Time for US South to Copy the British....and RISE AGAIN!

By John W. Lillpop

In a spectacular political upset, the good people of England have declared their national independence from the wrong-minded shackles of the European Union!

Congratulations and best wishes to our British cousins!

The British victory should provide a powerful and hugely inspiring example for a long-time abused segment of America that deserves much better: Namely, the American South!

Much maligned over the decades, the US South suffered unimaginable abuse and humiliation in recent years: From ruthless denigration of the Confederate flag to shameful ridicule, and worse, of Southern heroes and symbols, modern America, under the hateful direction of the Obama administration, has declared all out war on the traditions and culture still sacred to Southern Americans.

Ironically, the anti-South movement has, for the most part, origins in the hearts and minds of Americans who preach the most fervently about inclusion, acceptance, and diversity!

Apparently, inclusion is the gold standard for compassionate citizenry.... except when it comes to people and culture originating south of the Mason-Dixon line!

Diversity is our greatest strength....except when it comes to Southern folks, so callous and culturally insensitive as to publicly display allegiance to Dixie and her indelible symbol of slavery and racial discrimination..... the despicable flag of the Confederacy!

Mind you, those with the greatest disdain for the Confederate flag are often among those whom see absolutely nothing wrong with violence perpetrated at Donald Trump political events by malcontent protesters (often illegal aliens) rallying for spilled blood under the banner of Mexican flags!

Moreover, if the Obama administration would devote but a fraction of the energy and resources currently spent to crusade against all things Southern to the egregious threat posed by Islamic terrorism, America might stand a reasonable chance at decimating the likes of ISIS and other 6th century freaks claiming to be acting in accordance with the “Religion of Peace”!

The big question: Can pragmatic patriots in the South unite in purpose and spirit in sufficient strength to emulate the great success enjoyed by the British in decoupling from the EU?

Isn't it about time that the South honor the long-standing promise to Rise Again?