Swine Flu in the Obama White House?

By John W. Lillpop

President Obama earned kudos for his cool and collected approach to the Mexican swine flu crisis. Left wing nut balls and mainstream media alike were ecstatic over the new president's ability to remain calm when the logical thing to do was to go ballistic.

Unfortunately for Obama, two recent developments leave his cool and calm demeanor looking more and more like raw incompetence and stunted intelligence.

The first wrinkle was the World Health Organization's escalation of the Mexican crisis to the next to highest level AND announcement that "all of humanity is threatened" by Mexico's mess.

Things got even worse. Press Secretary Gibbs announced that the White House has issued a health advisory to all who traveled with the president during his recent trip to Mexico.

As reported at politico, in part:


"The White House has issued a health advisory outlining "protective measures" for anyone who traveled on President Barack Obama’s trip to Mexico after a member of the U.S. delegation came down with flu-like symptoms – and tests on his family showed they’re probably infected with the swine flu.

"The individual – an advance security staffer for Energy Secretary Steven Chu –appears to have spread the flu to his wife, son and nephew. All three have tested probable for swine flu, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday.

"Gibbs, who did not name the security aide, said he did not work closely with Obama, didn’t fly on Air Force One and is back at work at the Energy Department.

"But the staffer was at a working dinner Obama attended with Mexican officials April 16. The aide “was asked specifically if he ever came within six feet of the president, and the answer to that was 'No,' " Gibbs said.

“The president has not experienced any symptoms,” Gibbs said. He said Obama and other aides are “highly, highly, highly unlikely” to develop such symptoms now because of the time that has passed since Obama’s visit on April 16 and 17 and the relatively short incubation period for the flu virus, known as H1N1. "

An Obama staff member has spread swine flu to his wife, son, and nephew? A gentleman who shook Obama's hand in Mexico died hours later from the swine flu?

And there is no reason for alarm?

How about a pathetic whimper, Mr. President?