America's "Special Olympics" Government

By John W. Lillpop

Quite apart from the acknowledged bowling mediocrity of Barack Obama, the Executive and Legislative branches of the United States government are now controlled by people who, because of their wrong minded ideology, contorted logic, and lack of common sense, are in effect a "Special Olympics" government that Americans should fear and loathe in equal measure.

Consider some of the dimmer bulbs now flickering on Capitol Hill:

Nancy Pelosi
Harry Reid
Barney Frank
Ted Kennedy
Charles Rangel
Chuck Schumer
Barbara Boxer
Roland Burris
John Murtha
Richard Durbin
Patty Murray
Luis Guitterez

And on and on and on it goes!

The list of Democrats who are incompetent, immoral, indecent, incomprehensible, and insane, to the point of being "Special Olympics" caliber, is staggering.

The big question: Can America survive until 2010 when we the people can clean house (and Senate) by restoring sanity to government?