Can John Kerry’s Fractured Femur Save the World from a Nuclear Iran?

By John W. Lillpop

As the United States and the coalition of the leaderless march relentlessly toward an untenable nuclear pact that would provide the Islamic Republic of Iran(AKA, state terrorists) with nuclear capability and a license to inflict yet another Holocaust on the Jewish people, the combined efforts of America’s Closeted Muslim President, Barack Hussein Obama, and his trusted ally, John Kerry, veteran of Swift Boat notoriety, appear headed down a path of destruction that would, metaphorically, toss aside the safety and security of the sane world with the same reckless abandon and foolishness that Kerry used when he threw his Vietnam War medals over the White House fence over 40 years ago.

But perhaps Providence has intervened on behalf of common sense and world sanity?

As reported, a break in the programmed Barack Obama-John Kerry malevolence against Israel and the sane world has unexpectedly given rise to some hope that the Nuclear-arming of Iran can be delayed.


“Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg in a bike crash outside Geneva Sunday, where he had been holding nuclear talks with Iran’s foreign minister.

Kerry called off the rest of his four-nation trip and will fly back to Boston.

State Department Spokesman John  Kirby said Kerry is stable and never lost consciousness.

Kerry should make a full recovery and is in good spirits, he said.

X-rays at the Swiss hospital confirmed that Kerry fractured his right femur.

Kerry's cycling rides have become a theme of his diplomatic journeys, often taking his bike with him on the plane. “

The big question: Could this fracture of Kerry’s femur be the “break” needed by the world to stop the next Holocaust from being initiated by a nuclear-enabled Iran?


A Teachable Moment for America's Flawed Constitutional Scholar!

By John W. Lillpop

After nearly seven years of lawless disregard for the rule of law, including the US Constitution, the Congress, and the overall will of the American people, it appears to have finally dawned on Barack Hussein Obama that even the smartest outlaw in town must eventually heel to the law.

And so it is that a profound Teachable Moment lurks at Obama’s feet in the Oval Office, in readiness to counter all the pious, self-righteous malarkey about doing the “right thing,” which The One has repeatedly used to justify presidential tyranny.

After an Appeals Court in New Orleans on Tuesday rejected the Administration’s cry to remove an injunction against  Executive Orders issued by Obama to illegally revise existing immigration law, it was assumed that the Obama legal team would immediately summon help from the SCOTUS in order to fundamentally transform America into a third-world failed state like Mexico.

Alas, it turns out that Obama and crew have decided to skip the jump to SCOTUS, in a tacit admission that the Executive Amnesty argument is silly and likely to tarnish Obama’s bruised legacy even further.

As reported:

“WASHINGTON — President Obama’s overhaul of the nation’s immigration system, which he announced in a prime-time speech to the nation last November, may remain under a cloud of legal uncertainty until months before he leaves office in 2017, legal experts and administration officials said Wednesday.

Officials from the Justice Department said in a statement that they would not ask the Supreme Court for permission to carry out the president’s immigration programs — which seek to provide work permits and deportation protection to millions of undocumented immigrants — while a fight over presidential authority plays out in the lower courts.

That legal battle may extend for a year or more, officials said, undermining any hope of putting the president’s plan into effect until right before the 2016 election.

The inability to quickly put into effect the president’s reforms is another severe blow to Hispanic activists, who had successfully lobbied Mr. Obama to take bold executive action in the face of Republican opposition to comprehensive changes in immigration law.

The president vowed to act days before Thanksgiving last year, urging undocumented immigrants to “come out of the shadows” and declaring that his actions were “not only lawful, they’re the kinds of actions taken by every single Republican president and every Democratic president for the past half-century.”

So, Thank God, American justice wins the day for American citizens as tens of millions of illegal aliens are sent back to the Shadows for deportation.

All because America’s Constitutional Scholar wasn’t nearly as smart as he thought himself to be!


Obama Executive Amnesty: Voter Fraud Based on Racial Profiling!

By John W. Lillpop

Although President Obama and most Democrats like to pretend that  supporting illegal aliens is all about love and compassion and  keeping families together, the truth is far more harsh.

In fact, Obama and Democrats know that liberal “solutions” seldom solve anything, and frequently exacerbate the very problems they were supposed  to solve.

Democrats also know that the ability of the left to fool voters is quickly dissipating as more and more citizens become aware of the failures and corruption of liberal ideas and the bogey men who promote the same for personal profit and power.

The shrinking pool of “stupid Americans,” as described by MIT professor Jonathan Gruber in describing how ObamaCare became law, has forced liberals to target foreign invaders--- uneducated, impoverished, illegal aliens---  in order to recruit new Democrats.

Because amnesty for millions of foreign peasants could not pass Congress,  President Obama sought to use “Executive Orders” as a means for getting around the Constitution, the Congress, and the overall will of the people.

Obama’s Executive Amnesty was nothing more than a thinly-disguised attempt to commit voter fraud on a massive scale, based on racial profiling!

Thus, Obama and the left deliberately sought to use Hispanics from south of our borders to “fundamentally transform” America from a nation of hard-working patriots to a nation of non-English speaking, illegal alien, 3rd world, parasites who could be counted on to vote Democrat for as long as enough booty—free health care, education, food stamps, welfare, etc.---was made available.

Most Americans were not fooled by this chicanery, excepting dull blades like Jeb Bush whose senses were so distorted that he thought himself to be Hispanic, rather than the lily-white descendant of two former American presidents!

Obama’s “Executive Amnesty” ploy thrilled some Hispanic racists like Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who misrepresents voters in Illinois, and other miscreants who believe that US borders and immigration laws should not apply to Hispanics, who should be free to live wherever they choose, simply because they are Hispanic.

Thanks be to God, two of three judges in the 5th circuit of Appeals in New Orleans saw through Obama’s blatant racism and refused to lift the injunction against Obama’s Executive Amnesty scheme.

If the US House and US Senate had real  Republicans in control, Barack Obama would be impeached and removed from office for Voter Fraud Based on Racial Profiling!


Appeals Court: Presidential Phone and Pen Do Not Trump Constitution!

By John W. Lillpop

In yet another devastating blow to Barack Obama’s unlawful attempt to use his phone and pen to circumvent the US Constitution, an Appeals court has upheld an injunction against Executive Orders issued by Obama to implement unilateral amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

As reported:

A federal appeals court upheld an injunction against President Obama’s new deportation in a ruling Tuesday that marks the second major legal setback for an administration that had insisted its actions were legal.
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled in favor of Texas, which had sued to stop the amnesty, on all key points, finding that Mr. Obama’s amnesty likely broke the law governing how big policies are to be written.
“The public interest favors maintenance of the injunction,” the judges wrote in the majority opinion.
Mr. Obama had acted in November to try to grant tentative legal status and work permits to as many as 5 million illegal immigrants, saying he was tired of waiting for Congress to act.
The full amnesty, known as Deferred Action for Parental Accountability, or DAPA, had been scheduled to begin last week, while an earlier part had been slated to accept applications on Feb. 18. But just two days before that, Judge Andrew S. Hanen issued his injunction finding that Mr. Obama had broken the law.
Administration officials had criticized that ruling, and immigrant-rights advocates had called Judge Hanen an activist bent on punishing immigrants. But Tuesday’s ruling upholds his injunction, giving some vindication to the judge.

It also could mean Mr. Obama will have to appeal to the Supreme Court if he wants to implement his amnesty before the end of his term.

In the 2-1 decision, Judge Jerry E. Smith and Jennifer Elrod ruled in favor of Texas, finding that the state would suffer an injury from having to deliver services to the illegal immigrants granted legal status, and ruling that it was a major enough policy that the president should have sent it through the usual rule-making process.

“DAPA modifies substantive rights and interests — conferring lawful presence on 500,000 illegal aliens in Texas forces the state to choose between spending millions of dollars to subsidize driver’s licenses and changing its law,” the judges wrote\
After a long period in which it appeared that tyranny and lawlessness were the new norm,  good sense has finally prevailed.

Given the great news, Mr. Obama should retire his pen and phone act and instead start obeying the law by making deportation of America’s 11-30 million illegals a national priority!

Obama Boasts of End of Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan; Ignores ISIS and Ground Wars in Baltimore, Chicago!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Hussein Obama spent Memorial Day thanking those who gave their lives in service of America, AND naively thanked himself for surrendering in Afghanistan and Iraq.

If one did not know better, one would take Obama’s message to mean that, because of The One, American men and women are no longer in harm’s way.

Which, of course,  is utter nonsense when one considers the threat posed by ISIS, a heathen monster that exists almost solely because of misjudgments, incompetence, and bone-headed denial by The One.

To which must be added ground wars raging in cities like Chicago and Baltimore where Obama’s “post-racial” agenda lead to the deaths of 21 Americans over the Memorial Day weekend.

Happy Memorial Day, Mr. President? Only if one loathes America as much as you, sir!


Fighting Racism by Segregating 3rd Grade Students?

By John W. Lillpop

Hold on to your “Lilly white backsides,” patriots!  

That is the latest watchword from progressive “intellectuals” who for years forced Americans of differing racial and cultural backgrounds to integrate in order to thwart “Separate, but not equal” practices, which, they claimed, denied poor black kids the opportunity to share old school buses and failed teaching methods with “privileged” Caucasians enjoying the lavish advantages that accrue to those with pale features and light complexions.

It took the so-called intellectuals quite a while, but they finally figured out that simply sitting on a bus, or in a class room, next to a white person is, in and of itself, unlikely to impact a black child’s  prospects for financial or social success.

In fact, looking back, the entire idea reeks of  racism nearly offensive as any of the Legacy of Discrimination trash emanating from the Old South!

Still, because liberalism is most assuredly a mental disorder, a gaggle of progressive bozos with far too much time on their hands is pushing for a Renaissance of Segregation to combat racism in New York City.

As reported at Ref 1:

“Can racism be stopped in the third grade?”
That’s the question asked in this week’s New York Magazine cover story by journalist Lisa Miller.
At the Fieldston Lower School, a $43,000-per-year Riverdale institution, the administration sees racism everywhere. Just consider the “microaggressions” that have been uncovered.
According to the piece: “A girl puts her hands in another girl’s hair; a boy asks his Asian friend where he’s really from. A number of years ago, a white student in a fourth-grade biography unit delivered a presentation on Jackie Robinson while in black face.”

Here’s a news flash, folks: This is not racism. It’s children being curious about the way their friends look and trying their best to look like an American hero.
If you want it to stop, you can tell them that it’s not appropriate to touch other people without their permission, that many people who look different were born in this country. and that if you’re going to dress up as someone else, you don’t have to change the color of your skin.
You want to know what real racism looks like? Try this. In response to these incidents, as well as a whole bunch of multi-culti-educational mumbo-jumbo, Fieldston has decided to institute a policy of … segregation. Yes, that’s right. We have finally come full circle.
The new liberal solution to the problems of racial tension in America today is to have third-graders fill out a questionnaire identifying their races and then spend time once a week with people who look just like them.
Because people who look alike also think alike. And let’s face it, you can only really feel comfortable with people who look like you."
Once again, the liberal mind fails to understand the root issue and advances a solution guaranteed to only make matters worse

Want to stop racism?

Force liberals to stop fomenting racial tensions with school busing and other failed programs that pit race against race.

Ref 1: http://nypost.com/2015/05/24/the-newest-liberal-idiocy-segregating-3rd-graders/


Is Pope Francis Neglecting The Flock by Dabbling in Politics?

By John W. Lillpop

Pope Francis recently made headlines by asserting himself on the issue of climate change and by declaring that the Vatican recognizes Palestine as a separate state. Both issues are highly controversial, and each elicits strong emotional responses from both sides.

Meanwhile, the world and the Catholic Church were literally rocked by a vote in Ireland in which gay marriage won landslide support.

As reported:

Dublin - The once-dominant Catholic Church in Ireland was trying to come to terms Sunday with an overwhelming vote in favor of gay marriage, saying it needed a "new language" to connect to people.

As jubilant "Yes" supporters nursed their hangovers after partying late into the night following Saturday's referendum result, the faithful attended mass to hear their priests reflect on the new social landscape in Ireland.

"The Church has to find a new language which will be understood and heard by people," Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin, a senior Irish cleric, told reporters after mass at the city's St Mary's Pro-Cathedral.

"We have to see how is it that the Church's teaching on marriage and family is not being received even within its own flock."

Perhaps the Pope should be spending more time on strictly family and marriage issues and LESS time on political matters like climate change and the middle east?


Obama Establishes New Cabinet-Level Position: Appoints Mitch McConnell

By John W. Lillpop

The much maligned “odd couple” tryst between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitch McConnell became dramatically more intense Friday when Obama took the extraordinary step of announcing that he (the president) has established a new cabinet level position title and has appointed McConnell to the post on a permanent basis, effective immediately.

Obama’s full statement as released by the White House:

“I am very pleased to announce today that an important trade bill has advanced in the US Senate because of Herculean efforts involving unselfish, bipartisan concern for the best interests  of America by the Majority Leader of the US Senate, my good friend and ally, Mitch McConnell.  

Senator McConnell has proven that when people stand together in order to do the “right thing,” miracles can happen and American lives can be improved forever.

Because of the inspirational nature of Senator McConnell’s work, and the urgent need for that level of cooperation during the remainder of my term, I have established a new cabinet position, reporting directly to me, to promote bipartisan energy and fervor for work that transcends everyday political back and forth.

This new cabinet post has been established  by issuance of my Executive Order of May 21, 2015. As such, the appointment does not require Advise and Consent of the Senate, nor any other action or confirmation by any congressional body.

Senator McConnell will assume the new position immediately and will remain in that position until my administration ends in January, 2017.”

And so it is that Mitch McConnell joins the Obama administration as the first official Token RINO in America’s history!


Jeb Bush Dead Wrong on So Many Issues: Why Is He Running As Republican?

By John W Lillpop

Jeb Bush has been promoted by supporters as the “smart” brother in the Bush tribe, although it is difficult to imagine a “dumb” brother of W. walking on his own, let alone running for important public office. 

Jeb is renowned for his positions on immigration, Common Core and taxes, all of which might find favor within the Bush family, but which run contrary to the views shared by most Republicans and conservatives.

His latest spiel on the 2003 invasion of Iraq was so disjointed and contradictory that even his most ardent fans were questioning the wisdom of calling him “smart,” even in comparison to the addled W.

Clearly, Jeb Bush is not ready for prime time and he appears to be as generically lacking for national responsibility as was W. and the insufferable toad now in office, Barack Hussein Obama.

What to do?

Perhaps Jeb should learn the fine art of lying incessantly, and without shame. Then he should change his party affiliation to Democrat and give Hillary Rodham a fight for the party nomination!

Go Jeb, go!


A Patriot’s BUCKET LIST for the Final Days of the Obama Tyranny

By John W. Lillpop

Although for a while it seemed as though Barack Obama’s tyrannical  rule would never end, the truth is that in about 18 months America’s greatest season of discontent will come to a merciful conclusion.

Shortly after noon on January 20, 2017, Americans, both foreign and domestic, will set aside differences, petty and substantial,  in order to unite in gratitude as the tyranny promoted and nurtured by Barack Obama, along with his arrogant loathing of the US Constitution and the rule of law, made possible by his bitter, racist hatred for American history, values and culture  will be forced out of the Oval Office and plunged straight into the dungeons of Hades for eternity.

On that monumental day, Obama will be forced to surrender his undeserved and blatantly abused position as the most powerful man in the world, and will return to the violent, bloody streets of Chicago to resume his jaded war against America, Americans and the American way.

However, before Barack Obama is consigned to the back alleys of Chicago and the trash bin of history, his ruthless legacy must be indelibly drilled into the consciousness of all Americans as a stark reminder of what civilized people must never do again.

Thus, the Patriots’ BUCKET LIST of political, social, and economic objectives that must be achieved before Barack Obama moves on.

Therefore, let it be known that the following actions must be completed before noon, January 20, 2017:

( )ObamaCare must be expunged in total, and recorded as a complete failure, perpetrated by liberal nincompoops who destroyed the world’s most successful health care system in order to troll for votes;

( )Congress must declare a permanent war against Islam and it’s terrorist extremism, and note that Islam is, and has always been, the primary and most dangerous US enemy in history;

( )Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran must be permanently rendered null and void by the US Congress;

( )All Executive Orders issued by Barack Obama must be revoked by the authority of the United States Congress. Deportations of illegals aliens must resume immediately and continue at a pace which will effect the removal  of all illegals from America by not later than July 4th, 2019.

( )GITMO must be recovered, revitalized, and reestablished as a viable, funded resource for lifetime detention and interrogation of anti-American terrorists and advocates, sans the Koran, prayer blankets, and other Islamic symbols of death allowed under the closeted Muslim dictatorship of Barack Obama;

( )Voter ID laws must be implemented in all US states and territories;

( )A joint declaration shall be made in which the EPA, State Department, Pentagon, and White House affirm that global warming and climate change are epic liberal scams with no scientific merit whatsoever, and which exist solely for enriching liberal politicians and falsely discrediting the great successes of US capitalism;

If we the people can cause these BUCKET LIST items to become reality, the tragic legacy of Barack Obama can be expunged and our nation made whole, and Holy, once again.


Religion of Peace Monster Tsarnaev to Die for Role in Boston Murders!

By John W. Lillpop

More than two years ago, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his older brother Tamerlan murdered four innocent people and injured more than 200 others in unspeakable acts of barbarism at the Boston Marathon.

Today, a jury ruled that, Allah willing or not, Dzhokhar will be put to death for his part  in the murders.

As reported:

A jury's ruling today to sentence marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death is "justice" and a warning Boston "will not tolerate terrorism," survivors and police said after the verdict.

"This is nothing to celebrate. This is justice," said survivor Michael Ward. "He wanted to go to hell and he's going to get there early."

The verdict against Tsarnaev, who'll turn 22 in July, was announced by U.S. District Court Judge George A. O'Toole Jr.'s courtroom clerk Paul Lyness. Tsarnaev showed no emotion as the verdict was read.

Marathon bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet-Davis, who lost a third of her left leg in the bombing, told the Herald she's "happy with the verdict."

"My heart goes out to everyone in the survivor community and to the victims' families," she added. "It's still a lot to process right now."

Only three of the 12 jurors bought into the defense argument that Tsarnaev was influenced by his older brother Tamerlan. The jurors unanimously agreed that Tsarnaev showed no remorse for the marathon attack and its aftermath that killed four young people, maimed 17 and injured hundreds.

The jurors unanimously voted to put him to death for the week of terror.

"You're not going to blow up our marathon. You're not going to blow up our city," said Boston police Commissioner William Evans. "We will not tolerate terrorism."

Tsarnaev will be formally sentenced by O'Toole this summer after survivors and loved ones of the victims have the opportunity to present impact statements.

Tsarnaev will also be afforded the chance to speak. He chose not to take the stand in his own defense during the trial -- a factor jurors were not allowed to consider or even discuss amongst themselves, per O'Toole's orders.

Tsarnaev is expected to remain incarcerated locally until after the sentencing, when he will be delivered to the USP Terre Haute prison in Indiana, where he will be the youngest person on federal death row.”

In an era when ridiculing and rioting against police officers has become fashionable, American need to give pause and thank God for the brave police officers who brought the Tsarnaev brothers to justice!

George Stephanopoulos, Unfit for National News!

By John W. Lillpop

For far too long and despite obvious evidence to the contrary, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos has argued vociferously that mainstream media does not reflect a liberal bias.

According to the Stephanopoulos fantasy, network news, including that aired by ABC, is presented in a fair, objective manner based solely on news worthiness. There is, he claims, no evidence that favoritism or censorship is used to slant news in support of liberal politicians and issues.

That Stephanopoulos is able to consistently deliver that dubious line with a straight face is a testament to his extraordinary ability at self-delusion, and provides more than ample justification for including “Gorgeous” George as a charter member of the Congenital Liar Society, made famous and obscenely rich by Hillary Rodham and her perjury-tainted spouse, William Jefferson.

After working feverishly to undermine the veracity of Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, on ABC, Stephanopoulos was finally forced to reveal his own bias and conflict of interest when it comes to everything Clinton.

As reported:

After coming under heavy criticism for donating $75,000 to the foundation of Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Stephanopoulos on Friday made an on-air apology. Addressing the revelation that he failed to inform viewers or his bosses at ABC, Stephanopoulos conceded on Good Morning America, "I should have made additional disclosures on air when we covered the foundation and I now believe directing personal donations to that foundation was a mistake.”

Unfortunately, the Gorgeous George apology included a rich crop of self-serving malarkey where Stephanopoulos sought to indemnify himself by claiming that the donations were “made strictly to support work done to stop the spread of AIDS, help children and protect the environment in poor countries.”

It is bad enough that this left-wing sycophant of the Clinton mob chose to give money to the corrupt, dishonorable Foundation; it is nothing short of deplorable that he attempted to diffuse criticism by glomming onto legitimate, worthwhile charitable causes.

Gorgeous George?

ABC should “do the right thing,” by firing this fraud immediately!


Aloha! to ObamaCare Exchange in Hawaii!

By John W. Lillpop

As Barack Obama and equally muddled leftists continue to celebrate the outstanding “success” of Marxist health care—known derisively as ObamaCare to friends and foes alike---one of the US states in which Obama was allegedly born begs to differ with the success narrative pushed by The One and his hand maidens in the mainstream, lamebrain media.

That would be the Aloha state, where, despite over $205 million in federal taxpayer funding, the ObamaCare exchange web site will soon shut down.  Since its implementation, the exchange has somehow failed to become financially viable because of lower than expected ObamaCare enrollment figures. With the state legislature rejecting a $28 million bailout, the web site will now be unable to operate past this year.

As reported:

According to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser the Hawaii Health Connector will stop taking new enrollees on Friday and plans to begin migrating to the federally run Healthcare.gov. Outreach services will end by May 31, all technology will be transferred to the state by September 30, and its workforce will be eliminated by February 28.
While the exchange has struggled since its creation, it is not for lack of funding. Since 2011 Hawaii has received a total of $205,342,270 in federal grant money from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In total, HHS provided nearly $4.5 billion to Hawaii and other state exchanges, with little federal oversight and virtually no strings attached.
Despite this generous funding, the exchange has under performed from day one. In its first year, Hawaii enrolled only 8,592 individuals – meaning it spent almost $23,899 on its web site for each individual enrolled. Currently over 37,000 individuals are enrolled in Hawaii’s exchange - well below the estimated 70,000 enrollees that is required to make the web site financially viable. Unfortunately, taxpayers will have to hand out an additional $30 million so that Hawaii can migrate to the federal system.”

Like everything else that Obama has been involved with, Hawaii’s ObamaCare exchange is a complete failure, and as such, is a succinct, yet apt, reflection of the incompetence and lack of talent that government intervention under Obama always brings to the table!

Like the Obama presidency itself, the ObamaCare exchange needs to be left alone to die of it’s own accord, hopefully before much additional harm is imposed!


Good News: US Senate Defeats the Obama-McConnell Odd Couple!

By John W. Lillpop

Good news from Washington, D.C.,  is almost as scarce as potable water in California these days, but when good news does come, it can deliver thrills a plenty to long-suffering patriots!

After reading Senator Mitch McConnell’ disgusting drivel celebrating the fact that Barack Obama sends him hand-written notes and that the Senate Majority Leader and president belong to a mutual admiration society, dispirited Americans were desperate for some good news to resuscitate faith in the power of good over evil and to confirm even more mundane truths about our great and blessed nation.

The prayed for good news arrived Tuesday when the US Senate blocked the first major free-trade vote in years, dealing a blow to President Obama and GOP leaders who were pushing a deal in a rare show of bipartisan bullying and conspiracy.

As reported:

“Trade supporters fell seven votes shy of the 60 needed to overcome the filibuster, with all but one Democrat voting for the filibuster to prevent even the beginning of a debate on Trade Promotion Authority, or TPA, which is also known as fast-track trade powers.
Under TPA the president is able to negotiate trade deals and submit them for an up-or-down vote in Congress, without amendment. Without TPA, any deal Mr. Obama struck would be open to amendment in Congress, making it almost impossible for potential trade partner countries to negotiate with the U.S.”

Given Barack Obama’s contempt for the US Constitution and the US Congress as evidenced by his use of Executive Orders to impose his will over that of Congress and the people, it is remarkable that Republicans like Mitch McConnell were willing to cede additional unchecked power to Obama’s tyrannical rule.

For now at least, Obama has been blocked, and as much as it pains me to do so, I salute Democrats for helping extinguish the out-of-control flame of tyranny from the White House!

Even if their efforts were not intended to barricade the tyrant Obama!


The Great Thaw: Pope Francis Sufficiently Communist for Raul Castro?

By John W. Lillpop

Pope Francis appears to have succeeded in changing some minds among Cuba’s governing communist elite.

As reported:

Cuban President Raul Castro thanked Pope Francis on Sunday for brokering the thaw between Havana and Washington and said the pope so impressed him that he might return to the Catholic Church, despite being a communist.

The 83-year-old younger brother of Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel spoke with the Argentine-born pope for nearly an hour - unusually long for a papal meeting - during a meeting the Vatican said was strictly private and not a state visit.

Leaving the meeting, Castro told reporters that he thanked the pope for the Vatican's contribution to December's historic resumption of diplomatic relations between the former foes after more than half a century of antagonism.

Later, at a news conference with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Castro said he came out of the meeting with the pope "really impressed by his wisdom and his modesty".

"When the pope comes to Cuba in September, I promise to go to all his Masses and I will be happy to do so," he said, adding that he reads all of the speeches of Latin America's first pope, who has made defense of the poor a major plank of his papacy.

"I told the prime minister if the pope continues to talk as he does, sooner or later I will start praying again and return to the Catholic Church, and I am not kidding," he said.”

Now if his Holiness can just find the spiritual wherewithal to sanction abortions and same-sex marriage, he may be able to count Democrat Nancy Pelosi among his loyal, but not necessarily faithful, fans when he visits the US in September!


While DHS Works to Defy Court Order on Amnesty, ISIS “Lone Wolf” Threat Grows!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s inexplicable bias toward illegal aliens and Islamic terrorists continues to be manifest in untoward government policies that threaten the sovereignty and homeland security of our blessed nation and we the people.

As reported at reference 1, the Obama administration has once again been forced to explain actions which are in direct defiance of a court order which restricts Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Order on amnesty:

For the second time this year, the Department of Justice lawyers had to explain to U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen why the Department of Homeland Security ignored the judge's wishes and began to implement President Obama's executive order granting amnesty to approximately 5,000,000 illegal immigrants.
President Obama’s lawyers admitted to a federal judge late Thursday that they had broken the court’s injunction halting the administration’s new deportation amnesty, issuing thousands of work permits even after Judge Andrew S. Hanen had ordered the program stopped.
The stunning admission, filed just before midnight in Texas, where the case is being heard, is the latest misstep for the administration’s lawyers, who are facing possible sanctions by Judge Hanen for their continued problems in arguing the case.
The Justice Department lawyers said Homeland Security, which is the defendant in the case, told them Wednesday that an immigration agency had approved about 2,000 applications for three-year work permits, which was part of Mr. Obama’s new amnesty, even after Judge Hanen issued his Feb. 16 injunction halting the entire program.”

While DHS lawyers were deliberately defying Judge Hanen’s orders on Obama’s illegal amnesty, DHS is failing to do its job in securing America from ISIS threats within our borders.

As reported at reference 2:

Homeland Security Secretary Jeb Johnson said Sunday that the United States is facing a new era in which a lone-wolf terrorist could “strike at any moment.”
We’re very definitely in a new environment, because of ISIL’s effective use of social media, the Internet, which has the ability to reach into the homeland and possibly inspire others,” Johnson said in an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” using the administration's preferred acronym for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
“Because of the use of the Internet, we could have little or no notice in advance of an independent actor attempting to strike.”
As a result, Johnson said, the federal government is making a greater effort to engage with state and local law enforcement and encourage them to be “vigilant” about what is happening in their communities.”

Congress must DEMAND answers to the following questions: 1)Why is Jeb Johnson not under arrest for gross incompetence and aggravated dereliction of duty, and 2)Why is this dim wit still on the federal payroll?

Jeb Johnson is emblematic of the insanity and complete idiocy of the Obama p-residency.

Jeb Johnson must be removed immediately!

Reference 1:


Reference 2:



Michelle Obama’s Museum Problem!

By John W. Lillpop

Progressive politicians and affiliated lap dog pundits are working feverishly to create widespread public alarm and disdain for inequality in America, and to promote costly social programs to obviate the same, especially in minority communities.

The basic premise is that because of unjust and unfair government policies, some American citizens have suffered, and continue to suffer, disproportionately high unemployment, poverty, and illiteracy rates, all of which significantly diminishes the ability to “pursue happiness” in accordance with the Declaration of Independence.

First Lady Michelle Obama is an excellent example of an African-American woman who is caught in the Inequality trap.

Although the FLOTUS is a highly educated, affluent elitist worth tens of millions of dollars with access to nearly unlimited resources and political influence, spends millions of taxpayer dollars on extravagant vacations and travel, Mrs. Obama nonetheless complains bitterly about uncomfortable feelings, when visiting American museums.

Mind you, there are African Americans who are justified in feeling frustrated and victimized by Inequality. After all, on a national level, black unemployment is 8.7%; the black poverty rate is 27%, and black illiteracy is nearly 24%.

Clearly, Michelle Obama is not badgered by any of those ills.

Rather, Mrs. O. seems committed to being a perennial malcontent, always looking for a reason to attack Americans.

With such an attitude, it is hardly surprising that she always sounds trivial, dour, and increasingly irrelevant!


Revised US Citizenship Exam

By John W. Lillpop

As the Hispanic population in America continues to soar, politicians from both political parties are working feverishly to curry favor with this constituency, both the illegal invader type and the seven or eight thousand here legally.

An example of  bending over backwards pandering to invaders is found in the latest edition of the US citizenship exam which has been modified significantly to accommodate the surge of illiterate invaders.

The test:

1. Being a citizen of the US is:

( )Not possible for brown people in red states,
( )The Constitutional  birthright of all Hispanics who speak Spanish,
( )Waste of time for amigos with friends in high places

2. Illegal alien is defined as:

( )Any Hispanic who cannot speak Spanish,
( ) Hispanic caught voting Republican in two successive elections,
( )A fat American gringo in Tijuana without required documents

3. Jeb Bush:

( ) Is politically to the left of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders,
( )Thinks he is Hispanic by blood,
( )Believes the Treaty that ended the war between Mexico and the US should be nullified until the 8 states awarded to the US are returned to Mexico

4. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker:

( )Was for amnesty before he was against it,
( )Is for amnesty as long as his poll numbers remain high,
( )When asked if he is Hispanic, answers, “To be determined”

5. President Barack Obama is a strong supporter of amnesty because:

( )He is an illegal alien himself and knows how it feels to be denied food stamps because of  the legacy of racism,
( )He has already executed Executive Orders which would be too time-consuming to reverse,
() White, Republican, Christian males are permanently  excluded from amnesty.

6. The borders between the US and Mexico:

( )Are symbolic only and can generally be ignored, if one is headed north
( )Are very accurate GPS markers for beginning an illegal, violent invasion of the US.,
( )Are eradicated as part of Barack Obama’s Executive Orders on Amnesty

7. Cinco de Mayo day is:

( )Not celebrated or even recognized in Mexico,
( )A major source of revenue for beer bars and DUI defense lawyers in border states,
( )Jeb Bush’s unofficial birthday

8. In Spanish, the Bush surname means:

( )Fat dodo head,
( )Loco gringo,
( )Paleface who thinks he is brown!


What if ISIS Terrorists Attacked Baltimore Instead of Texas?

By John W. Lillpop

While no American community should have to put up with Jihad attacks from Islamic terrorists, it is obvious that some communities are more prepared than others to deal with violence.

How effective any community is defended depends largely on the common sense and attitudes of local politicians, those charged with protecting the lives and property of residents.

For instance, last Sunday in Garland, Texas two Islamic malcontents, reportedly inspired by ISIS, objected to a public event that featured caricatures of the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

As we know, expressing views that are edgy or offensive is as American as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie. It’s called free speech, and Americans are famous for exercising free speech rights with elan!

However, in the 7th century minds of Islamic terrorists, free speech critical of, or unfavorable to, the Prophet Mohammed is a capitol offense worthy of death.  Included are visual depictions, as in cartoons or caricatures, of the Prophet.

Last Sunday two Jihad warriors objected to a public event involving cartoons of the Prophet and expressed their displeasure by firing weapons at innocent Americans in Garland, Texas.  Local police quickly settled the dispute by gunning down the terrorists, thereby sending the terrorists back to Allah.

One wonders what might have happened had this tragic incident taken place in Baltimore?

Would  Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake have rushed to a microphone to proudly announce that she acted boldly to “Make space for Jihad destruction”?

Would the mayor have issued a “Stand Down” in order to avoid the appearance of Islamaphobia?

Would Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby advise the terrorists that “We heard your message” and “Your time is Now!”?

Thank goodness for the Red Necks of Texas and their common sense respect for American lives and property!

Garland’s Clear, Unambiguous Message to ISIS: Don’t Mess With Texas!

By John W. Lillpop

While Barack Obama and weak-minded media weasels fretted about how to word-smith the terrorist attack in Garland Texas so as to not offend Islam or Muslim terrorists, the great state of Texas paused not one whit in doing the “right thing” immediately, and with no apology or sympathy for the Jihad warriors.

As reported:  Two men were shot dead after opening fire outside an exhibit of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad in Garland, Texas on Sunday.

Let the death of these two terrorists convey the following message to all who would bring Jihad to America: “Dudes, don’t mess with Texas!


GOP Embraces Diversity & Youth; Democrats Mostly Old, White!

By John W. Lillpop

The travesty known as the Obama presidency has impacted the racial, age, and gender mix  of candidates vying for the presidency in both major political parties.

While Republicans have made significant strides toward a more diverse field of candidates, Democrats have eschewed inclusion and are now  the party of old, mostly Caucasian, candidates.

As of this date, the announced, or soon to be, GOP field for 2016  includes two Hispanics (Cruz, Rubio), one Hispanic poser (Bush), one African-American (Carson), and one woman (Fiorina), most of whom are young and vibrant.

By contrast, Democrats have an old, tired, congenital  liar in Hillary Clinton, an old white, loony socialist in Bernie Sanders, and a white leftist, Martin O’Malley, with indelible and direct responsibility for the Baltimore disaster on his resume.

If it is indeed true that diversity is our greatest strength, 2016 should be a good year for the GOP and America!



Obama, Holder Legacy: ISIS in Texas, Racial Wars Throughout America!

By John W. Lillpop

According to recently departed Attorney General Eric Holder, he leaves, proudly no less! a legacy of what he believes historians will see as “Golden Years” at the Department of Justice.

Departing soon, but not nearly soon enough to save America, Barack Obama boldly claims that race relations in America have improved under his watchful command, and has said the nation is safer now than before he stormed into the Oval Office more than six years ago.

However, even the most gifted liar in the Democrat Party would be pressed to defend the Holder and Obama victory chants in light of current events in Baltimore, Texas and throughout America.

Despite the nonsensical praise that Obama and Holder adorn themselves with, this nation is literally burning from out-of-control fires deliberately set and stoked by Obama, Holder, Al Sharpton, and other ‘leaders’ in the angry black community.

Only in a community dominated by racial enmity, would a city mayor site “Make space to destroy” as an acceptable policy in deference to rioters, arsonists, and general abuse thugs looking to spill the blood of local police.

Just as bad and stupid, despite numerous warnings of impending doom at the porous southern border and the existential threat of terrorist attacks on US soil, Islamic terrorists have made a failed attempt attempted to leave indelible signs of Jihad in the lone star state.

As reported:

A former terror suspect has been named as one of the gunmen shot dead by police after two attackers blasted an unarmed security guard in the ankle during an anti-Islam art contest in Texas on Sunday night.

Two heavily-armed men, who are believed to have been carrying explosives, were killed by police after opening fire outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Dallas, at around 7pm during a controversial event where caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad were being displayed. Followers of Islam deem that any physical depiction of the prophet - even a positive one - is blasphemous.”

Thanks to the  policies of Barack Obama and Eric Holder, America is threatened from within and without by violence on a scale not realized since the civil war.

Is a second civil war the REAL legacy of the Barack Obama, Eric Holder choke hold on America?

Reference: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3066779/Police-officer-suspect-said-injured-shooting-outside-art-anti-Muslim-exhibition-art-depicting-prophet-Muhammad.html#ixzz3ZBNfJGjj
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With Hillary on the Ropes, What About Joe Biden?

By John W. Lillpop

Hillary Rodham Clinton continues to build a despicable dossier,  regarded as quite respectable in criminal circles, of deceit, criminality, and truth evasion that would rival the most prolific gangster, in or out of political office throughout America.

She is the newly crowned poster child for the Democrat Party Circle of Corruption; a post recently vacated by Nancy Pelosi, owing to Pelosi’s dementia-ravaged mind and soul, severally aggravated by Botox poisoning

Not only does Hillary face fierce inquiries about the family Ponzie scheme, euphemistically known as the Clinton Foundation, and the unseemly hustling of foreign, anti-female money while serving as Secretary of State, raising the ugly specter of influence peddling and sedition while masquerading as a highly-connected public official, but she also will come face-to-face with a pool of blood-thirsty sharks in Congress who will demand answers regarding the death of four American ambassadors in Benghazi, Libya and details concerning her role in the cover-up of the 9/11/12 terrorist attack, said cover-up executed to shield Barack Obama from truth and consequences just weeks before the 2012 presidential elections.

Ever the party of fresh ideas and faces, Democrats have reacted to the faltering of the “Inevitability Queen”  with grace and good humor.

This is so because Democrats can fall back on the accumulated experience and wisdom of Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, two progressive nut balls almost as extreme and unacceptable for the presidency as Hillary!

Should one or both of those sterling characters fail the smell test, the left can always roll out the worn-out carcass of Joe Biden who, when not doing standup impersonations as the Village Idiot at Washington, D.C. comedy clubs, entertains the White House press crew with misquotes, faux pas and surreal inanities, almost too good and plentiful to be true.

Best of all, Joe Biden has mastered the logistics of the White House and is  usually able to find his way, without special help, to the Oval Office.

Go Joe Biden!