YEA to Patriot Tea, NAY to Obama Kool-aid!

By John W. Lillpop

Right-wing extremists of the sort that have prevented Janet Napolitano from getting desperately needed beauty sleep, are in the mood to "Party Hard" this tax day.

April 15 has always been a day of mourning for those who own a healthy skepticism of big government. Many dedicated patriots even fly Old Glory at half-mast to signify the death of freedom at the hands of Congress and the IRS.

Patriot skepticism is especially keen this April 15 because of the overwhelming stench of socialism now emanating from the Oval Office and Capitol Hill, both now in the taxing hands of left wing extremists.

Americans are right to protest the policies of a president who uses the tax code to "spread the wealth" from innovative and successful Americans to the mediocre and failed, including illegal aliens who should not even be here.

Americans are right to protest the fiduciary malfeasance of Congressional Democrats who passed a trillion dollar economic stimulus bill that wastes taxpayer money on liberal pet projects favored by the likes of Nancy Pelosi.

Americans are right to protest the fact that while President Obama is keen to tax the hell out of ordinary Americans, Tim Geithner, his Treasury Secretary, along with several other Obama cabinet nominees, are tax cheats!

American are right to protest liberal politicians who behave like Somalia pirates on steroids.

So it is, on this April 15, from San Diego to Anchorage, real Americans will protest the insane "spend and tax policies" of left-wing extremists in Washington, D.C.

Let the Tea Parties begin!