Difference Between Somali Pirates and Illegal Aliens?

Satire by John W. Lillpop

With war ships and angry sailors in tow, the United States Navy arrived off the Horn of Africa to deal with scalawag pirates who kidnapped the captain of a U.S.-flagged cargo ship.

As reported at CNN, in part:

"A U.S. warship arrived before dawn Thursday near a 28-foot lifeboat holding four pirates and the kidnapped captain of a U.S.-flagged cargo ship, officials said.

"Also nearby was the Maersk Alabama -- which had been seized early Wednesday off the Horn of Africa. All 20 of its remaining crew members were in good physical shape, said Ken Quinn, second officer of the ship, in a satellite call placed by CNN.

"There's four Somali pirates, and they've got our captain," Quinn said.

"Maersk spokesman Kevin Speers said the guided-missile destroyer USS Bainbridge was near the Maersk Alabama and that its crew was talking to the Navy.

"When the Navy comes in, they're in charge," Speers told CNN.

"The hijackers boarded the Maersk Alabama early Wednesday, when it was about 350 miles off the coast of Somalia, a haven for pirates attacking shipping through the Gulf of Aden. Capt. Richard Phillips was being held in the lifeboat after the pirates reneged on their agreement to exchange him for one of their own, who himself had been captured by the crew members, Quinn said."

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is gearing up to grant amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens who have invaded America, and who cost American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

What is the difference, one wonders, between scalawag pirates, who are simply looking for a better life, and the illegal alien crowd?

Like pirates, illegal aliens plunder American treasure, illegally occupy American property, rape our women and children, and commit other heinous crimes with wanton abandon.

Illegal aliens also murder thousands of innocent Americans each year by driving while drunk and other anti-social acts.

That being said, why is our government burning with rage at four Somali pirates, while tens of millions of invading criminals are on a fast track to citizenship?

Why does Barack Obama hate Somali pirates but love illiterate peasants from south of our borders?

An unidentified Obama official, speaking anonymously, answered the vexing question with this simple explanation: Pirates do not vote!

And that's the way it is, mate!