Swine Flu Crisis Proves Danger in Refusing to Enforce Immigration Laws

John W. Lillpop

Those who oppose rigid border security and enforcement of America's immigration laws bristle sharply whenever the term illegal, as in illegal aliens, is used to describe--well, illegal aliens. They prefer the more politically correct "undocumented" when describing those whom have willfully violated our borders and are here unlawfully.

Such people tend to believe that invading this sovereign nation is less of a crime than being a "right wing extremist," and would also like you to believe that the typical illegal alien is simply missing an unnecessary piece of paper designed by some fat, white, Bible-thumping and toothless red neck to keep people of color out.

However, there are plenty of good reasons why forcing people to jump through hoops before being admitted into the American family are perfectly valid and sound.

To begin with, those seeking to enter this nation legally, rather than by simply jumping a fence and heading north,are subjected to a series of checks to examine crime, health, and financial background. The objective is to protect American citizens from newcomers with a history of crime who might also become a financial or medical burden on society.

This means that those aspiring to migrate to the U.S. legally are examined by medical professionals trained to detect maladies like the swine flu.

As it is, there are between 12 and 38 million illegal aliens residing in America, mostly from third-world nations.

Because all came here illegally, our government knows nothing about these people. Repeat NOTHING!

How many are carriers of TB or other diseases long ago eradicated here but still persistent in the third world? How many have criminal records, including violent crimes like rape and murder? How many are financially reckless and likely to become a burden on American taxpayers?

Most importantly today, how many are infected with swine flu?

The answers to these and other vital questions cannot be answered because a series of presidents and Congresses, from both political parties, have refused to enforce our immigration laws.

At this point, no one knows how devastating the Mexican swine flu will be.

One thing is a certainty, however: Politicians elected to uphold the laws of this nation had damn well better start doing just that, or this nation may not exist much longer!