Will W. Campaign (Again) for Specter in 2010?

By John W. Lillpop

In the 2004 Republican primary, Pat Toomey challenged incumbent Senator Arlene Specter (R-Pa) for the right to represent the GOP in the general election in November.

Toomey brought strong conservative credentials to the fray, and had a reasonable chance at deposing the left-leaning Specter who had "served" in the U.S. Senate for 24 years.

Unfortunately, Toomey's rock solid conservatism was no match for Specter's major advantage: President George W. Bush endorsed Arlene Specter for reelection and campaigned for the man who epitomized the term RINO.

Specter won the primary and the general election in 2004 and has worked tirelessly since to defeat just about every conservative concept advanced over the past five years.

No politician is held in higher contempt by conservatives than the raspy voiced senator from Pennsylvania.

The tragedy is that George W. Bush could have supported the more conservative Toomey over the liberal Specter, an act that may have led to two very positive developments:

The U.S. Senate would have gained a diehard conservative, while the Republican party would have removed a tired old nemesis from among their ranks.

Bush, being the addled liberal that he was, chose to endorse Specter.

That bitter pill from the Bush legacy came back to haunt the GOP and America when Specter finally officially crossed over to the dark side leaving the Obama socialists with a filibuster-proof majority.

Once again, the inept and mindless George W. Bush participates directly in the ruination of America.

The only question is whether this disturbed man (Bush) will campaign for Specter in 2010?