Top Frog: Au Revoir to Obamamania!

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Most patriotic American scholars agree that the French are among the least productive human beings on the planet, perhaps the entire galaxy.

Were it not for French fries, sourdough bread, and a reasonable line of "also ran" wines, there would be nothing of value to toast from this dreary little conclave of socialist thugs.

Indeed, the French can be summarized in two pungent words:
Pompous twits!

Despite their amusing efforts to portray themselves as world class on a par with America, the French have one leader who occasionally stumbles across a concept that merits a second listen.

That would be President Nicolas Sarkozy whom has been blessed with the vision to see through that inexperienced community organizer who has hijacked the American Dream and is plowing full steam ahead toward converting the most successful and prosperous nation in human history into a third -world cesspool of illegal aliens, sexual deviants, tax cheats, and lazy scalawags who prefer welfare checks and food stamps to honest work.

As reported, in part, in the Australian:

"THE US President is weak, the Spanish leader is dim, the German Chancellor is clinging on to France's coat-tails and the head of the European Commission is irrelevant.

"This is the world according to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has spent the week airing his unvarnished opinions of Barack Obama and an array of international politicians, abruptly ending France's honeymoon with the US and needling Washington on several strategic issues.

"In a stream of accounts from the Elysee Palace this week, Mr Sarkozy was quoted as telling an all-party group of MPs that Mr Obama was inexperienced and indecisive.

"Obama has a subtle mind, very clever and very charismatic," he said. "But he was elected two months ago and had never run a ministry.

"There are a certain number of things on which he has no position. And he is not always up to standard on decision-making and efficiency."

"Mr. Sarkozy was apparently irked by reports Mr. Obama had saved the day in London by persuading Chinese President Hu Jintao to reach a compromise with France over tax havens. The Sarkozy version is that he shamed Mr Obama into action, telling him: "You were elected to build a new world. Tax havens are the embodiment of the Old World."

Mr Sarkozy was also reported to have cracked a dubious joke about Europe's "Obamamania". According to L'Express news magazine, he mentioned Mr Obama's planned visit to Normandy for the D-day anniversary in June, saying: "I am going to ask him to walk on the Channel, and he'll do it."

Well said, sir! Oui, oui and all of that.

Just a bit of advise, however: Rather than challenging Obama to walk the Channel, have the Messiah convert all of that water to wine. That should serve as a stimulus to the French economy while compensating France for saving America in World War 11!