Obama’s Vaunted “Coolness” Goes Missing in Immature Assault on Bibi!

By John W. Lillpop

When Barack Obama was first touted as a presidential candidate to succeed George W. Bush, weak-minded Democrats claimed that The One was favored because of his cool, detached demeanor.

According to leftists, electing Barack Obama would end the ruinous cycle of war and chaos perpetuated by the bumbling cowboy from Texas, the dim- wit Republican addicted to middle-east oil, paid for with American and middle-eastern Muslim blood.

An Obama administration, we were assured, could not be provoked into impetuous, stupid wars 10,000 miles from home. Rather, Obama was an intellectual, mature adult who relied on dispassionate observation and emotionless  analysis of facts in reaching important decisions.

Unfortunately for the left and the entire world, Obama’s seeming coolness was, in fact, a lethal mix of exaggerated indifference marked by epic laziness. The One was, it turns out, too self-absorbed in narcissistic self-adoration to pay attention.

Recent events have uncovered another brutal fact about our flawed president: Obama’s alleged coolness comes apart at the seams and disintegrates when The One is confronted with the reality of the Jewish state of Israel, and in particular, in matters involving the personage of Benjamin Netenatuayu, Israel’s formidable prime minister.

Obama’s intense, child-like hatred of Netenatuayu came to light recently after Speaker John Boehner invited Bibi to address a Joint Session of Congress, said invitation proffered without advance notification or approval of, or by, the tyrant in charge, Barack Hussein Obama.

Upon learning that Bibi would be allowed to speak before the Congress about the threat posed by a nuclear Iran, Obama gave into his deep-rooted emotional immaturity and  immediately announced that Bibi would not be welcome at the White House, nor would Obama meet with the Israeli PM during his Washington, D.C. visit.

To make matters worse, The Obama team attempted to sell this scandalous snubbing of an important ally as an act of respect for protocol:  Given the pending elections in Israel, they said, hosting Bibi  could be seen as an inappropriate endorsement of the Netenatuayu candidacy.

The unbelievable argument that the administration was genuinely concerned about being impartial with regard to Israel’s elections was totally demolished when it was disclosed that Obama operatives and cash were being sent to Israel by the White House in a naked attempt to defeat Netenatuayu.

Once again, Obama’s immature, anti-Semitic hatred of Netenatuayu trumps the vaunted “coolness” once falsely attributed to The One.


Michelle O’s Righteous Stand Against Saudi Misogamy!

By John W. Lillpop

The ghastly tyranny of Barack Obama since 2009 has afforded we Americans precious few opportunities to celebrate the vaunted American spirit of Democracy and independence as practiced by the president and the so-called “First Lady” of the land.

To the contrary, Barack and his dour mate have taken like ducks to water when it comes to consumption of extravagant luxury and privilege, with little or no obvious sympathy for the “under” classes and the daily struggles faced by millions of the institutionally non-privileged.

However, in a rare show of laudable contrariness, Michelle Obama took a stand against intractable misogamy in the Muslim nation of Saudi Arabia when she refused to cover her face.

As reported:

RIYAH  — For first lady Michelle Obama, just a few hours in Saudi Arabia were enough to illustrate the stark limitations under which Saudi women live.

Joining President Barack Obama for a condolence visit after the death of the King Abdullah, Mrs. Obama stepped off of Air Force One wearing long pants and a long, brightly colored jacket — but no headscarf.

Under the kingdom's strict dress code for women, Saudi females are required to wear a headscarf and loose, black robes in public. Most women in Saudi Arabia cover their hair and face with a veil known as the niqab. But covering one's head is not required for foreigners, and some Western women choose to forego the headscarf while in Saudi Arabia.

As a delegation of dozens of Saudi officials — all men — greeted the Obamas in Riyadh, some shook hands with Mrs. Obama. Others avoided a handshake but acknowledged the first lady with a nod as they passed by.

Saudi Arabia imposes many restrictions on women on the strict interpretation of Islamic Shariah (shah-REE'-yuh) law known as Wahhabism. Genders are strictly segregated. Women are banned from driving, although there have been campaigns in recent years to lift that ban. Guardianship laws also require women to get permission from a male relative to travel, get married, enroll in higher education or undergo certain surgical procedures.”

Hats off to Mrs. O. for refusing to bow to Islamic bigotry as concerns women and their bare faces.

Now if she can just convince her bone-headed spouse to be reasonable and fair when it comes to the threat posed by Islamic terrorism……...


Where Does Darren Wilson Go to Restore His Good Name, Reclaim His Life?

By John W. Lillpop

Through no fault of his own, Darren Wilson, former police officer with the Ferguson, Missouri police department, has seen his name besmirched, his career disrupted, and his future all but ruined .

He was the police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teen, Michael Brown, last August in an incident that resulted in Wilson being ridiculed and persecuted by millions of Americans, including the president of the United States, Attorney General Eric Holder, and race-baiting profiteers like Al Sharpton, for simply  doing his job.

Wilson was portrayed by the biased media as an evil police officer who, without provocation, wiped out a black life for no reason except racism.

Egged on by mainstream media, protesters demanded that Wilson be charged with murder and prosecuted accordingly, notwithstanding his acquittal of wrong doing by a properly constituted grand jury.

Based on apparently false testimony by people who hate police officers, especially white ones, angry mobs took to the streets in Ferguson to protest the Grand Jury decision.  Ferguson became a rallying point for those who wish to perpetuate the myth that racism is rampant throughout America and that “people of color” are still enslaved by ignorance and bigotry on the part of Caucasian police and law authorities.

Attorney General Eric Holder personally added to the smoldering flames of suspicion and resentment by announcing that federal civil rights investigations would be conducted, implying that officials in Missouri were too steeped in bigotry to be trusted.

Five months after the tragic death of Michael Brown and the denigration of the police and Grand Jury System, Eric Holder’s Justice Department has completed its investigation.

The result: No civil rights charges against Darren Wilson!

As reported:

“The Justice Department has begun work on a legal memo recommending no civil rights charges against a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., who killed an unarmed black teenager in August, law enforcement officials said.

That would close the politically charged case in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. The investigation by the F.B.I., which is complete, found no evidence to support civil rights charges against the officer, Darren Wilson, the officials said.

A broader civil rights investigation into allegations of discriminatory traffic stops and excessive force by the Ferguson Police Department remains open, however. That investigation could lead to significant changes at the department, which is overwhelmingly white despite serving a city that is mostly black.”

In the meantime, Darren Wilson has voluntarily ended his career with the police department owing to the emotional stress and strain.

The big question: Where does Wilson go to reclaim his good name and put his life back together?

A related question: With respect to the Trayvon Martin case involving George Zimmerman, Eric Holder initiated a similar civil rights investigation.

What are the results of that inquiry?

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/01/justice-dept-ready-to-clear-darren-wilson/#ebLD6Evx2AgStb8L.99


How Obama Can Avoid Overly- Verbose SOU!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s annual play-acting in the form of the State of the Union address is one of the most dreaded political events in America these days.

Under Obama, the SOU has devolved into 60 minutes, or so, of paid political announcements and campaign promises divided roughly as follows:

A: 55 minutes of uninhibited distortions, exaggerations, and outright, damnable lies designed to glorify and give thanksgiving for our all-in-one Messiah, Nobel Peace prize warrior, and Marxist revolutionary for his exceptional wisdom, vision, and transparency-resistant fraud in “fundamentally transforming America” into a 3rdworld failure not dissimilar from the disaster known as Mexico, without arousing suspicion and anger among the “stupid” class of Americans who always vote Democratic,


B: 5 minutes of obviously unachievable promises for Utopian conditions to come, promises that are as vacuous, hollow and without redeeming substance as the promises made beginning with the 2009 SOU and which are the moral equivalent of “if you like your health plan and doctor” idiocy that made MIT shyster and ObamaCare architect Dr. Jonathan Gruber a very wealthy scam artist.

There will be NO mention of warts or black eyes coming  from the Obama years. Specifically absent will be any mention of:

( )Re-engagement of the US military in the “dumb” war of Iraq;

( )Surrender and retreat from Afghanistan, the alleged Smart war;

( )Emergence of ISIS as the premier ISLAMIC terror entity on the planet, next to the non-decimated forces of Al-quaeda

( )Non scandals involving the murder of four American ambassadors in Benghazi; IRS targeting of conservative organizations; federal gun running managed from the DOJ as part of the infamous Fast and Furious debacle; exchange of Gitmo terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl; VA meltdown; AP telephone records; and the like.

( )Invasion of Unaccompanied Children from South America;

( )Violation of US Constitution and rule of law, especially with respect to immigration;

( )18 trillion national deficit;

( )Record poverty throughout nation;

( )Racial unrest and turmoil

( )Tens of millions of Americans not in work force!

In sum, rather than being a serious review of the condition of the nation, the SOU will be used to create a false impression of Obama as a champion of the little guy and protector of American values.

If he chose to do so, Obama could reduce his SOU message to an appropriate length by simply following one piece of advise: Limit the damn thing to truth and fact!


Obama Single-Handedly Reverses US-Mexico War, with Help from Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto!

Satire by John W. Lillpop

With the possible exception of America’s Communist-majority Democrat party and despicable RINOs like Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, and others, no institution has contributed as much to the decline and fall of America as the amigos (NOT!) from Mexico who have succeeded in toppling the once- sovereign state of America without so much as firing a single shot!

Indeed, the coup that conquered the world’s greatest Democracy in history was achieved by millions of non-English speaking, illiterate fruit pickers, feted and sponsored by ding-bat American politicians owing to their (the invaders’!) criminal ability to invade the impenetrable fortress otherwise known as America and to pummel the great nation into submission by demanding and receiving free food stamps, welfare, education, health care, voting rights and other perks intended for tax-paying Americans with the audacity to be here legally,  and in possession of valid citizenship documents.

Forget the hammer and cycle threat posed by European communists in recent decades!  America was under attack from tens of millions of anarchists from south of our borders where the term “Banana republic” is considered hugely complimentary!

Banditos from Mexico and points further south, captured the American Oval Office where the nation’s first certified “person of color” Marxist dictator unilaterally and unlawfully reversed the military results of the US-Mexican war (1846-1848) with a flimsy, unconstitutional decree
that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and rolled out a huge welcome mat, inscribed in Spanish,  for undeserving renegades with Reconquesta on their Tequila-blasted minds!

It was the “Leaf blower” revolt of 2014 and, in essence, the end of civilized  culture and polite society in advanced parts of the North American continent!

Along the way, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto presented US dictator Obama with an enticing offer of skills unique to Mexicans:  Nieto announced that the finely developed Mexican art of identity theft would be available for use by the Obama administration in securing, or creating, the documents needed to make that which is patently illegal all of a sudden legal and compelling.

As reported:

“Mexico’s president told President Obama Tuesday that his government will supply the documents necessary for millions of illegal Mexican immigrants to prove they’ve been living in the U.S. prior to 2010, a move that will help them qualify for Mr. Obama’s recently announced deportation amnesty.
In an Oval Office meeting, President Enrique Pena Nieto praised Mr. Obama’s executive action on amnesty as “very intelligent and audacious,” and said his government will do everything in its power to ensure that Mexicans who want to stay in the U.S. can do so.”

Secret service agents assigned to the meeting were quickly whisked away as an impertinent patriot asked Nieto if his administration would endorse Obama’s “very intelligent and audacious” amnesty by granting amnesty to all illegal aliens in Mexico and by tearing down the border fence between Mexico and Guatemala.

To date, press inquiries as to the status of the deposed Secret Service agents have gone unanswered.

More “Transparency” in action, Mr. President?

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/6/pena-nieto-offers-obama-help-amnesty-documents/#ixzz3PHMzAtYc


Congressional Republicans Should Turn Their Backs to Obama During SOU!

By John W. Lillpop

In recent weeks, New York City police have made clear their intense anger with reckless statements made by Mayor Bill de Blasio concerning the men and women in law enforcement who risk their very lives in defense of the people on a daily basis.

By turning their collective backs on de Blasio during public events, the police have sent a powerful message to the out-of-touch left-wing mayor: Denigrating remarks made by the mayor about police exacerbate the level of distrust and resentment that exists between the public and law enforcement, and may have been causative to the execution-style assassination of two officers in Brooklyn on December 20.

There is another out-of-touch liberal, this one housed in Washington, D.C., who has done great harm to America and who richly deserves to be rebuked publicly by Congress during the State of the Union (SOU)message scheduled for delivery by the anarchist-in-chief next Tuesday.

Barack Hussein Obama has acted willfully, and with malice, to violate the US Constitution by acting unilaterally and against the express will of the United States Congress.

He has issued invalid, unlawful Executive Orders for the express purpose of enacting his own will, without proper respect or acknowledgment of the Congress and we the people.

Obama, the renegade dictator, has made a mockery of the rule of law with boorish behavior more typical in a third-world banana, than in a first- world nation, which is proven leader in democracy, trade, freedom, and culture.

Barack Obama has willfully abandoned strong US allies and embraced our enemies.

Worse of all, Obama has attempted to “fundamentally transform” the most successful example of self-governance in human history, a feat for which he lacks the most basic intellectual, spiritual, and moral, credentials.

In sum, Barack Obama is a dismal failure in all facets of his woe- begotten time in office.

Thus, when his arrival at the US House of Representatives is announced on Tuesday evening, all Republican Senators and Representatives should show their continued support for America and her values by turning their backs to the personage most responsible for the decline of our once great nation.

God Bless America, but God DAMN Barack Obama!



GOP Leadership Says Don’t Expect “Miracle” in Enforcing the Constitution!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s flagrant abuse of power with the use of Executive Orders to avoid dealing with the US Congress should be a five- star alert and warning to all who respect the US Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the continued viability of the US Democracy.

Particularly as regards Obama’s unlawful actions with respect to unilateral changes to immigration law, the Legislative and Judicial branches of government should be working in unison to stop our renegade president from further denigrating the rule of law and moving the nation toward anarchy and undemocratic rule by fiat.

Obama’s wild and reckless actions on immigration were at least partially responsible for the historic results of the November mid-term elections that saw the American people soundly reject Obama’s policies and misappropriation of power, resulting in Republican assumption of a majority in the US Senate and enhancement of their majority in the US House.

Clearly, the American people were adamant in delivering the following message: Stop Barack Obama from turning America into a third-world state on the order of Mexico and other failed Latin states!

With the magnitude of the defeats handed to Obama and fellow Marxists, one would expect the victorious Republicans to push their advantage and strive to “take America back” from  goofy progressives like Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid to name but a few of the more obnoxious offenders.

Sadly, the likes of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell used the “lame duck” session of Congress to do nothing to challenge the vile outrages of the Obama regime, preferring to hide in the bushes hoping that the “stupid” Americans would not spot the obvious violation of conservative values and principles by GOP leaders in their surrender to Obama.

The surrender to Obama’s evil reached a peak recently when Mitch McConnell, alleged Senate Majority Leader, warned GOP leaders in the US House that they must not “expect a miracle” when it comes to enforcing the Constitution and Obama’s wanton disregard for same.

As reported:

Mitch McConnell to House GOP: Don't expect miracle on immigration---Senate GOP leaders are using their joint retreat with the House to warn conservatives that they're not going to be able to reverse President Obama's executive orders on immigration. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) 

So, despite delivering a brutal body blow to our Marxist president at the voting booths, Republican Mitch McConnell believes that reeling the president in from his unlawful ventures is require a “miracle”?

What a sad commentary on the notion of a loyal opposition to keep dictators and bad people in check!

The big question: Are elections no longer relevant? Is the notion of government “by, for, and of” the people just a foolish myth from Old School dreamers?


World Leaders Vow Solidarity Against Terrorism, SANS Alleged Leader of Free World!

By John W. Lillpop

On Sunday, dozens of world leaders crammed tightly into the main arteries and side streets of Paris to express solidarity against terrorism and the events of January 7 in which 17 innocent journalists, police, and hostages were slaughtered.

Millions of people joined the mammoth procession of divergent peoples from all over the world.

Conspicuously absent was US President Barack Obama, alleged leader of the free world.

Presumably, The One was preoccupied with NFL playoff games.

Besides, Al-Quaeda has been decimated and the war on terror is over, at least according to America’s leader from behind.  Right?

Thus, it appears as though there is little or no “Charlie” sentiment in the Oval Office.

French Prime Minister Declares the Obvious: France At War With Radical Islam!

By John W. Lillpop

Living in secure freedom demands constant diligence and courage in dealing with those who oppose liberty and strive to impose tyranny and oppression.

Speaking truth in blunt terms is essential in identifying the enemies of liberty and in rallying support to defeat such influences.

In the aftermath of the slaughter of 12 innocents in Paris last week, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls was courageous is describing the nature of the carnage to the French citizenry.

As reported in the media:

Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared Saturday that France was at war with radical Islam after the harrowing sieges that led to the deaths of three gunmen and four hostages the day before. New details emerged about the bloody final confrontations, and security forces remained on high alert.

“It is a war against terrorism, against jihadism, against radical Islam, against everything that is aimed at breaking fraternity, freedom, solidarity,” Mr. Valls said during a speech in √Čvry, south of Paris.”

How refreshing to hear a government authority acknowledge what is so very obvious: The so-called “Religion of Peace” is anything but peaceful and, in fact, is the source of most violence taking place on the planet right now.

Islamic extremists believe that humans who do not subscribe to Islamic beliefs can be decapitated, deformed, murdered, and abused at will, with impunity.

Such insanity is made all the more dangerous by the belief that the Holy Quaran sanctions violence against “infidels.”

Prime Minister Valls is to be praised for speaking the truth:
“It is a war against terrorism, against jihadism, against radical Islam, against everything that is aimed at breaking fraternity, freedom, solidarity,”

Unfortunately, America’s so-called president is adamantly opposed to describing Islamic terror as it is, preferring instead to pretend that the murder of 13 soldiers at Fort Hood in 2009 was “work place violence,” rather than Islamic terror.

Why must our liberals insist on calling Islam a “Religion of Peace,” when all the evidence points to the exact opposite conclusion?


Will the GOP “Boehner Boner” Kill the Republican Party?

By John W. Lillpop

Republicans in the US House may have very well stabbed the party in the back with the finality of death after returning John Boehner as Speaker.

In the way of history, remember that dedicated conservatives worked feverishly throughout the year to make known the dangers posed by Barack Obama to not only the constitutional heritage of our nation but to our cultural and spiritual values as well.

The very essence of America was being attacked by a Marxist maniac who was committed to fundamentally transforming the nation by destroying the very concepts and institutions that made America great.

Far and wide, the message was delivered: Obama must be stopped and that can only happen by installing conservatives in congress.

Get out the vote campaigns, door-to-door visits, and all other conceivable means for getting the truth out were waged with the energy and passion of a people fighting for their very lives----which we were!

The results of the grass roots efforts were astounding: The US Senate was captured and taken away from the unsteady hands of Harry Reid, and the majority in the US House was increased to further push Nancy Pelosi into the irrelevance of oblivion.

Victory was ours----or so we thought.

Our jubilation turned to distress when John Bohener came back and immediately pushed a resolution which funded the government without  touching ObamaCare or the illegal Obama decrees on immigration.

What the hell! Why did we even bother if John Boehner has joined forces with Barack Obama?

To the GOP: This “Boehner Boner” may spell the end of the Republican Party….and the end of America itself.

Shootings in Paris Prove Al-Quaeda NOT Decimated, War on Terror Not Over!

By John W. Lillpop

The 7th century demons that slaughtered 12 innocent people in Paris claim to be affiliated with the Islamic terrorist enterprise known as al-Quaeda.

That’s right – al-Quaeda, the same Islamic monsters that our Muslim-smitten, deluded president told us had been decimated!

Decimated? Look at the videos of these savages with their high-technology assault weapons and sophisticated attack and getaway strategies!

Decimated, my bloody eye!

Because Barack Obama childishly associates Islam with warm summer evenings and the righteous “call to evening prayer” rather than AK-47-wielding lunatics willing to kill in cold blood over a cartoon, the world remains vulnerable to outrageous acts of brutal barbarism from al-Quaeda and its advanced, and more deadly, evil known as ISIS.

And of course, our deluded president refused to identify the Paris murders as Islamic terrorists.

More “workplace violence,” Mr. President?

America needs to wake up and take the slaughter in Paris as a warning of things to come here unless we install a president who is capable of understanding the true nature and face of evil, and who is willing to confront that evil with whatever means are necessary to preserve western culture and freedom.

The clock is ticking, and Islamic extremists are headed our way!

America cannot survive with Barack Obama in power!

John W. Lillpop

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/01/more-workplace-violence-mr-president/#lgybcJ40OtdCOTWW.99


Playing the Race Card to Help Outlaws (Illegal Aliens) Pass Driver’s Test in California!

By John W. Lillpop

As expected, massive numbers of non-English speaking outlaws descended on California DMV offices during the first week of January to claim one of the most precious rewards for invading and squatting in America: A highly coveted Drivers’ license!

Outlaws came by the thousands to DMV  offices because Democrat politicians installed a new state law that allows illegals to secure drivers’ licenses in the Golden State.  Thus, even though the outlaws are not in the state legally, California feels compelled to give them drivers licenses that will further clog the already crowded and damn near impassable highways and byways.

Conservatives pointed out that all those additional cars on the roadways would surely add to the global warming crisis, but since we are talking about mostly Hispanic drivers, Democrats decided that the environment can go straight to the living hell!

You see, brown trumps green here, especially when it comes to Democrat votes!

As with most progressive solutions, this hair-brain scheme exposed an intractable problem: In large numbers, Hispanic outlaws could not pass the simple written test required to get a license.

Of course, raceaholics immediately blamed the failures on the fact that testing was in English and thus blatantly racist and illegal!

However, it turns out, the tests were administered in Mother Spanish for those who have psychological problems with learning, or using, English, which, by the way, is California’s official language.

Nonetheless, even with the simple tests delivered in Spanish, about 50 percent of the outlaw applicants failed the simple test.

Panic ensued among La Raza activists and white lefties as it looked as though the effort to license future Democrat voters would crash.

Always on the make for the cause of Hispanic outlaws, Democrat politicians began working on a solution.

The best alternative so far appears to be a proposal that would grant a conditional license to any illegal alien who can prove that he or she is a registered Democrat and is committed to vote Democrat for life.

This Conditional License would expire at the time of the drivers’ death, or upon proof that the driver voted for a Republican or Independent in any election.

Once again, Justice denied, but celebrated as Democracy in action!

The “Boehner Purge”: Conjuring Up Memories of Saddam Hussein!

By John W. Lillpop

One of the most frightening recollections that this reporter has of the late Saddam Hussein was a video that showed the soulless dictator presiding at a gathering of Ba'ath Party fellows, presumably celebrating something awful such as a gassing of rebellious Kurds, or dedication of a mass burial site for vanquished Iraqi citizens found ideologically unsuitable for further longevity.

Smiles on the faces of some in the crowd quickly turned to frightened looks of anguish as Saddam’s thugs tapped political opponents on the shoulder and escorted said enemies out of the celebration hall en route to a venue more suitable for execution.

A permanent purging hall, if you will.

As the doomed victims were escorted from the room in horror, Saddam was seen smiling broadly in anticipation of the blood to be spilled by those with the audacity to oppose him.

Although John Boehner’s purge of GOP members who opposed his re-coronation as Speaker of the House lacked the high drama and finality of the Saddam Hussein call to slaughter, Boehner’s acts were, nonetheless, quite despicable, given the fact that the US House is supposed to be part of a democratic republic where people sent to represent the people are free to represent said people according to their free will and conscious.

The idea is that elected representatives must be free to champion the issues and policies that will best serve the interests of the governed.

It’s supposed to be about “We the People,” not some weeping- willow traitor from Ohio who is secretly conjoined at the brain with America’s Marxist community organizer and avowed enemy of the US Constitution.

Still, John Boehner did pay a price for his tactics: As shown, the victorious Speaker ended up pressing his lips against the dried-up, wrinkled flesh of Nancy Pelosi!

Given the choice between smooching Nancy Pelosi and facing Saddam’s thugs, which do you suppose would be the “kinder, gentler” option?



Mexican President Nieto Praises Obama Unlawful Decree on Illegal Aliens: What About Reform in Mexico?

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s unconstitutional decree to exempt certain illegal aliens from deportation is strongly opposed by most Americans who still respect and honor the rule of law.

However, US rule of law is not worth a whole lot when it comes to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto who finds the Obama dictatorial action “very intelligent and audacious,” due in large part to the fact that under Obama’s anti-American scheme, responsibility for Mexican invaders would officially transfer to the backs of American tax payers, thereby relieving the failed, 3rd-world state of Mexico from the feeding and care of millions of its own undesirables.

Lest President Nieto be misunderstood as a good-hearted philanthropist on a mission to help displaced illegals, understand that Mexico’s law is among the more severe and unforgiving when it comes to illegal immigration.

Being in Mexico illegally is a felony and illegals are not allowed to feast on the pubic dole for food stamps, free housing and health care, or education, as is the case in America.

In 2014, more illegals were deported from Mexico than from America!

And Mexico is notorious as a violator of human rights, including poor treatment of illegals.

So, President Nieto, since you view Obama’s unlawful acts as “very intelligent and audacious” when is Mexico going to follow suit by granting amnesty to all illegals in Mexico?

How about tearing down the border fence between Mexico and Guatemala?


Objective “Vetting” of Presidential Prospects Vital to America’s Future!

By John W Lillpop

When Barack Obama first made known his lofty designs on the U.S. presidency, his qualifications were immediately challenged by those dedicated to substance rather than style.

Among the questions posed:

 * What relevant experience in his background qualifies Obama to serve as the Chief Executive Officer and Commander-in-Chief of the world’s only superpower?

* Has he a background in managing people and complex bureaucracies? Has he ever faced the rigors of meeting a payroll?

* Does he understand the importance of private enterprise to the American economy, and the need to minimize government interference via taxes and regulation?

* Does he realize that private enterprise, not government, creates jobs?

*Other than being born in Kenya, what foreign experience does the silver-tongued Junior Senator from Illinois bring to the fray?

Moreover, what accomplishments and achievements were in Obama’s background?

An objective review of Obama’s history, a major responsibility of the free press, would have revealed damn little real world experience that would help him function effectively as the most powerful man on earth.

Yes, he was a very gifted orator capable of sending thrills up and down the legs of dimmer bulbs in the mainstream media. Yes, his speeches were adorned with high-sounding ideals and words of inspiration.

Yet, after Barack Obama stopped speaking one was left with the gut-wrenching question: Just what did the hell he say? It sounded great, but what was the bottom- line message other than nebulous words about Hope and Change?

For the mainstream American media, Barack Obama’s eloquent speech was more than enough.

After all, Barack Obama:

1. Was not George W. Bush or anything like him., and

2. Was black and ultra-liberal.

Thus, did the media create the metaphysical phenomenon known as ObamaMania, which swept across America, Europe, and eventually all across the globe.

All the while, skeptical conservatives warned the unwary that Barack Obama had neither the experience nor passion for America (and her values) required to serve as U.S. President.

Obama supporters dismissed nay-saying skeptics by arguing that any shortfall in practical experience would be more than compensated for by Obama’s sky-high IQ.

He was so damn smart, lefties said, that traditional measurements of qualifications simply did not apply.

After more than six years in office, Barack Obama has created a dismal legacy of incompetence, dithering, indecisiveness, narrow-minded laziness, and outright lying.

His addiction to wrong minded liberal policies has imposed substantial damaged on the US economy, military, racial relations, reliance on the US constitution and rule of law, and other major American institutions.

Obama’s policies have wrought unemployment, a still-crumbling economy, out-of-control deficit spending, the ObamaCare disaster, and failed leadership on a host of domestic and foreign issues, AND a Constitutional crisis of epic proportions.

Barack Obama came into office thinking that he knew best about all and that his mission was to change everything.

Clearly, he was unqualified to be president and should have never been elected or reelected, a fact that the mainstream media has worked non-stop to cover up.

As America enters the 2016 presidential season, the mainstream media MUST reverse course and take seriously it’s responsibility to vet candidates thoroughly, so as to flesh out the used-car salesman fraud  personified by Barack Hussein Obama.

Most of all, the mainstream media types must understand that being, “Clean and Articulate” is NOT qualification enough for any candidate, regardless of how black and liberal any such candidate might be!

Nor should the pundits give a free pass to a candidate because of gender, as many are itching to do with regard to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Again, professional, objective vetting is vital to the integrity of the American electoral process!


Charles Krauthammer for Speaker of US House!

By John W. Lillpop

As 2015 begins, America’s political future faces an uncertain period of political turbulence and danger.

We have a “lame duck” president who views the results of the mid-term elections, devastating for the Democrat Party, as “liberating” for his presidency.

Because Obama will not face another national election as President, he feels free to pursue his coveted “transformation of America” into an anti-capitalist, socialist state, which usurps the rights and powers of individual citizens and business interests, and vests such in big government bureaucrats and reckless nannies.

Obama intends to obliterate the US Constitution, and the principles on which it is based, by the use of unilateral presidential dictates.

Should Obama succeed, America will be transformed into a progressive tyranny run by a leftist dictator. Dissent would be oppressed as a matter of government policy, and transparency would be officially dead.

The mid-term elections made it perfectly clear that the American people, considered “stupid” by Obama and people of his ilk, do not accept Obama and his agenda.  As a result, Republicans now control both chambers of Congress.

Unfortunately, John Boehner, current Speaker of the House, has shown little interest in listening to voters, who are adamant in their desire to STOP OBAMA!

As a result of Boehner’s weakness and lack of passion for ending the Obama tyranny, House Republicans are in disarray, with some conservatives working on a vigorous “dump Boehner” campaign.

Given the urgency of the “Stop Obama” crisis, John Boehner must be dumped---now!  But who should take his place?

The Speaker should be a certified conservative who swears by the Constitution, the rule of law, and American values.

He, or she, should be a recognized intellectual known for clear thinking and rational thought. He, or she, should be respected as a person of integrity and honesty who is devoted to reversing the direction in which the nation has been headed over the past seven years.

Who has the intellectual tools, political acumen, and competence to serve as Speaker of the US House?

How about Charles Krauthammer? He is a respected columnist, a conservative advocate, and decent man of impeccable competence.

Best of all: Charles Krauthammer is a trained and licensed psychiatrist!

Imagine a skilled psychiatrist going head-to-head with our dysfunctional Marxist community organizer!

Charles Krauthammer may be exactly what is needed to save America.

And who knows, he might even be available for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination!

Will Obama’s Pro-Islam Biass Lead to a Nuclear Iran and Annihilation of Israel?

By John W. Lillpop

Once again, Barack Obama’s doting support for Islamic terrorism, sparked by his vile hatred toward Israel, has been exposed and made perfectly clear.

The big question, Will Obama’s pro-Islam bias result in the destruction of Israel and the establishment of Iran as a nuclear power?

This question is posed in light Obama’s statements during a recent interview with NPR.

In that interview, Obama said:

Iran could d become a "very successful regional power" if Tehran agrees to a long-term deal to curb its nuclear program, President Barack Obama said in an interview with NPR News.

"They've got a chance to get right with the world," Obama said in the interview, which was taped at the White House on Dec. 18 and is set to air this week.

More than a year ago, Iran agreed to an interim plan to halt higher-level uranium enrichment in exchange for a limited easing in financial sanctions pending negotiations on a long-term deal. Those talks have now been extended to next June.

Iran has said its nuclear program is for peaceful energy use, but the United States and five other powers want to make sure that Tehran cannot quickly develop nuclear weapons.

Obama told NPR that Iran should seize the chance of a deal that could lift crippling sanctions.

"Because if they do, there's incredible talent and resources and sophistication inside of Iran and it would be a very successful regional power that was also abiding by international norms and international rules - and that would be good for everybody," he said.”

Iran could become a ‘very successful regional power,’ Mr. President? The same Iran that is recognized as a terrorist state and which has repeatedly called for the annihilation of Israel?  The same Iran whose leaders deny that the Holocaust even took place during World War 11?

The same Iran that is universally recognized as a cesspool of human rights abuses and where savage inhumanity is the national policy?  Where women are stoned to death for the crime of being rape victims?

Adding to Obama’s anti-Israel bias, The One insisted that a nuclear deal with Iran was possible, although Vice President Joe Biden earlier this month said he thought there was a "less than even shot" of an agreement.”

As Obama purposefully feeds America’s most stalwart ally in the Middle East to the hungry lions of Islamic terror, one must ask, “Where are the Republicans and the level-headed Democrats in Congress? Why is no one condemning Obama's obvious attempt to foil and destroy Israel?”

Even more pertinent, how much longer will Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu tolerate America’s pandering to Islamic terrorism at the expense of Israel?

Will Obama’s deluded thinking cause Israel to act unilaterally against Iran and draw the entire world to the brink of war?

Some one should advise our deluded leader that there MUST be an easier, less dangerous way to raise gasoline to $7 a gallon!