowing him to become one of the greatest pitchers in history.

"I had everything taken care of for me away from the park, so the only time that I had to worry about anything was when I was out at the park," Maddux said in a tribute to his spouse.

The following quotes about and from Greg Maddux from the link below attest to his mastery:


Quotes About Greg Maddux

"He's like a meticulous surgeon out there, he puts the ball where he wants to. You see a pitch inside and wonder, 'Is it the fastball or the cutter?' That's where he's got you." — Tony Gwynn

"Every pitch has a purpose. Sometimes he knows what he's going to throw two pitches ahead. I swear, he makes it look like guys are swinging foam bats against him." — John Smoltz

"Maddux is so good, we should all be wearing tuxedos when he pitches" — scout Phil Favia

"Greg Maddux could put a baseball through a life saver if you asked him." — Joe Morgan

"(He has) talent I've never seen anyone else have. He has a back-door sinker and wisdom to actually outsmart anybody in the game. I'm so glad somebody small, someone looking like me, actually did it. I'm very happy for him and I wish him all the best and I hope he doesn't stop there." — Pedro Martinez, on Maddux's 300th victory

"He was the smartest pitcher I've played with or against." — Ozzie Guillen

"Any pitcher on this team should have the pleasure of parking their butt next to him on the bench during games and learning whatever you can from him and then watching him when he is pitching." — Cubs teammate Ryan Dempster

"He's the definition of pitching. He's not overpowering, he doesn't have tremendous stuff, but he gets it done every day, day in and day out. It's good that I can tell my grandkids that I had the chance to play behind Greg Maddux, the Hall of Famer." — Juan Pierre

Quotes From Greg Maddux

"I could probably throw harder if I wanted, but why? When they're in a jam, a lot of pitchers try to throw harder. Me, I try to locate better."

"You play the game to win the World Series. Cy Young Awards are nice, they really are. They're great and I'm proud of them...but easily the biggest thing I've accomplished is getting that World Series ring."

Greg Maddux Team Affiliations

 Chicago Cubs (1986–1992)
 Atlanta Braves (1993–2003)
 Chicago Cubs (2004–2006)
 Los Angeles Dodgers (2006)
 San Diego Padres (2007–2008)
 Los Angeles Dodgers (2008)

Next Stop for Maddux: Baseball Hall of Fame

Greg Maddux will be eligible for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York in five years.

Because of his remarkable record, Maddux will most certainly be inducted during his first year of eligibility.


Saxby Chambliss Whips Democrat, Saves America

By John W. Lillpop

In the first election since Barack Obama was swept into office on November 4, the good people of Georgia gave a huge THUMBS DOWN to the notion of a super-majority by Democrats in the United States Senate.

With 89 percent of the vote counted, Republican Saxby Chambliss was winning over Democrat Jim Martin by a margin of 58 to 42 percent in the special runoff necessitated by the failure of any candidate to garner at least 50 percent of the vote on November 4.

Chambliss was projected to be the winner less than two hours after the polls closed in Georgia. His win guarantees that the Democrats will not hold 60 seats in the new Congress; thereby denying the party the coveted "filibuster proof" majority.

Key facts in the election were appearances by Governor Sarah Palin on Chambliss' behalf and a repudiation of Obama policies even before the President-elect was officially sworn in.

Republicans were delighted with the results and pointed to Chambliss' conservative record on issues like illegal immigration and taxes as the reason for his huge win.

In the larger picture, the Chambliss victory signals a rebirth of the conservative revolution and public disdain for Marxism.

God Bless Saxby Chambliss, the state of Georgia, and America!

Should Congress Accept Bold Offer from Ford CEO Alan Mulally?

By John W. Lillpop

After getting scalded for cruising into Washington, D.C. on a private jet in order to beg for billions in corporate welfare, Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford Motor Company, has finally seen the light and is thinking straight.

His latest offer to Congress: Give me $9 billion in bail out dough, and I will work for $1 a year!

What a deal!

Other "concessions" include selling the five corporate jets and canceling management bonus pay for 2009. SOURCE***

What about 2008 bonuses, Mr. Mulally?

In fact, why would bonuses be contemplated at all when Ford management has reduced the once powerful corporation to a gaggle of pitiful beggars seeking to feast at the public trough?

Here's a counter-offer: The U.S. Treasury keeps that $9 billion, and you can earn whatever you are worth in the free market!

Now THAT is a better idea!




So Much for the "Obama Bounce" on Wall Street

By John W. Lillpop

Just last Friday, mainstream media were celebrating five consecutive days of positive results on the stock exchange. Some of the more liberal and less lucid venues even went so far as to credit Barack Obama for the "change" in direction.

By naming his economic recovery--NOT bail out!--team, the lefties argued, Obama had restored a semblance of confidence on Wall Street and Main Street. Socialist leadership and a few trillion dollars is all it takes to fix the Bush mess, according to the left.

Obama also earned high praise for promising to send a "jolt" to the economy with another massive economic stimulus bill that will involve hundreds of billions of dollars of additional taxpayer money. Demanding that Congress have such a package ready for his signature at 12:01 PM on January 20, added to the illusion that President-elect Obama knows what he is doing, and is in charge.

Marlin's beard! After a week to digest the totality of Obama-nomics, today Wall Street dropped nearly 700 points, in one bloody session! ***

Of course the left has an immediate answer: The loss of 700 points is the result of eight years of fiscal mismanagement, if not down right thievery, by George W. Bush!

It is all quite simple: When things go well, it is because of the Golden Touch of Barack Obama.

When things go poorly, it is another lump of coal in the stocking of middle class Americans, courtesy of the anti-Santa Clause, George W. Bush!



Dalai Lama Says Sex Overrated: How Does He Know?

Satire By John W. Lillpop

According to the Dalai Lama, conjugal life causes "too much ups and downs. "

He went on to say, "Naturally as a human being ... some kind of desire for sex comes, but then you use human intelligence to make comprehension that those couples always full of trouble. And in some cases there is suicide, murder cases," the Dalai Lama said. +++

May I offer some free advise to the holy spiritual leader?

Listen here, Dalai old boy, you must have been raised in a poor neighborhood where only bad girls lived. As one who has been dabbling in the conjugal life for decades, trust me there are not that many murders to deal with.

Most murders involve jealous husbands or boy friends. Even so, the odds for survival can be improved dramatically by romancing only ugly and fat women, those gals whose husbands could give a tinker's damn about who the old hag is cavorting with.

As for suicides, they crop up only if one forgets to take his Viagara at least four hours before a rendezvous, or when one has purchased a very low and ineffective dosage to save money.

Dalai Lama also said, the "consolation" in celibacy is that although 'we miss something, but at the same time, compare whole life, it's better, more independence, more freedom.'

Sorry, Dalai, but that sounds like the king of rationalizing that I used in high school when a particularly fair maiden rejected my invite to the prom.

"She probably has SDI or awful breath," I would mutter to myself in order to console me. "Besides, "close dancing" can lead to gayness."

Whatever was needed to keep my self-esteem from being shattered that is what I would tell myself.

By the way, just how in the name of all that is good and holy, can a "celibate" Buddhist Master give reliable advise on sex? How do he know whether or not "it" is worth it?

To my way of thinking, that would make about as much sense as asking a completely blind person to opine about whether contact lens or prescription glasses provide the best vision assistance!



Red Flags from Mumbai--Will American Liberals Heed Warnings?

By John W. Lillpop

When Prime Minister Manmohan Singh assumed power in India in 2004, one of the first steps his administration implemented was to weaken the anti-terrorism laws on the books. Singh's concern was that innocent Muslims were being victimized by government discrimination.

Since then, India has been hit by a series of terrorist attacks, culminating with the crisis in Mumbai which cost five Americans their lives.

Clearly, terrorism is still a major global threat, protestations by American liberals notwithstanding. ***

How will the horrors of Mumbai impact President-elect Obama's plans to shut down Guantanamo Bay? How about his plans to retreat from Iraq?

Will America's arsenal against terror become kinder and gentler, where talks without pre-conditions replace military force as the primary defense strategy?

Will Barney Frank succeed in cutting the defense budget by 25 percent?

Will Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid work to "kill the Patriot Act" as he did two years ago?

Will Speaker Nancy Pelosi continue to work against the best interests of America, even if unwittingly?

India's political landscape may be dramatically altered by the tragedy in Mumbai. ***

Will Obama, Pelosi, and Reid duplicate the errors in judgment made by the Singh administration in India, leading to tragedy in America?



Obama on Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Don't CHANGE?

By John W. Lillpop

President-elect Barack Obama has produced yet another dramatic "first" for the history books: He is the first African-American president to weasel on a campaign promise before even being sworn in!

At issue is the long-standing Pentagon ban on open homosexuals in the military. During the presidential campaign, Obama promised to reverse the "explosive" policy if elected.

Another item for the CHANGE WE NEED category, or so it seemed.

Now that Obama has been elected and is in a position to actually implement change, certain of those campaign promises are being reviewed carefully and subjected to CHANGE themselves!

With respect to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," advisors to the President-elect have indicated that CHANGE, whatever it's final form, will not be advanced for months and perhaps not until 2010, according to the Washington Times story linked below.*

Although repealing the ban is still on the CHANGE agenda, "Mr. Obama first wants to confer with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his new political appointees at the Pentagon to reach a consensus and then present legislation to Congress."

Consult with the Joint Chiefs of Staff? What the Hades do those military fanatics know about discrimination and civil rights, from a gay perspective?

What if the Joint Chiefs of Staff tell the new commander-in-chief, in no uncertain terms, that trashing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is an awful idea?

Then what?

Chalk it up to inexperience and promise to do better in 2012?



We Need Direct Talks With al-Zawahri, Mr. President-Elect?

By John W. Lillpop

This time, Islamofascists have just gone too far. It was bad enough when Al-Quaeda knocked down the Twin Towers and crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11.

But Osama bin Laden's right hand terrorist, Ayman al Zawahiri, went over the edge with a racially insensitive assault on President-elect Barack Obama in which al-Zawahri called the president-elect a "house Negro," along with secretaries of state Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. *

House Negro? Good heavens, that level of toxic vitriol has not been used since the last Republican fund raising campaign letter was issued in October.

Before that, one must go all the way back to March, 2008, and Bill Clinton's "fairy tale" assault on Obama's manhood and political viability prior to the South Carolina primary.

Just whom the Hades does this al-Zawahri character think he is?
Still, liberals will see the al-Zawahri affront as a perfect opporunity to reinstate "talking" as a major weapon in the American arsenal against terrorism.

Whereas George W. Bush would sent in the U.S. Marines and a few "nuklear" bombers to give al-Zawahri a much needed attitude adjustment, President-elect Obama will most likely invite the excitable Egyptian to a summit at Camp David where the issues can be discussed calmly and sanely.

With no pre-conditions, of course.

Better still, being the shrewd politician that he is, Obama may elect to send his new Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, to Pakistan to meet face-to-face with the brutal terrorist.

Same rules, no pre-conditions,

Hillary would be perfect for the assignment because of her vast experience in bobbing and weaving around enemy sniper fire. Her selfless courage and willingness to pay whatever price necessary to help America could pay huge dividends.

And should an unforeseeable calamity should befall HRC in some God-forsaken cave in remote Pakistan, President-elect Obama would then be free to find another Secretary of State, one without grand designs on the Oval Office!

That would be, how you say, a Win-win, Mr. Obama?


Television Review: D.L. Hughley Breaks the News

By John W. Lillpop

CNN is not generally regarded as much of a source for comedy or light entertainment. Truth be told, they are not too good at serious news either, mostly because of liberal bias.

However, there is a newly minted show on CNN that is actually worth watching. That would be the new hit comedy, D.L. Hughley Breaks the News, which premiered on October 25.

D.L., a stand-up comedian in real life, was promoted to "anchor" at CNN just for this weekly spoof of the news which satirizes black stereotypes and racism for an hour of hilarity every Saturday night.

Did I mention that D.L. is an African-American?

Well, he is, and a darn funny, talented one at that.

Of course, D.L. is an incorrigible supporter of Barack Obama. He is also the only regular at CNN who does not even try to mask his bias and love for the colored fellow who will run the joint (America) come January 20th.

Which is why D.L. decided to take on an Oklahoma newspaper that failed to report Obama's victory with banner headlines on Page 1 of its November 5 edition.

After informing the newspaper of the monumental election results that installed an African-American in the Oval Office for the first time, D.L. shared other headlines of historic value that might have been overlooked in Oklahoma, including:




Hysterically funny, unless you happen to be an editor at that Oklahoma newspaper.

Hughley's charm is his uncanny ability to deliver a brutal jab and get away with it by immediately unleashing a nuclear smile and an innocent laugh. That leaves the intended target completely off balance, and unsure about whether or not to get pissed off.

For example, D.L. might gloat about the Obama presidency with these gentle words, "Hey, red-neck cracker, we in charge now! Get over it!" followed by a flash of his charismatic smile.

What's one to do, but laugh like hell?

D.L. Hughley Breaks the News
deserves two honky, red neck thumbs up, bro!


Are Obama's Daughters Too Good for Public Schools?

By John W. Lillpop

That public schools in America are a bloody disgrace is a fact that hardly anyone disputes these days. There is no shortage of anecdotal evidence pointing to high school graduates who cannot read their diplomas or do simple arithmetic.

However, determining the root causes and developing practical solutions thereto are invariably dependent on one's political ideology.

Some will argue that class sizes are too large, teachers are not paid enough, and budget expenditures per student are wholly inadequate to deliver quality education results.

Others argue that public schools are a failure because school curriculum are "Dumbed Down" to accommodate non-English speaking foreigners, too much time is wasted on multiculturalism, bilingualism, and political correctness like gay "rights," and because incompetent teachers are protected from being held accountable by unions more dedicated to collecting dues than educating children.

Almost without exception, liberal politicians are beholden to teacher's unions and are strong supporters of public education.

That support is quite enthusiastic when it comes to educating YOUR children, but not nearly as great when it involves THEIR children.

President-elect Barack Obama is a perfect example. During his campaign, Obama hauled in huge campaign contributions from teachers' unions and is a strong supporter of public schools.

He is also a strong opponent of school vouchers, which can help less wealthy families afford private schools for their children.

Notwithstanding his support for public schools, when it comes to his own daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama, the president elect is a typical liberal elitist.

Malia and Sasha currently attend private schools in Illinois, and when Michelle Obama came to Washington D.C. recently to check out new schools, she toured the private Georgetown Day School.

Again: Are Obama's daughters too good for public schools?

If not, enroll them in public schools and prove that you have genuine confidence in those institutions, Mr. President-elect!

CHANGE, Ala Barack Obama, Comes to Gitmo!

Terrorists to be replaced by Bushies?

Satire by John W. Lillpop

(Washington, D.C., LILLPILL)

During the 2008 campaign, President-elect Obama promised to bring CHANGE to Guantanamo Bay; he has since reiterated that commitment during a recent stint on 60 Minutes.

Until now, the exact details of the Obama Gitmo CHANGE have been highly classified, top secret military information withheld from public purview in the interest of national security.

However, by committing a number of complex felonies, all which are considered capital crimes and punishable by death, this reporter has hacked into the Obama lap top and successfully pinched a file cleverly titled, "Operation Gut Guantanamo."

Although the file was prominently labeled "TOP SECRET CONFIDENTIAL" and was password protected, we gained access by entering CHANGE as the password.

As it turns out, deductive logic is a highly valuable skill set in unlocking the nuances of the liberal mind.

Back to the facts, man.

All of the grotesque details from "Operation Gut Guantanamo" are reported herewith, "exclusive" to whatever rag one happens to be reading.

Contrary to earlier statements, the incoming administration will NOT close Guantanamo Bay.

Rather, the Obama regime will CHANGE residency requirements, which will result in the immediate release of all terrorists and suspected terrorists.

Once all innocent detainees, and those suspected of being innocent, have been flown back to the Middle East and released to Al-Quaeda, their cages, prayer blankets, and sleeping bags will be reassigned to ruthless American war criminals, and suspected war criminals.

Because of the devastating economic mess left by George W. Bush and the GOP, the incoming president has decided not to waste taxpayer money on trials for American officials suspected of war crimes against Islam.

Instead, that money will be used to fly detainees home, first-class, where movies showing American soldiers being decapitated in the name of Allah will be featured.

Surround sound headsets will be sold, but dollars will not be accepted.

Other details emerging about Operation Gut Guantanamo include these dillies:

Once the new president has been sworn in on January 20, the U.S. Marines will immediately handcuff and arrest President George Bush, VP Dick Cheney, and all other Bush administration officials in attendance at the Inauguration, excepting only Dr. Condoleezza Rice who will baby-sit the Obama daughters while Barack and Michelle flaunt their new power and prestige at innumerable Inaugural Balls in Washington.

Bush and Cheney will be carted off to Andrews Air Force base where they will be stuffed into discounted fare seats on a military helicopter and flown off to Guantanamo Bay for the rest of their lives.

While Barack and Michelle are dancing away the hours to celebrate Barack's Balls, the U.S. Marines will round up other war criminals from the vanquished Bush administration.

Perk walks will be administered to a variety of savage criminals, including Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, General David Petreaus, Rush Limbaugh, George Tenet, Tommy Frank, Paul Wolofitz, Scooter Libby, and all other individuals serving in either of the Bush terms, excepting only Colin Powell who will assist Dr. Rice in caring for the Obama brats.

All of the W. war criminals will be transported en masse to Guantanamo Bay after consulting with liberal attorney Ramsey Clark who represented Saddam Hussein and who is credited with taking that classic cell phone photograph of Hussein's public hanging.

Clark, it will be recalled, sued the estate of Saddam Hussein for outstanding legal fees, including reimbursement for replacing the batteries in his cell phone, exhausted by taking all of those hanging photographs.

Once the new Gitmo residents have unpacked and settled in, the Water Boarding Commission will be assembled. Donald Rumsfeld and Karl Rove will be "volunteered" as the first water boarding recipients under the kinder, gentler Obama administration.

This is where George W. Bush actually catches a break: Water boarding will be used by Team Obama only to glean vital intelligence. But since W. has none, he will be exempt!

Now that is CHANGE bruther!


Bailing Out Henry Paulson!

Satire By John W. Lillpop

Should America bail out Henry Paulson? Is that a good or bad idea?

To begin with, it will be necessary to arrest the corrupt criminal, which should have happened two months ago.

Next, the alleged Secretary of Treasury will have to stand before a judge, face the charges, and have bail set.

The charges against this enemy of America should include sedition, extortion, election fraud, grand larceny, and conspiracy to overturn the government.

Bail should be set at $851 billion dollars which will cover the amount of the bail out scheme, plus a dollar for processing.

When convicted, this infidel should be sent to Tikrit, the birth pace and final resting spot of Saddam Hussein.

Paulson's journey should be complicated by having a George W. Bush face mask irreversibly glued to his own face, wearing a T-shirt that screams "Allah Sucks!" while being released in the seediest neighborhood of Tikrit at 3 AM, Saturday morning.

His ashes, or whatever remains of his sorry life, should be added to camel manure and sold as garden mulch in Baghdad.

Then he should be punished in a "cruel and unusual" manner!

Henry Paulson's Many Gifts to Barack Obama

By John W. Lillpop

Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson may have gotten away with the greatest political scam in world history and he is not yet finished.

Consider please:

Back in September and October when Governor Palin was just beginning to breath life into the wilting presidential aspirations of John McCain, Secretary Paulson orchestrated a massive "chicken little" scam that panicked President Bush, most members of the Congress, both John McCain and Barack Obama, and most American voters.

Paulson declared that America's financial house was about to collapse and that unless $700 billion in unmarked bills were left in his hands to do with, as he desired, America would die a most painful death.

To assure sufficient angst, Paulson groveled on his hands and knees before Speaker Pelosi and gave she and other U.S. authorities less than a week to come up with the dough.

Paulson warned that the money was needed NOW to prevent America the great from descending into America the grotesque.

After stuttering and stammering a bit, Bush and the Congress complied with Paulson's demands and threw in an extra $150 billion just to show that they really cared.

Paulson's theatrics and the resulting panic on the part of America's leaders, dealt a mortal wound to the McCain-Palin ticket, and all but assured that Barack Obama would become the 44th president of the United States.

McCain's candidacy became a dicey proposition because of his admitted lack of understanding of economic issues, proven true by his "the economic fundamentals are sound" blurb right before Paulson went ballistic.

Therefore, it can be argued that Henry Paulson, without the use of military force or Nixonian plumbers, implemented the most daring and flamboyant coup in U.S. history.

All it took was a check for $850 billion dollars and cajones the size of mid-summer watermelons and Paulson had his man!

Having installed Barack Obama in the Oval Office, Paulson then set about to make life easier for the new president. Which is why Paulson subsequently announced that the bail out billions were not going to used for "toxic assets" after all, and that he was still working out details on how to unload $700 billion dollars.

The grand finale came when Paulson announced that the Bush administration would not spend $350 billion of that bail money after all, leaving said funds for Barack Obama to do with as he chooses come noon on January 20 of 2009.**

Historians will surely honor the "Paulson Ploy" as the most devious, heinous act of larceny in U.S. history. Only Henry Paulson was brazen enough to steal $850 billion from taxpayers and then declare the money not spent to be "surplus" !

Of course, Barack Obama will see it as CHANGE that we need and a wonderful inaugural gift from a heretofore-closeted ally.

Still there is a glimmer of hope. U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) declared that Congress was not told the truth about the bailout of the nation's financial system and should take back what is left of the $700 billion "blank check'' it gave the Bush administration.***

Bravo, Senator Inhofe!

I say take back that $350 billion, and pay down the deficit to keep the Obama/Pelosi/Reid gang from wasting it on illegal aliens or other such stupidity.




The Audacity of Impertinent Questions!

How has Auntie adjusted to being back in Kenya?

Satire By John W. Lillpop

Despite indications that the main stream media are committed to granting President-elect Obama a four year moratorium on tough questions, with a four year option to renew, there are some with sufficient audacity to ask impertinent questions right from the get go.

A few of my favorites.

Mr. President:

During the campaign, you requested that a special prosecutor look into charges of voter fraud by ACORN. When can we expect arrests, and will any of your staff or family be implicated?

When will your response to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's letter be released to the public?

How is Auntie adjusting to her new life in Kenya? When was she deported from America?

Given your strong support for public schools and teacher's unions, which local public school will you daughters attend?

What plans do you have for redistributing YOUR wealth to less fortunate family members? Like your half brother and Auntie in Kenya?

With so many Clintonistas joining your administration, is the word CHANGE no longer in vogue?

With same-sex proponents on a national rampage in response to free and open elections that did not go their way, do you plan to make acceptance of gay marriage a major element in your CHANGE template? Perhaps to be announced during your first State of the Union address?

Is Rohm Emanuel really the best man to be Chief of Staff in the "post-partisan" era?

When do you plan to invade Pakistan? Before or after you surrender in Iraq?

Does the Democrat Party no longer consider campaign finance reform a major priority? Is the fact that you raised $650 million dollars a factor?

As president-elect can't you unilaterally veto plans to invade your space--like for instance, your mother-in-law's plans to live in the White House?

Thank you, Mr. President-elect!


What Exactly Are They Protesting?

By John W. Lillpop

On November 4, California voters passed Proposition 8, thereby adding the following language to the state constitution:

"Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."

Those 14 hate-filled, Nazi-inspired, homophobic words of discrimination and bigotry have caused a major kerfuffel in California as thousands of marchers have taken to the streets to express their outrage.

In particular, protesters have targeted the Mormon Church for that church's financial and political support for Prop. 8.

Protesters are threatening to create a national firestorm as they congregate, shout, and DEMAND!

Demand what?

The right to vote in free and open elections?

That free and open elections be banned when the results do not suit their minuscule minority and its agenda?

Free speech and other rights set forth in the Bill of Rights?

An end to discrimination against gays in housing, employment, and education?

The right to enter into relationships with same sex partners openly and freely, without being harassed by straight citizens and governments?

A Constitutional ban on any religious expression which holds that homosexual behavior is sinful?

Or are protesters demanding that an unwilling American public be forced to accept the notion that gay marriage is a right, the infringement of which constitutes a civil rights evil on a par with slavery and Jim Crow laws?

Instead of protesting against religious expression, the protesters should actually take their signs and threats of violence to the headquarters of La Raza and NAACP to demand that those tax-exempt organizations convince Latinos and African-Americans that same-sex marriage is indeed a "civil rights" issue.

And why not work to convince the most liberal man ever elected to the U.S. presidency to include acceptance of gay marriage in his CHANGE agenda?

After all, President-elect Obama has been very clear: He is opposed to same-sex marriage!


Confessions of a Proud Conservative American

By John W. Lillpop


Can we talk privately--off the record as they say in the news business?

You won't repeat what I am about to share with you? Promise?

I have a deep, dark secret that has been festering within me for well over a week now. It is driving me mad--or madder, according to my doctor and the local pharmacist.

You see I am a hard core conservative. Die-in-the-wool, Reaganite. To the right of Atilla the Hun.

Lower taxes, school vouchers, strong defense, and patriotism with a capital P.

Which means that I always vote Republican. Always--even when the GOP ticket is headed by a candidate with whom I disagree on many issues, as was the case in 2008.

So, naturally, I voted for John McCain on November 4th, although he is not, in my opinion, a real conservative.

As the election returns started pouring in on election night, it became clear early on that Barack Obama was going to be the 44th president of the United States.

Which is not the result that I was hoping for.

However, as the evening proceeded, I found myself rejoicing, silently, over the fact that America had elected an African-American to the presidency.

Mind you, I did not, would not, could not, vote for Obama. Not because of his race, but because of his policies which I find wrong headed and dangerous.

Still, it seems to that Obama's victory was much larger than liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican.

Partisan politics be damned, at least for one night.

This was America at her very best! Land of the free, home of the brave and the greatest nation in the history of the human species.

Those facts were confirmed for all the world to see on November 4th.

Again, I rue Obama's election because of his politics.

Still, I thrill at the sight of African-Americans swelled with pride and walking with a livelier bounce in their steps because of Barack Obama.

I am very proud of America for electing an African-American. I only wish that our first black president were a conservative, like Alan Keyes.

Nonetheless, Barack Obama will be our 44th president and I congratulate him and wish him all the best--until the mid-term elections in 2010, that is!

Hang Tough, W.!

By John W. Lillpop

President Bush is coming under considerable pressure from his successor and the Democrat leadership in the U.S. Congress to pass out duplicate keys to the U.S. Treasury for use by a variety of special interest groups to whom the Democrat party is indebted.

First and foremost, Democrats want to bail out labor unions who, by negotiating outrageous wage and benefits packages, have all destroyed the Big Three auto makers.

Of course, liberals will argue that it is the auto industry, not the unions, that needs financial help.

Fine, then let us get corrupt, greedy labor leaders off the backs of GM, Ford, and Chrysler, and off the backs of the autoworkers who are the real victims of union malfeasance!

Unfortunately, instead of dealing with the real causes, Majority Leader Harry Reid prefers to shell out billions more in new emergency loans.**

What emergency might be next?

Three mayors—Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, Shirley Franklin of Atlanta and Phil Gordon of Phoenix—have requested that funds be sent their way to cover up for mayoral mismanagement in their municipalities.

More: Faced with a $28 billion budget shortfall, Governor Schwarzenegger is also looking to Washington, D.C. for a handout to paper over his failed governance.

Why not just "terminate" the $10 billion that California wastes each and every year on illegal aliens, Arnold? That would at least be a start in the right direction.

Others waiting in line for federal welfare assistance include American Express and General Electric Company.

Where and when will all of this fiscal insanity end?

One can hope that, this time, the bucks will stop at the desk of President George W. Bush, at least until the afternoon of January 20.

As a savvy politician, W. must know that liberals want his finger prints indelibly smeared on each and every bail out dollar surrendered to Detroit and other beggars in waiting.

That way, when things implode even further, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid can point to Crawford, Texas and the erstwhile president as the culprit.

Alternatively, should things go well, count on Democrats to pat themselves on the back for "forcing George W. Bush to act responsibly."

It is, alas, a non-win situation, Mr. President!

Which means that doing what is right is the right thing to do: Just say NO, Mr. President!

Remember, Democrats are on a fool's mission: Let them sink or swim in their own wrong-minded Marxism!

Hang tough, W.!

** Source


Governor Palin: One Classy Lady and Great American!

By John W. Lillpop

Who would blame Governor Sarah Palin if she were an angry white female after being used as a punching bag and scapegoat during the 2008 election?

However, the governor has recovered from the unfair attacks and bruises of the election campaign and, rather than holding a bitter partisan grudge, has shown great class and patriotism by offering to help President-elect Barack Obama in any way she can.

"It would be my honor to assist and support our new president and the new administration," said Palin in a report filed on CNN.com.**

The governor paid tribute to President-elect Barack Obama, saying she wishes him "well as the 44th president of the United States. If he governs with the skill, and the grace, and the greatness of which he is capable, we're going to be just fine."***

Governor Palin also wisely commented on the proposed expansion of the bail out package to auto makers and other companies by saying, "We're hearing now more talk of additional taxpayer bailouts ... for companies, for corporations, perhaps even states now who may be standing in line with their hands out despite, perhaps, some poor management decisions on their part that helped tank our economy," she said.

Americans owe a debt of gratitude to Governor Sarah Palin for putting campaign bitterness behind her and rallying behind Barack Obama, President-elect of these great United States.

Governor Palin really understands democracy and what it means to be an American. She will be heard from, and loudly, in the years ahead!





What Attracts Child Pornographers to Barbara Boxer?

By John W. Lillpop

First it was Bernie Ward, "Lion of the Left," who worked for Senator Boxer years ago, but who is now in the third month of a seven year prison term for child pornography.

Now comes word that Jeff Rosato, another high-level aide to Boxer, has been charged in federal court with receiving and distributing child pornography.

Rosato was arrested last Friday, and was fired by Boxer's office when news of his arrest broke.

The full story:


Hank Paulson: The Case FOR Cruel and Unusual Punishment

How should America deal with this vermin? Water boarding? Hang him? Stone him to death?

By John W. Lillpop

How shall American jurisprudence deal with Henry Paulson, the hairless kleptomaniac also known as Secretary of the Treasury?

Just a few weeks ago, Paulson scared the wits out of most Americans, including our befuddled president and corrupt Congress, by crying "Fire!" at the top of his lungs just to force attention on Wall Street and it's cash flow problems.

With the nation pre-occupied by the most important election in a generation, this arrogant SOB warned that the only hope for saving America from impending financial ruin was to cough up $700 billion dollars and grant him unilateral, unchecked authority to dispense said taxpayer funds to his buddies on Wall Street.


Paulson insisted that the need was so overwhelmingly urgent that there was no time for learned men and women to consider the facts, discuss possible alternatives, engage in rational debate, and act responsibly.

Like an armed robber confronting an unarmed bank teller, Paulson gave President Bush and Congress a frightening ultimatum: Give me $700 billion NOW or else!

According to Paulson, the money was needed to purchase "toxic assets" from Wall Street firms left holding sub-prime loans gone sour.

Of course, President Bush and Congress acceded to Paulson's daylight robbery demand and, just to make sure that taxpayers were completely ripped off, Congress added $150 billion to the bailout request.

Now Paulson has the audacity to announce that the Treasury is not going to purchase "toxic assets" after all.

All of that hoopla and "the sky is falling" fright talk notwithstanding, Henry has decided against using that $850 billion for the purposes for which is allocated.

Again, the big question: How shall the law deal with Henry Paulson?

The answer: To hell with the 8th Amendment!

In Paulson's case, cruel and unusual punishment is the ONLY thing that makes a lick of sense.



Rays of Sunshine on an Otherwise Dreary Day

By John Kakistos Lillpop

Without a doubt, November 4 will go down as one of the most bleak election days in American history.

Not only was a Marxist elected president, but also the Democrat party expanded its socialist grip on both chambers of Congress.

Nonetheless, there WERE positive results; albeit too few, and of too little consequence.

The intermittent rays of sunshine include the following:

*Democrats failed to gain the coveted filibuster- proof majority in the U.S. Senate.

*Al Franken will NOT be in the U.S. Senate!

*Voters said NO! to gay marriage in California and Florida.

*San Francisco's idiotic measure to name a sewage treatment plant after George W. Bush was trounced, as was the equally stupid proposal to legalize prostitution.

*56 million Americans voted for John McCain.

*Texas remains a Red state.

*Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, anti-illegal alien hero, won his fifth general election.

*Leftist goon Tim Robbins was forced to appear before a judge in order to vote.

*Joe Biden will no longer haunt the U.S. Senate.

*Black Panthers were exposed as racist vote intimidators in Philadelphia, and

*For all practical purposes, Hillary Clinton's fantasy of being president has been permanently put to rest.

Best of all, real conservatives are now free to rebuild the Republican party sans George W. Bush and John McCain!


Gay Marriage NOT Happening, Whether Liberals Like It or Not!

By John Kakistos Lillpop

California's Constitution has been amended with the following language "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California," as a result of the passage of Proposition 8.

Thus, the right of same-sex couples to marry has been terminated, said right having been established as a result of a state supreme court ruling on May 22.

Throughout the year, Prop. 8 lagged in the polls, but won the only poll that counts: The actual election.

What caused the dramatic change in sentiment?

Ironically enough, politicians and educators in San Francisco, who ardently support same-sex marriage, sabotaged their own cause with reckless decisions and irresponsible behavior.

To begin with, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom arrogantly celebrated the May 22 court decision that legalized gay marriage by bombastically declaring, "This door's wide open now." "It's going to happen, whether you like it or not."

Much to the chagrin of the leftist mayor, that unwise stint of in your face gloating was caught on video and was featured prominently in an ad by those who support Prop. 8.

In other words, Mayor Newsom unwittingly became THE star performer for those who wish to ban gay marriage!

Clue less San Francisco educators added fuel to the fire started by Newsom with an equally bizarre move.

As reported in the San Francisco Chronicle in a story titled, Class surprises lesbian teacher on wedding day, "A group of San Francisco first-graders took an unusual field trip to City Hall on Friday to toss rose petals on their just-married lesbian teacher - putting the public school children at the center of a fierce election battle over the fate of same-sex marriage."


With folks like Mayor Gavin Newsom and San Francisco teachers around, all that proponents of Prop. 8 had to do was simply wait for the next wave of incomprehensible stupidity to surface, and then make sure that the voting public was informed of that stupidity.

Bottom line: Gay marriage is NOT going to happen, whether liberals like it or not!


Big Easy Survives Gustav to Chagrin of Liberals

By John W. Lillpop

With gleeful liberals and mainstream media vultures conjoined in readiness to celebrate the devastation of Hurricane Gustav as yet another legacy item in failed Republican governance, Mother Nature double-crossed the blood thirsty bleeding hearts by leaving New Orleans mostly intact.

By demoting Gustav to a Category 2 storm from the expected 5, Mother Nature rained on Labor Day festivities for leftists eagerly anticipating the sight of thousands of poor black folk abandoned in filthy flood waters and fighting for their very lives.

Instead of producing the expected "bump" for the Anointed One, urgently needed in light of his failure to make a difference with all that CHANGE double talk in Denver, Gustav kicked Big Easy in the groin with fierce winds and vile amounts of rain, but failed to deliver the loss of life and property that the left was desperately preying (spelling correct) for.

After all, a re-run of Katrina-like carnage held great promise for liberals as they schemed and connived to convert human misery into Democrat votes come November 4.

Without the loss of black lives and property to cheer them on, many liberals spent the long weekend wishing for additional home foreclosures, bank failures, and earthquakes, as well as sustained Category 5 strength from storms Helena, Ike and others still brewing in the Atlantic.

Notwithstanding liberal supplications for more human sacrifice as a means for getting out the vote, more awful news came their way, destroying what remained of the Holiday Spirit.

That is so because the once violence- riddled province of Anbar in Iraq was turned over to Iraqi forces, thanks to due diligence exercised by the Bush administration.

In announcing this tragic news (for Democrats), President Bush said, "Iraqi forces will now take the lead in security operations in Anbar, with American troops moving into an overwatch role," in a statement released by the White House.

Wasn't it Harry Reid who declared the war "lost" just a few short months ago? And wasn't it Barack Obama who voted against the surge, and who still refuses to admit that he was wrong?

Still, liberals scrounging about for morsels of human agony to trumpet imagined they had hit the jackpot when it was announced that Bristol Palin, daughter of VP nominee Sarah Palin, is with child, even though Bristol is but seventeen and unmarried.

However, more bad news looms for liberals, because that unborn fetus will not be discarded like so much unwanted animal waste as would be the case were the mother-to-be a liberal advocate of infanticide.

Yes, the young Palin girl had pre-marital sex, and yes that was a mistake.

But at least the Palin family will not murder the innocent, precious human life for the transgressions of the mother.

That truth will become obvious to caring Americans, and will ultimately be to the glory of the Palin family and their unwavering reverence for the sanctity of all human life.


Hillary Is a B**** Because...

By John W. Lillpop

Some narrow-minded women will howl with outrage when Hillary Clinton is characterized as a b****, arguing that that woman, whose disapproval numbers consistently hover around 50 percent, is just an assertive woman going after something.

According to such folk, Ms. Clinton is a victim of a right wing, misogynist conspiracy to deny Hillary her birthright, i.e., coronation as Queen of America.

So why, then, did Democrat voters give the b**** the heave ho in favor of a black Marxist with Jihad tendencies who is all about chasing fairy tales?

Truth will out. Observe please:

Hillary is a b**** because she is an elitist liar, fascist, and socialist who believes that America owes her the presidency because of her gender.

Hillary is a b**** because she does not respect the views of others, and will work ruthlessly to silence those with the audacity to disagree.

Hillary is a b**** because she behaved as though she was CO-president during the Bill Clinton presidency, an arrangement not approved by we the people.

Hillary is a b**** because she worked behind the scenes to concoct a program of forced socialized medicine, all the while ignoring the wishes of the American people.

Hillary is a b**** because she thought herself to be "inevitable" for the presidency, ignoring the fact that, in a Democracy, voters have a thing or two to say about whom will have squatter's rights in the Oval Office.

Hillary is a b**** because she lied unashamedly about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia to puff up her dubious "ready on day one" credentials, when, in fact, she was greeted by young girls bearing flowers.

Hillary is a b**** because she ridiculed decent American women who "Stand by Your Man," even though she stood by Bill Clinton as he engaged in countless episodes of promiscuity and adultery, including a sultry affair with an intern right under Hillary's nose in the White House.

Hillary is a b**** because she tolerated Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Wiley, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and all the rest not out of respect or love for the presidency or the man, but because leaving Slick Willie would have forced her to abandon all the power, fame, and fortune that accrues to those lucky enough to be First Lady.

Hillary is a b**** because she pretends that being a tough-minded, bossy feminist in pant suits qualifies her to be President of The United States, when, in fact, all of her success is the direct result of her marriage to Bill Clinton.

Hillary is a b**** because she rails against "obscene" profits by the oil industry while she and her husband have become obscenely rich by pawning off absurd trite as thoughtful and insightful revelations about their years in the White House.

In short, Hillary Clinton is a b**** because of her rigid intolerance, dishonesty, and wrong headed liberalism!

McCain Eschews Old White Guys, Embraces REAL Change!

By John W. Lillpop

John McCain's announcement concerning Sarah Palin as his running mate has sent Team Obama and the mainstream media into comatose shock, a malady from which they may not fully recover until well after November 4.

Those who delight in gloating while watching liberals eat crow are hoping that Democrats and the media recover in time to witness the McCain swearing in ceremony on January 20, 2009.

McCain's brilliant counter punch to Obamamania pits a beautiful 40-something woman of integrity, intelligence, and warmth against a balding "old school" white guy with plagiarism as his only certifiable talent.

Guess who best represents positive change in the upcoming election?

Hint: It is not that US Senator from Delaware who has been on the public dole for 35 years, and who happens to be the poster child for the status quo.

Rather, it is a young, bright female Governor who brings freshness and innocence to the fray at a time when most Americans are fed up with phony Messiahs and other creations of the liberal media who promise change, but who deliver only tired old rhetoric and simplistic double talk.

Sarah Palin's ascension to national prominence
should be terrific news to disillusioned Hillary fans looking for a female-friendly candidate to vote for!

Behold, rejected Clintonistas everywhere:

John McCain and Sarah Palin represent real change and real hope for women!


Flip-Flopping on Change!

Satire By John W. Lillpop

If flip flopping were an Olympic event, Barack Obama would have won enough gold medals to buy all of those missing McCain mansions outright, and still have sufficient scratch left to treat Oprah Winfrey to lunch.

By naming Joe Biden as his running mate, the Anointed One has set an all-time world record for prevarication, said record subject to being superseded by Obama himself, at any time, without advance warning.

Oddly enough, this fellow was supposed to be all about CHANGE, CHANGE, and still more CHANGE, remember?

To date, the only CHANGE that Obama has consistently brought to the table is an all- too- frequent change of his bloody mind on vital issues of the day!

Nominating Joe Biden for the vice presidency to run under the banner of CHANGE is another stunning example of Obama's inexperience, lack of commitment to anything except acquisition of raw power, and world class flip- flop skills.

Good grief, with 35 years under his belt in the US Senate, Senator Joseph Biden is the quintessential Washington insider. If ever there was a poster child for the anti-change status quo, it would be the senior senator from Delaware!

More Proof: Democrat Joe Biden has not changed his hairpiece in 20 years!

Oh, and by the way, Joe Biden will be 66 in October.

Which means that Biden is darn near as old as John McCain and is a smidgen older than Hillary Clinton is.

According to ageist hate speech used by Team Obama against both McCain and Hillary, they are "old school" fogies," out of touch with any American who can still walk about on his or her own, and for whom sex is more important than comfortable dentures and a clean bed pan.

Fathoming why Biden's 66 trumps McCain's 72, or Hillary's 61, when it comes to being in sync with younger voters is beyond this writer's pay grade. As such, it is best left for historians to sort out in the decades to follow.

Biden has other shortcomings, including the fact that he is an angry white male and an attorney.

Which begs the following question: Can the American electorate, starved as it is for CHANGE, be placated by placing an old, angry white male with a law degree just a heart beat away from the presidency?

Still, this is Obama's show, and there ARE positive qualities that Biden brings to the ticket:

First and foremost, Joseph Biden is NOT Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In and of itself, that is enough to endear Biden to millions of voters who would like to keep the White House "b**** free," for at least four more years.

Next, Biden has a unique capacity for sticking his foot into his mouth with inappropriate, politically incorrect, and or incendiary remarks.

If fact, if sticking your foot in your mouth was an Olympic event, Joe Biden would have nearly as much gold to his credit as Obama, flip-flopping champ of all time.

How might Biden's non-stop adventures in a quagmire of faux pas benefit the ticket?

Elementary, really: It will keep snoopy news reporters pre-occupied with chasing down the latest "Biden Eruption."

Thus, the media will be too busy to delve into Obama's Jihadist past, involvement with sleazy underground characters, or his relationship with his half-brother, left to wilt in abject poverty in Kenya.

Some might ask, "But, what about Biden's despicable dabbling in plagiarism?"

Friends, this is what makes the Obama-Biden bonding so special:

Barack Obama has never written anything worth stealing, so all his jottings would be perfectly safe, even with Joseph Biden free to roam the White House!



With All Those Homes, Perhaps McCain Should Rescue Obama's Brother?

Satire By John W. Lillpop

John McCain continues to be pummeled hither and yonder for marrying a woman smarter and more successful that himself,
a charge that has never been leveled against Barack Hussein Obama.

Funny that.

A real stinker, this latest kerfuffel, as it shows the big bad Republican McCain so out of touch with average Americans that he has lost track of his (wife's!) mansions.

So, while millions of Americans face the loss of their homes through foreclosure, the McCain real estate empire cannot even remember how many estates they have title to.

Double shame on America, especially those with the audacity of success!

Just as news concerning McCain's inability to count to seven was being parlayed into accusations of racism, elitism, and old age dementia by Team Obama, the news wires became flooded with stink about this Obama character himself.

Seems as though America's favorite black, Jihad, Marxist has a half-brother (does that make the dude a half-sister, ergo a bisexual?) who lives in Kenya on wages approximating $1.00 a month.

Just for perspective that is equal to one hundred US pennies every 30 days, before taxes, of course.

The half-brother should thank God or Allah, as the case may be, that Obama is not running for public office in Kenya, because 50 percent or more of those 100 pennies might be stolen by Obama's "progressive" tax plan should the Anointed One prevail.

Sadly for America, but fortunately for the impoverished brother, Kenya is too black for Obama, who still fosters this fairy tale about living in a White House in a very black neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

Given the fact that Barack Obama has turned his Marxist back on his poor brother, John McCain has been given a golden opporunity to do the magnanimous thing.

Specifically, John McCain should "pull an Oprah" by announcing that Obama's better half brother will be flown to the States, at McCain's expense, and housed in one of those seven mansions that the aging senator has misplaced. Free of charge!

Can you see the headlines?

Compassionate Conservatism Breaking News: John McCain Rescues Obama's Brother!

That should play havoc with the polls, say what?


Fighting Food Fetish, Medical Fraud, and the Fat Fairy

By John W. Lillpop

Unlike most red-necked conservative intellectuals living in the Bay Area, I have never found it particularly difficult to "watch" my weight.

With a size 50 waist, three or more double chins, and a neck size scarcely below triple digits, how in Hades can I NOT watch my weight?

After years of battling neurotic doctors, "ideal weight" charts pushed by corporate interests intent on earning windfall profits from a man-made pandemic of expensive-to-treat anexoria, and scales that lie without shame, I have finally surrendered.

Effective immediately, in the best interests of my fragile sanity, I will no longer weight myself, or allow myself to be weighed.

Period, end of discussion.

Consider the relevant facts, please.

Weighing one's self can lead to depression, anxiety, and fat. In fact, politicians could do the public far more good by outlawing scales instead of worrying about Trans-fats, cholesterol, salt, carbohydrates, and other innocuous items in the diet of all normal Americans.

Think about the mental games one plays when engaged in the Fit or Fat numbers game:

On the odd occasion when the scale actually shows a weight loss, one's food -addicted brain immediately sends a crazy message to one's stomach that goes something like this:

"Bravo! and Sayonara to being fat. This is cause for celebration, so bring on a few five-pound boxes of fudge and as much buttered popcorn as can be stuffed into the family min-van and a U-Haul trailer!"

If, on the other hand, the scale reveals a weight gain, one's scheming brain sends the following distorted message to one's weight management center:

"Idiot! Just as we warned you, it is hopeless and a complete waste of time to even try to lose weight! To hell with celery sticks and water.

"Bring on a dozen BBQed short ribs, three pounds of mashed potatoes smothered in real butter, and any fudge and popcorn not consumed this morning when you celebrated that short-lived weight loss!"

And so it is in the wild and wacky world of weight management, or mismanagement to be more precise.


America's Colors: Gold, Wrapped in Red, White, and Blue!

By John W. Lillpop

In a magnificent tribute to the superiority of American culture, language, and food, Michael Phelps has once again rewritten history by earning his unprecedented eighth Olympic gold medal of the 2008 Olympics.

Bravo to the young man in red, white, and blue who may have to move to Fort Knox, Kentucky for security reasons, so much gold has he acquired.

Phelps' timing is particularly excellent, coming as it does just as the Democrat Party is about to nominate an America-hating Marxist with Jihadist tendencies in the personage of Barack Obama to be 44th president of the United States.

Each and every American citizen who truly loves America will join in the celebration of Michael Phelps, while praying for the political demise of Barack Hussein Obama.

For the full story of Michael Phelps and his conquest of the world, see the link below.

God Bless America and Michael Phelps!



Barry Needs to Watch His Backside Around Hillary!

Satire, Courtesy of John W. Lillpop

Although I emphatically believe that Barack Hussein Obama (Barry) is the least qualified, most anti-American candidate ever to get this far in a legitimate challenge for the US presidency, I would hate to see the man fall victim to the evil Clintonistas in Denver two weeks hence.

Team Obama seems to have been lulled into a false sense of trust this week as they agreed to let Hillary's name be placed in nomination. They erred again by agreeing to let Slick Willie address the convention, a most unfortunate indicator of the moral depravity which has overwhelmed the Democrat Party.

To be perfectly honest, Bill Clinton should be in perjurer's recovery and, once graduated therefrom, should be arrested and forced into an involuntary stint at a home for sexual predators/recovering liars.

All in all, Slick should be confined until he reaches his 70th birthday, or until Hillary abandons his sorry self in favor of a real black man.

Those options make more sense than foisting this salty old bird on the American people eight years after we got rid of he and his kleptomaniac spouse, who is, this very day, selling White House china and foot stools in order to retire her campaign debt!

Amazing, is it not Hillary, how the flow of money dries up once the likes of Norman Hsu are no longer around to extort money and commit fraud on your behalf?

Thank the Lord for fraud opportunities in the book writing racket, a corrupt industry that has rewarded both Hillary and Slick Willie handsomely for lying non-stop across two hundred plus pages of double-spaced malarkey.

But back to the black prophet (profit?), the Hildabeast, and the convention in Denver, also known as the Looming Freak Show!

Again, everyone knows that the Messiah is a genius and incapable of making a mistake. Still, in my humble view, Barack Obama needs to keep a very careful eye out for Hillary and Slick during the convention.

Remember two things, Barry:

1. Hillary has warned America and the world, and especially you, that she was obligated to continue her battle for the Oval Office just in case something awful like, perish the thought, an untimely assassination should occur.

Please understand that we would never suggest that Hillary might resort to extreme measures like murder, just to claw her way back into the White House.

Still, there are several unanswered questions about Vince Foster and other Clinton associates who have left this dimension under very eerie circumstances.

To be on the safe side, do not turn your back to Hillary, and do not go out to tilt a few cold ones with Slick Willie.

Instead, stick with the likes of Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, but be sure to always wear a heavy duty athletic cup when hanging with those dark dudes. Hide all knives and cutting scissors just to be safe.

2. In conjunction with the above, remember that Hillary has only "suspended" her campaign, she has not yet folded her tent.

How long do you suppose it would take the Clinton team to renovate and re-roll out the "Hillary for President in 2008!" campaign upon learning of a tragic event that would render the Anointed One unavailable?

Educated guess: Hillary could have fired-up volunteers on the ground in all fifty states in less time than it would take to explain the difference between Georgia the nation and Georgia the American state to Barry!

Again, Barry Needs to Watch His Backside Around Hillary in Denver!

Book Exposes Obama, Leaps to # 1 On NYT Best Seller List!

Courtesy of John W. Lillpop

After 18 months in which the liberal mainstream media have pre-ordained Barack Obama as the inevitable 44th president of the United States and Messiah rolled into one, a glimmer of truth is emerging, just in time for the November elections.

In much the same manner as leftist John Kerry was exposed and Swiftboated in 2004, so it is that a new hero and protector of the American way has emerged to take over the 2008 election.

That would be Dr. Jerome R. Corsi who deserves profound kudos and props for his patriotic, pro-American work titled, The Obama Nation.

Dr. Corsi's masterpiece is a blessing to voters because it exposes the bad and the ugly (there is no good) in the Barack Obama act, which has hoodwinked far too many otherwise intelligent voters to date.

The great news is that The Obama Nation sits alone in the number 1 spot on the New York Times Best Seller list!

The astounding success of The Obama Nation stands in stark contrast to the leftist drivel set forth in Nancy Pelosi's nauseating dilly titled, "Know Your Power: A Message To America's Daughters," a dismal work that no daughter should have to read, and judging by the lack of sales, none will.

All of which proves two basic facts about America: Truth will out! and mediocrity sucks!



Partial Justice in Texas: Jose Medellin Chokes on 'Virgin Blood'

By John W. Lillpop

Fifteen years ago, Jose Medellin participated in the murder and rape of Jennifer Lee Ertman, 14, and Elizabeth Pena, 16.

A story in the Dallas News describes the carnage as follows:

"It was the start of a savage hourlong attack by Medellin, then 18, and five fellow gang members, who raped the girls and forced them to perform sex acts before beating then strangling them with a belt and shoelaces. It would be four days before their bodies, decomposing in the Houston heat, were found. By then Medellin already had boasted to friends about having 'virgin's blood' on his underpants."

Fifteen years later, the great state of Texas extracted a partial measure of justice from the sub-human illegal alien. The good news was reported by the Houston Chronicle with these words:

"Medellin was pronounced dead at 9:57 p.m., nine minutes after the lethal dose was administered." (Texas is on Central time.)

No doubt, the death certificate will list ''lethal injection' as the official cause of Medellin's death. It could just as easily read, "Choked on Virgin Blood," in reference to the jocular celebration that came back to haunt Medellin late in the day on August 5, 2008.

Many people who normally support the death penalty were opposed this time because of the supposed violation of international treaties and the potential future harm that could be visited upon Americans incinerated in foreign lands.

That argument is surely of great merit in learned legal circles, but any American who has committed the types of heinous crimes attributed to Medellin does not, in my view, deserve a great deal of sympathy.

Simply being an American does not justify behavior ordained by Satan.

Politically, the liberal media and politicians will abandon all common sense in rushing to the defense of the departed killer, while forgetting the grotesque end he gleefully brought to Jennifer Lee Ertman and Elizabeth Pena.

A strong message must be delivered to those who moan when justice wins the day:

Forget about wringing your hypocritical hands in angst over the likes of Jose Medellin! Instead, join forces with reasonable Americans to prevent thugs like Medellin and Edwin Ramos (San Francisco sanctuary city killer) from invading this nation to begin with!