Defending American Sovereignty and Culture Is NOT Racist

By John W. Lillpop

Contrary to arguments made by liberal politicians and pundits in the mainstream media, defending American sovereignty and culture is not driven by racism.

In fact, the exact opposite is true. If this republic is to survive, the rule of law must apply to everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, or nation of origin.

Being good hearted, hard working, and poor does not entitle anyone to come here illegally, even if only to pursue a better life.

Millions of people from all across the world desperately hope to come to America to achieve a better life. U.S. immigration laws exist to assure that an orderly and fair process is in place for handling such people, and to protect American citizens from disease, criminality, and imported financial burden.

Acting in the best interests of America means, among other things, preventing further invasions by illegal aliens, and deporting those already here.

Teary sob stories and arguments in favor of poor migrants who come to America illegally are based on a very un-American notion:

That is, U.S. borders and laws should not apply to Latinos because---and only because---they are Latinos!

Although liberals will not admit it, "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" is all about amnesty based on racial profiling, because the overwhelming majority of the illegal population is Hispanic.

If 95 percent of the illegal alien population were likely to end up being Republican voters, just how passionate would Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the ACLU, and the mainstream media be about "Comprehensive" reform?

As it is, in their lust for importing more Democrats, liberals are willing to gut the rule of law, American sovereignty, and the best interests of American citizens. Racial profiling is the most efficient means for accomplishing the objectives of the Democrat party.

Most illegal aliens from south of our borders fit the following profile, written in the imaginary first person for clarity:

"My name is Pedro Ignacio Garcia. My wife and I came to America by crossing the border in Arizona on January 2, 2002. We had to sneak across the border into America because the U.S. immigration system is broken, at least that is what the Mexican government told us.

"Mexican officials told us to have as many children as possible as soon as possible once we got settled in America. We have had six children since; all of who are American citizens that we are counting on to keep the U.S. government from sending my wife and I back to Mexico. We had planned to come to America in 2003, but we found that my wife was pregnant so we came in 2002 so that the triplets would be born in America.

"We came to America because we heard your president Barack Obama, and Congressional Democrats like Nancy Pelosi Harry Reid say many nice things about Mexicans who come to America illegally.

"One of the major attractions for us is your excellent system that provides free medical service, especially since I have no health insurance for myself or family. We are very concerned that some hospitals are closing because of the costs of serving poor people like us.

We believe that the health insurance premiums for Americans should be increased to cover poor people from Mexico.

"I am very proud of my Mexican heritage and love Spanish, the language of love. I believe that learning English is a waste of time so I do not bother. We have demanded that the public schools teach our children in Spanish. Who needs English?

"We proudly fly the Mexican flag in remembrance of the fact that much of the land that is America was stolen from Mexico. Our children are being taught at home that retaking that land for Mexico is what God wants us to do.

"I am a potential carrier of deadly strains of tuberculosis and other diseases eradicated in the modern world years ago, but which are still rampant in my beloved Mexico. That is why American citizens need to make sure me and my family receive the very best in medical care.

"I do not pay no stinkin' income taxes to any local, state or federal government. How else could I afford to work for wages that allow me to take jobs from American citizens?

"Our family is on welfare and food stamps even though we are not eligible. We have fake IDs that say we are legal, and we have fake social security numbers to prove it.

"We are saving our pesos to buy a big, beautiful home. However, we are worried about the loan credit crisis now threatening to make credit inaccessible to illegal aliens.

As with health insurance, we believe the solution is simple: Increase the interest rates paid by American citizens to cover the risk associated with lending to illegal aliens from Mexico.

"We hear that white people want to secure the U.S. borders to keep terrorists out. Phooey! Why would we Mexicans do harm to the land of free tacos, education, health care, food, and housing?

"God bless Mexico and the American gringos who want to hand the United States over to illegal aliens!"

Why should America grant amnesty to the likes of Pedro Garcia since doing so will cause another 40 millions to invade our great nation? Why is Pedro Garcia and his family not rounded up and deported immediately?

In Summary: Why does our government refuse to enforce the rule of law when it comes to people who have no legal or moral basis for being here?