Big Easy Survives Gustav to Chagrin of Liberals

By John W. Lillpop

With gleeful liberals and mainstream media vultures conjoined in readiness to celebrate the devastation of Hurricane Gustav as yet another legacy item in failed Republican governance, Mother Nature double-crossed the blood thirsty bleeding hearts by leaving New Orleans mostly intact.

By demoting Gustav to a Category 2 storm from the expected 5, Mother Nature rained on Labor Day festivities for leftists eagerly anticipating the sight of thousands of poor black folk abandoned in filthy flood waters and fighting for their very lives.

Instead of producing the expected "bump" for the Anointed One, urgently needed in light of his failure to make a difference with all that CHANGE double talk in Denver, Gustav kicked Big Easy in the groin with fierce winds and vile amounts of rain, but failed to deliver the loss of life and property that the left was desperately preying (spelling correct) for.

After all, a re-run of Katrina-like carnage held great promise for liberals as they schemed and connived to convert human misery into Democrat votes come November 4.

Without the loss of black lives and property to cheer them on, many liberals spent the long weekend wishing for additional home foreclosures, bank failures, and earthquakes, as well as sustained Category 5 strength from storms Helena, Ike and others still brewing in the Atlantic.

Notwithstanding liberal supplications for more human sacrifice as a means for getting out the vote, more awful news came their way, destroying what remained of the Holiday Spirit.

That is so because the once violence- riddled province of Anbar in Iraq was turned over to Iraqi forces, thanks to due diligence exercised by the Bush administration.

In announcing this tragic news (for Democrats), President Bush said, "Iraqi forces will now take the lead in security operations in Anbar, with American troops moving into an overwatch role," in a statement released by the White House.

Wasn't it Harry Reid who declared the war "lost" just a few short months ago? And wasn't it Barack Obama who voted against the surge, and who still refuses to admit that he was wrong?

Still, liberals scrounging about for morsels of human agony to trumpet imagined they had hit the jackpot when it was announced that Bristol Palin, daughter of VP nominee Sarah Palin, is with child, even though Bristol is but seventeen and unmarried.

However, more bad news looms for liberals, because that unborn fetus will not be discarded like so much unwanted animal waste as would be the case were the mother-to-be a liberal advocate of infanticide.

Yes, the young Palin girl had pre-marital sex, and yes that was a mistake.

But at least the Palin family will not murder the innocent, precious human life for the transgressions of the mother.

That truth will become obvious to caring Americans, and will ultimately be to the glory of the Palin family and their unwavering reverence for the sanctity of all human life.