"Comrade" Obama Makes His Marx at G20

By John W. Lillpop

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev confirmed that which conservatives, libertarians, and insightful independents have been shouting for over two years: Barack Obama is a dedicated Marxist.

According to Medvedev, Barack Obama is his "new comrade,"
as the Russian president was apparently pleased with Obama's willingness to waffle on the US missile shield program, which Medvedev described as a "mistake" on the part of the Bush administration.

Fret not, Comrade Medvedev, when it comes to not defending America, President Obama is all about CHANGE that Russia and other enemies of America can believe in!

Although Obama's radical anti-defense notions do little to help folks in Nebraska, Alabama and Indiana sleep safe and sound at night, tyrants in Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran are reportedly sleeping like babies while savoring the hope and hype brought to the fray by America's young president.

Make that America's young "citizen of the world"!

While little or nothing of substance was accomplished at the G20, there was near unanimity among the world leaders that the conference was a smashing success and, as President Obama put it, represented a "turning point" in combating the global economic meltdown.

As reported, in part, at Reuters:

"Obama won no new promises of spending when the summit of the Group of 20 major economic powers wrapped up on Thursday, but put a positive spin on the outcome, calling it a "turning point" as he welcomed agreements on financial regulation and new cash for the International Monetary Fund."

Indeed, Obama is gaining renown as the man with the "trillion dollar touch." Spending other people's money in increments of one trillion dollars seems to the Obama strategy in all matters large and small, foreign and domestic, and important versus mundane.

Wasting money seems to be the president's only real enduring quality.

So what's NOT to like, especially to Russians and liberal Democrats?