Is America Destined to Suffer a Tragedy Similar to Germanwings’ Flight 9525?

By John W. Lillpop

Metaphorically speaking, it seems as though the United States of America, as a nation, faces a fate not unlike that of the 150 helpless passengers killed when the co-pilot of a German Airbus deliberately crashed the aircraft into the French Alps.

In the case of America, the main villain is the pilot, Barack Hussein Obama, who for reasons known only to he and his troubled mind, has drifted completely to the “dark side” and now represents a real and present danger to America, her allies, and, in fact, the future of planet earth.

Obama is joined in his mission by a reckless, irresponsible co-pilot, the insufferable John Kerry, who stands ready and eager to repeat his act of anti-American defiance, committed on April 23, 1971, when he arrogantly, and with great pride, tossed his combat medals over the White House fence to protest America’s role in the Vietnam War.

The very dangerous Obama-Kerry tandem is reportedly on the verge of acquiescing to a nuclear agreement with the terrorist state of Iran, where said agreement could facilitate the violent relocation of Israel and six million residents into the sea, and plunge the entire Middle East into a desperate race for nuclear weapons hegemony in what is already the most unstable region of the world.

For America, the damage resulting from an Obama-Kerry surrender to the Mullahs could ultimately force the world into World War 111, a helter-skelter conflict with the frightening potential to abruptly end civilization as we know it.

Unfortunately for America and the world, there seems to be no level-headed, common sense person working to knock down the cockpit door to stop the Obama-Kerry team from executing their diabolical scheme.


Can the “No Man Is Above the Law” Brag Survive Obama’s Treason in the Bowe Bergdahl Scandal?

By John W. Lillpop

Justice may be an most unwelcome interloper in the life of Bowe Bergdahl, the young army Sgt. charged with desertion and misbehaving before the enemy.  Ultimately, if convicted, Bergdahl could spend the rest of his life behind bars in military incarceration.

There is no sympathy for Bergdahl in this space: He apparently committed a serious crime against America. Innocent US soldiers lost their lives trying to locate him.

Bowe Bergdahl deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law, if found guilty.

However, in a nation where it is fashionable to pretend that no individual is above the law, Bergdahl’s alleged crimes pale in comparison to those committed by the Commander-in-Chief, and the man sworn by oath to protect and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

That would be Barack Obama, living proof that the American electorate is, indeed, “stupid” and vulnerable to choreographed deceit, misinformation, and outright lying by political frauds more interested in promoting a personal “legacy” and extreme ideological views than defending the American people and the American way of life.

In the scheming hands of tyrant-in-chief Barack Obama, Bowe Bergdahl was but a pawn to be exploited by a contemptuous, angry president to pursue closure of GITMO, an unmet objective in his sinister scheme to undermine America, and finally undo the works of former President George W. Bush.

Obama must have found the temptations irresistible: He could release dangerous Taliban commanders from the hated GITMO and (he assumed) gain public sympathy by rescuing a captive American soldier Bergdahl, all in one vile act of treason!

Unfortunately, Obama has the defect of character necessary to commit such an unspeakable act of treason.

Americans can rest assured that Bowe Bergdahl will taste the bitter fruits resulting from his vile acts.

However, the fate of the real villain is less certain: To wit, will Barack Obama be allowed to continue his reign of terror against America by escaping judgment for his treason in the Bowe Bergdahl for enemy commanders scandal?

Or is the “no man is above the law” brag more fiction than fact?


Harry Reid Finally Does Something Patriotic for America--Will Nancy Pelosi Be as Magnanimous?

By John W. Lillpop

It took him 30 years, but Democrat Harry Reid finally did something bordering on patriotic and good for America: The battered, bruised minority leader announced that he will NOT seek re-election in 2016!

As announced:

“Senator Harry Reid, the tough tactician who has led Senate Democrats since 2005, will not seek re-election next year, bringing an end to a three-decade congressional career that culminated with his push of President Obama’s ambitious agenda against fierce Republican resistance.

Mr. Reid, 75, who suffered serious eye and facial injuries in a Jan. 1 exercise accident at his Las Vegas home, said he had been contemplating retiring from the Senate for months. He said his decision was not attributable either to the accident or to his demotion to minority leader after Democrats lost the majority in November’s midterm elections.

Whatever the real reason for Reid’s departure, the American people should rejoice in celebrating the long-overdue end to a career that was never based on serving the best interests of the American people.  Rather, corruption and slavish dedication to leftist ideology made Harry Reid one of the fiercest supporting actors in Barack Obama’s tyrannical attempt to destroy America.

He will NOT be missed, except by legions of “stupid” Americans who share his vision for a bankrupt, defenseless 3rd-world America where borders and speaking English are regarded as racist bigotry!

America will certainly benefit from Reid’s departure and that of Barack Obama in 2016.

However, for the sake of political purity, we the people should rally around the idea of sending Democrat Nancy Pelosi on her merry way to whatever adventures still await her ruinous hand.

For instance, with the advancing age of Pope Francis, perhaps Pelosi could mount a campaign to be the first female, pro-abortion, pro-gay Pope in history?

After all, according to the former Shreiker of the House, she knows more about Catholic doctrine and divine will than Pope Francis and several of his predecessors combined!

And Pelosi just turned 75 on Thursday, just the right age for an out-of-touch lefty to retire to the loony bins of San Francisco, or in a more spiritual calling, to make the Catholic Church more responsive to the unmet needs of non-compliant sinners on the run!

With a little effort, Pelosi might do for the Catholic Church what she did so well for the US House, which is to make that body irrelevant, irreverent, and irresponsible.

Go Nancy!  Please!


Yemen: Another Spectacular US Foreign Policy Success?

By John W. Lillpop

As reported, Yemen is close to falling into all out civil war:

“After a week of escalating conflict, the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting Sunday to address the crisis, which has resulted in the United States withdrawing its remaining military personnel from the impoverished country.
The UN special envoy for Yemen, Jamal Benomar, warned at the meeting that events appear to be leading the country “to the edge of civil war” and urged all parties to step back from the brink and resolve the conflict peacefully.”
Benomar stressed in a video briefing from Qatar that neither the Houthis nor their opponent, Yemen’s president, could realistically expect to establish control over the whole country.”

The Yemen crisis is particularly ominous because just a few short months ago, President Barack Obama held Yemen up as a sterling example of America’s counter terrorism “strategy” when he addressed the American public to announce a quasi-war against the new threat of the so-called Islamic State (aka ISIS aka ISIL) in Iraq and Syria.

At that time, Obama said:

“This counter terrorism campaign will be waged through a steady, relentless effort … using our air power and our support for partner forces on the ground,” said Obama. “This strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us, while supporting partners on the front lines, is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years.”

Once again, this failed president has demonstrated a woeful lack of experience, wisdom, competence, and integrity of the type needed to function as Commander-in-Chief.

Indeed, his failures in foreign affairs is on a par with those suffered on domestic issues.

The real tragedy for America and the world is that Obama and his liberal sycophants, including the mainstream media, actually believe (so they say) that his strategy and policies are working and are worthy of copying elsewhere.

Lord help us if the Obama strategy against ISIS is anywhere nearly as calamitous as the nightmare in Yemen!


Dismal Week for Obama Ends with "Death to America" Rally in Iran!

By John W. Lillpop

Talk about a tough week for America’s cognitive dysfunctional community organizer!

To begin with, patriotic and otherwise sane Israelis ignored Obama’s offensive meddling in their elections and instead voted in the best interests of the Jewish state and its six million residents.  In a landslide victory described as “Against all odds,” the Likud party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prevailed, securing an unprecedented 4th term for the feisty Bibi.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) added to The One’s misery by putting the nomination of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General off until probably mid-April, thereby leaving the Department of Justice in the unjust, racist hands of Eric Holder until at least then.

Finally, Obama turned to You Tube in a feeble attempt to  use his vaunted charm and charisma to gather support from the Iranian people during the festival of Norwuz, the Persian New Year.

As reported, Iran’s lead Mullah was not amused:

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Saturday ruled out any cooperation with the United States in the troubled Middle East, saying talks with Washington are confined to nuclear issues.
In a closely watched speech marking the Persian new year festival of Nowruz, Khamenei took steps to quell speculation that any nuclear deal with the West could lead to a wider rapprochement.
"No way," he told a raucous crowd in the northeastern holy city of Mashhad, on the chances of an agreement on Iran's atomic program having other policy implications.
"Negotiations with the United States are on the nuclear issue and nothing else," he said.
"US objectives on regional matters are the opposite to our objectives," Khamenei said, accusing Washington of creating instability in Syria, Libya and Egypt.
His remarks were greeted by chants of "Death to America" from the tightly packed thousands who gathered to hear him speak.
Khamenei's comments appeared to be a blunt rejection of overtures made by US President Barack Obama that a nuclear deal could lead to cooperation in the Middle East, chiefly against Islamic State jihadists in Iraq and Syria.”

Thus ends Obama’s wretched  week which started with an aborted death wish for Israel and concluded with “Death to America”chants in the terrorist capitol of the world!

That man Obama certainly seems to have a world-class knack for doing the wrong thing at the wrong time!

Happy New Year???


Starbucks Should Focus on Coffee NOT Race!

By John W. Lillpop

With all due respect to Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, the notion that baristas in his employ should prod barely awake coffee addicts into riveting conversations about race is NOT good business, nor is it particularly patriotic!

Especially at 5 bells in the AM!

Like many other Americans, I feel overwhelmed by the ubiquitous harangues about race and racism. Which is not to say that  racial discrimination does need not to be intelligently addressed and eradicated.

There is no doubt that American history is replete with slavery, Jim Crow laws, and other grinding, inhuman abuse wantonly inflicted upon black people.

But it is also true that over the years substantial improvement has been effected in the lives of millions of African-American families.

Just as importantly, there ARE other issues of the day worthy of focus.

Instead, our society remains obsessed with race---in politics, education, jobs, income, housing, retirement, health, entitlements, religion, sports---every aspect of life is thoroughly dissected to identify, or create, a racial narrative.

Frankly, there is no shortage of race talk in America!

Schultz would be far better off concentrating exclusively on pushing his overpriced coffee and leaving the pursuit of race talk to the discretion of each individual!

Mind you, most of the Starbucks baristas I have encountered seem to be decent, intelligent beings, quite expert in Cappuccino, Latte and the like.

However, few seem in possession of the requisite knowledge, temperament, or passion needed to host public meaningful discourse about the most volatile subject in American history!

Mr. Schultz unless you are willing to be remembered as the coffee merchant who provoked the start of the 2nd US civil war, please restrain yourself by keeping the coffee fresh and hot and by ordering your baristas to studiously avoid any mention of race!

Thank you!


How About Some “Strategic Patience” for Israel?

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s policy with respect to keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of Iran’s regime of terrorists has always assumed that the Mullahs can, and should, be trusted and taken at their word, and that “strategic patience” be applied.

In February, Obama made the following statement:

The challenges we face require strategic patience and persistence. They require us to take our responsibilities seriously and make the smart investments in the foundations of our national power.”

Obama’s spiel drew widespread criticism from Congressional Republicans, including this biting mockery from Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina:

“I doubt ISIL, the Iranian mullahs, or Vladimir Putin will be intimidated by President Obama’s strategy of ‘Strategic Patience.’ Lindsey Graham.”

While Obama continues to bend as necessary to placate the Iranian Mullahs, the man has little or no obvious strategic patience for the cause of Israel, its six million residents, or Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Indeed, Obama greeted Netanyahu’s March 17 election victory with scorn and contempt, while signaling a marked shift in US policy with respect to our important ally, including possible abandonment of Israel at the United Nations, a body already infamous for anti-Semitic hysteria.

Sadly, Obama’s ire against Prime Minister Netanyahu seems personal, based on jealousy and resentment, as if America’s powerful president is angry because his influence and efforts to derail Bibi failed, despite the White House- orchestrated infusion of American cash and political expertise into Israel on behalf of Bibi’s enemies.

While Obama’s reaction is akin to that of a dejected teenager who failed to make the High School varsity football team, the president seems prone to forget that the State of Israel is fighting for its very existence against insane Islamofascists who continuously remind the world that eradication of Israel through violence is the only acceptable solution.

Given all that Israel faces, why not some “Strategic Patience” for the real underdog in the Middle East, Mr. President?


Starbucks: Make Mine a Cappuccino, Sans the Race Talk!

By John W. Lillpop

Like most Americans, rarely does a day go by in my world without a serious encounter with the smoldering issue of race relations.

Indeed, it is nearly impossible to escape the ubiquitous harangues about the “legacy of racial discrimination,” or the evil of “white privilege” which, regrettably, has eluded this neglected Caucasian for decades!

When, at the end of the day, my eyes finally shut for a well-deserved respite, the topic of race relations is purged from my awareness by the grace of God.

Further, by the grace of God, I do not dream about race relations!

Upon waking, like millions of other caffeine addicted Americans, my first urgent need of the new day is to feed the caffeine monster that dwells within.

At this point, the furthest thing from my still-numb mind is racial relations.

I need a respectable level of caffeine in my veins, all the way up to my brain, before anything more complicated or controversial than the “March Madness” basketball brackets can be discussed, debated, considered, or even mentioned.

Imagine, then, my astonishment upon learning that Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, has instructed coffee baristas in his employ to engage me in “race together” talk!

Schultz may very well be a genius when it comes to coffee and croissants, but the man is utterly clueless when it comes to respecting and satisfying the sophisticated emotional needs and wishes of patrons!

Prodding barely awake coffee addicts into riveting conversations about the most divisive, controversial topic in American history is NOT good business or particularly patriotic---particularly at 5 AM!

Schultz would be far better off concentrating exclusively on pushing his overpriced, bitter beverages, and leaving race talk to professionals whom are paid to cater to thosee who voluntarily pursue diverse opinions and viewpoints on race.. and the inevitable, inherent risk of violence therein.

Mind you, most of the Starbucks baristas I have encountered seem to be decent, intelligent beings, quite expert in Cappuccino, Latte and chocolate croissant delights.

However, to date none seem in possession of the requisite knowledge, temperament, or political acumen needed to host civil, non-violent public discourse about the most volatile subject in American history!

Mr. Schultz, you are well aware of the fact that the United States fought a great civil war in the 1860s over the issue that you want your baristas to deliberately bring up to clients, right?

In that war, be reminded that an estimated 800,000 American lives were lost on the battle field---all because some damn fool thought we needed to discuss race relations!

Are you willing, Mr. Schultz, to be remembered in history as the coffee merchant who provoked the start of the 2nd US civil war?

If not, please restrain yourself by keeping the coffee hot and croissants fresh AND, above all else, by ordering your baristas to studiously avoid any mention of race relations!


Obama “Magic” Turns to Curse!

By John W. Lillpop

Way back in the dark and gloom of 2008, Barack Hussein Obama was seen by some as a magical figure in possession of such charisma and magnetism as to be nearly invincible.

Some, including presumably learned folks in the media, even believed that the underachieving Marxist from the streets of Chicago was a special messenger from deity, sent from above with messianic powers so as to eradicate poverty, income inequality, racial discord, and other maladies afflicting the poor and lower classes.

He could bless the masses with Hope and Change by just the grace of his words, so powerful was his influence and message.

Back then, Barack Obama could do no wrong. He was even awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for simply moving into the White House and assuming the mantel of power in the Oval Office.

Back then, Barack Obama was seen by Democrats and the mainstream media as The One who would, on the strength of his personage alone, vanquish the evils of racism and capitalism; thereby creating a Utopian fairyland where equality and diversity trumped privilege and profit, excepting the Obama family, the Clintons, and other deserving Democrats among the ruling elite.

Back then, being endorsed by The One guaranteed special attention and status for those so blessed.

Along the way, Obama’s charisma and magic touch deteriorated into a dreaded curse that now inflicts serious harm on those selected for receipt of his favors.

This reversal of fortunes was most pronounced in the 2014 mid-term elections when Obama single-handedly turned the Democrat majority in the US Senate into a minority.

Thanks to Obama, both chambers of Congress are now firmly in the hands of The One’s most vociferous enemies!

Even more deterioration of the Obama Magic followed when Bibi Netanyahu and his right-wing conservative party staged a miraculous comeback in the Israel elections on March 17.

Despite Obama’s stand against Bibi and deliberate funneling of money and political consultants to Bibi’s opponents, and “against all odds,” Bibi won the day!

Which means that Barack Obama’s “magic” is now officially recognized as a Curse!

How sweet it is!


Senate Letter to Iran Is "Right Thing to Do," Because Jewish Lives Matter!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama, in his insidious and unlawful quest to “fundamentally transform” America, has introduced a new, controversial means test for judging and justifying presidential behavior.

Rather than relying on antiquated, “old school” judgments based on Constitutionality, adherence to established rule of law, or even highly- arbitrary “common sense” measures, Barack Obama has unilaterally imposed the “Right Thing to Do” standard to determine what actions the president can and should take to address important issues.

Unfortunately, the Obama solution is a self-serving Catch 22 act of tyrannical larceny where the only opinion that matters is that of the president, who thus becomes the judge, jury, and executioner rolled into one dysfunctional manifestation of dictatorial abuse.

Contrary opinions, both public and official, are dismissed as unworthy of consideration, much less serious debate.

Does Obama, allegedly an accomplished Constitutional scholar, really believe that his exclusive “Right Thing to Do” judgment trumps the Constitution and the specific powers granted therein to the legislative and judiciary branches of government?

Only such muddled thinking, whether incidental or deliberate, could cause one to conclude that supplanting immigration law with the issuance of Executive Orders, in defiance of Congress and public opinion, is an appropriate, non-impeachable exercise of presidential power!

And only an egomaniacal, power-mad, narcissistic Lame Duck looking to destroy America and its people would engage in such foolish defiance.

In contrast, the Cotton letter signed by 47 US Senators to advise Iranian mullahs that any nuclear deal that Obama might execute would not, as a matter of law, obligate the United States to any policy or action--- without approval of the US Senate!

The Cotton letter is otherwise rich in justification because:

( )It is based on the humane need to protect a sovereign nation (and six million residents) from an enemy that has repeatedly sworn to flush Israel into the Mediterranean;

( )It takes into account the dire circumstances that would surely ensue should the world’s most prominent sponsor of terrorism be allowed to develop nuclear weapons;

( )It properly reflects the US Constitutional balance of powers between the Executive and legislative branches;

Contrary to liberal nonsense, the Cotton letter does not involve Congress in delicate negotiations—it merely advises the Mullahs of the fact that according to the US Constitution, the President of the United States is severely limited in his ability to execute foreign agreements without Congressional approval.

And so it is that the Cotton letter to the terrorist regime of Iran is constitutional, otherwise perfectly legal, and steeped in a rich abundance of common sense of the type not often found at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue over these past six plus years.

As an added bonus, the Cotton missive is the “Right Thing to Do”?

Bravo to Senator Cotton and the 46 colleagues who put law and order above tyranny and political gamesmanship!

After all, Jewish lives matter!


Obama 'Transformation of America' Lures Illegal Alien Sex Offenders!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s insane push to grow the Democrat Party in America by whatever means possible, including lax border security and immigration enforcement, is not going unnoticed among criminals looking to migrate north for acceptance of their seedy lifestyles in exchange for votes and slave labor.

Indeed, sex offenders from south of our borders are invading America in increasing numbers, as the Obama administration continues to promote “inclusiveness” for all except Caucasian, heterosexual folks who traditionally side with law and order and traditional family values.

As reported:

According to the feds, illegal immigrant sex offenders have been caught in every corner of the Rio Grande Valley.

Border Patrol agents are running into more sex offenders this year than last year.

Within the last five months, 144 apprehended.

During the same time last year, 93 sex offenders were caught trying to fly under the radar.

In December, a woman from El Salvador was picked up, who was convicted of child sex assault back in 2009. It reportedly happened in Dallas County.

Later that month, three Mexican nationals were caught near Harlingen.

In February, seven sex offenders were rounded up near McAllen, Harlingen, Falfurrias and Kingsville.

Less than a week later, another two Mexican nationals were caught. Two days ago, two Guatemalan men were arrested.

The sex offenders go to great lengths to avoid capture. Agents said they often travel through South Texas brush and try to blend in with large groups of illegal immigrants.

Border Patrol agents are using sophisticated software that search criminal databases worldwide. They have strengthened their technology, which scans fingerprints, scans retinas, and has facial recognition.

Agents cannot say why more sex offenders are attempting to cross. They often try to travel to the U.S. to avoid legal repercussions for the crimes they committed in their home countries.

The Border Patrol is also tracking an up tick in rescues. They are seeing a spike in both search and rescues on the Rio Grande and deaths.”

Once again, Obama’s anti-American policies are attracting the least desirable criminal elements to the US,,  hastening the ruin of what was once a great nation.

Why must diversity pushed by Democrats always focus on the lowest common denominator in human behavior?

Reference: http://www.krgv.com/news/local-news/Border-Patrol-Increase-in-Sex-Offenders-Crossing-the-Border/31790518


Oklahoma University President Boren Not So Tough When It Comes to Black Football Players!

By John W. Lillpop

Oklahoma University Dave Boren made national headlines recently by taking prompt, tough actions against white fraternity brothers caught engaged in racist song on a school bus.

However, President Boren has not been nearly so decisive or tough when black players are accused of violent crime, including sexual assault.

As reported at the reference:

It turns out that David Boren president of Oklahoma University, isn’t so merciless after all, despite his instant expulsion of the SAE Fraternity Brothers.

When black players are accused of violent crime, including sexual assault, he’s quite forgiving.

The Daily Caller:

University of Oklahoma president David Boren’s immediate expulsion of students involved with a recently-leaked racist video stands in sharp contrast to the lighter treatment the school has given to football players found responsible for violent crimes. 

Just two days after a video leaked of Oklahoma students, mostly freshmen, singing a racist song on a bus, Boren took decisive action by summarily expelling two students he claims played a leading roll in the chant. The students, he said, had created a “hostile learning environment” for other students and had to be kicked out immediately, with no opportunity to reform. Boren has suggested that more expulsions could be on the way. 

“There is zero tolerance for this kind of threatening racist behavior at the University of Oklahoma,” Boren said.

However, while Boren might have zero tolerance for racist songs sung in private, Boren and OU have taken a very different approach to the privileged members of the school’s elite college football team, emphasizing the importance of second chances and allowing the team to welcome back players with a history of violence and even sexual assault.

One such player was Joe Mixon, a freshman and one of the top football prospects for the Sooners. Last July, Mixon was caught on video in an altercation with another OU student, 20-year-old junior Amelia Rae Molitor. During the altercation, Mixon punched Molitor so hard he broke four bones in her face and knocked her unconscious.

Last October, Mixon accepted a plea deal on a misdemeanor assault charge, and was punished with a year-long deferred sentence, 100 hours of community service and mandatory counseling. The video of his assault has never been released, but president Boren has seen it.

Despite his conviction, Mixon faced a comparatively light punishment compared to the massive crackdown on the Sigma Alpha Epsilon students. He was suspended from the team for the season, but faced no other repercussions, remaining on campus and continuing to attend classes like any other student.

In February, Mixon was allowed to rejoin the football team.

Boren, at the time, said that while Mixon’s behavior was abhorrent, it was important to grant second chances.

“The judicial outcome and the video speak for themselves,” Boren said. “The University is an educational institution, which always sets high standards that we hope will be upheld by our students. We hope that our students will all learn from those standards, but at the same time, we believe in second chances so that our students can learn and grow from life’s experiences.”

Boren’s mercy towards Mixon raises the question of whether he believes violence against women merits a second chance, but not racist words.

Mixon’s case is hardly the only one of the University promoting second chances for gifted athletes, even in the past year. Another recent case involving the Sooner football team is that of Dorial Green-Beckham, a wide receiver prospect who was hyped as a Randy Moss-caliber talent upon graduating from high school.

Green-Beckham originally attended the University of Missouri, but was kicked off the team after multiple drug arrests as well as an incident where he allegedly forced his way into a woman’s home, violently threatened her and then shoved another woman down the stairs. Green-Beckham likely would have faced assault and burglary charges, but police closed the case after the women involved said they did not want to press charges and became uncooperative.

Despite his extremely troubled history, Green-Beckham was accepted at OU, which subsequently pushed for Green-Beckham to be allowed to immediately play rather than missing a year as per NCAA rules regarding transfers.

In yet another case, a school investigation found that defensive end Frank Shannon had violated the school’s sexual misconduct policy after he reportedly attempted to have sex with an unwilling woman at his apartment. Far from being immediately expelled, Shannon was instead suspended for one year, a stern punishment but far below the one given for racism.

Unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of cases of Sooners receiving almost no punishment at all for endangering the lives of others by driving under the influence. For instance, in 2013 defensive end Chuka Ndulue was suspended for just a single game after pleading no contest to a DUI charge and receiving a deferred sentence.

Did we observe that all four of these players are black? (We did–the Daily Caller didn’t. )

One wonders whether the girl with the wrecked face “will learn and grow from life’s experiences.”

Reference: http://www.vdare.com/posts/david-borens-double-standard-white-frat-boys-expelled-black-criminals-still-playing-football

How Many E-mails Needed to Describe a Wedding, a Funeral, and the Yoga Habits of a 65-Year-Old Secretary?

By John W. Lillpop

If Hillary Clinton had stood before the world on Tuesday last and declared that she innocently deleted 30,000 e-mails which were private and not the business of the American people,   I would have been reluctantly inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt-- IF she had reported the missives as follows:

“As is well known to all of you, my husband, President Bill, has an debilitating medical condition known as sexual addiction. This condition is always in need of immediate gratification which is achieved in both marital and extra-marital affairs.

Surely, you all have all heard of Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Wiley, and Paul Jones, and many others too numerous to mention in this limited venue?

Or perhaps you heard the latest scandal about “Orgy Island?”

Believe me, documenting all of Bills dalliances requires tons of e-mails. And those, my friends,  are the only e-mails that I deleted!”"

THAT explanation would be quite believable! But 30,000 about weddings, funerals, and yoga?

Shooting in Ferguson: Police “Dismantling” Promised by Eric Holder Begins!

By John W. Lillpop

Two police officers are in “serious condition” after being shot by protesters in Ferguson, Missouri as Eric Holder and Barack Obama apply the full thrust of the US government behind their effort to undermine the rule of law and police authority, particularly as exercised by Caucasians.

The latest violence appears attributable to the inability of Holder and Obama to satiate local lust for the blood of former Police Officer Darren Wilson in the August shooting death of Michael Brown, so-called Gentle Giant, also inconveniently known for convenience store burglary and bullying.

Much to their dismay, Holder and Obama were unable to deliver Wilson's 2 head on a platter as had been promised to the “Hands Up—Don’t Shoot” lying racists.

Indeed, even after several months of thorough investigation, America’s self-appointed Black Avengers, Holder and Obama, were forced to admit that the “Hands-up” narrative was a concoction of black racists, and that the white Police officer was not guilty of anything more serious than being a white man with a badge in a predominately black community.

Undeterred by their failure to utterly destroy Darren Wilson, Holder and Obama decided to redeem themselves with Ferguson’s black brothers and sisters by vilifying and persecuting the Ferguson police department.

Thus, Holder orchestrated an investigation which found that the city used police as a collection agency, citing traffic citations to black residents to boost city coffers through fines, creating a "toxic environment."

In a fitting tribute to anarchy and gerrymandering of civil unrest, last Friday Holder said that the Department of Justice would use its full authority to demand police reforms in Ferguson, including possibly “dismantling” the department.

On Thursday morning, Holder’s “dismantling” was put in motion by vigilantes intent on breaking the yoke of rule of law, when practiced by white people.

Yet again, race relations in America have been made intolerably worse by two black men in power, both of whom hate white people and America!


Time to Delete the Name Clinton from List of 2016 Presidential Prospects!

By John W. Lillpop

After watching Hillary Clinton lie, deny, and defy her way through an illogical, contradictory and foolish attempt to explain why she believes herself justified in maintaining a private system for receiving, transmitting, and storing State Department documentation, contrary to federal requirements, one is struck by the fact that this political beast is of the same elitist, anti-rule of law mindset as the Demo-thug currently occupying the White House.

Simply put, Hillary Clinton believes herself to be so special and above the law that even being asked questions about her e-mails is an untenable affront to her stature and beyond- reproach station in American politics.

In her eyes, the issue smacks of the “Vast Right-wing Conspiracy” that nearly brought down the Bill Clinton presidency because of his perjury before the US Supreme Court.

Hillary’s eyes and body language reflect an attitude which says, “Hey, bimbos. This is THE Hillary speaking, so back off!”

The big question: Is America prepared to take on another Clinton after suffering through two lawless and corrupt terms of Barack Obama?


Advancing Years Have NOT Diminished Hillary’s Ability to Conceal, Deny, and Lie!

By John W. Lillpop

It is said that Old age is a cruel taskmaster and respecter of no mortal being.  That fact was demonstrated for the entire world to see as Hillary Rodham Clinton stood before the press and entertained the adoring troops with lie after lie about her felony misuse of e-mail accounts while “serving” the nation as Secretary of State.

Forced by gnarly Democrats to make a public disclosure about her heretofore unknown obsession with servers, IT matters, and e-mail deletion techniques, the wily old dame from New York may become not only the first woman president, but also the first president of either gender to be implicated in “high crimes and misdemeanors” before actually being elected president!

Could not happen to a more deserving person…the high crimes and misdemeanors, that is!

The woman who was once described as a “congenital liar” by the late William Safire, bobbed and danced around like a drunken pugilist on the run as the assembled cynics pelted her with questions about behavior that could see the Hildabeast headed for a female federal detention center, rather than the Oval Office.

Imagine that: Hillary Rodham Clinton incarcerated while her perverted spouse, Slick Willie, guilty of perjuring himself before the US Supreme Court, remains free to terrorize and harass young lasses in and around New York, Washington, D.C., and perhaps even Little Rock, Arkansas---provided Paula Jones is alive, or still reasonably warm.
To her credit, Hillary did admit to deleting personal e-mails on such private matters as daughter Chelsea’s wedding and her mother’s funeral.

Only a hard-nosed right wing conspiracy freak would take the frail old lady to task for deleting emails about weddings and funerals!

Obama Learns that Cell Phone & Pen not Enough to Sustain Tyranny!

By John W. Lillpop

Much to the chagrin of Barack Obama, recent events in Washington, D.C. make clear two important facts about American politics:

1. The reported death and burial of conservatives in the US Congress has been greatly exaggerated, and

2. Implementation of Presidential tyranny via a cell phone and pen is not limitless---there are actions that Congress can take to counter a lawless renegade occupying the Oval Office.

The first lesson that Obama was forced to swallow involved the speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a Joint Session of Congress.  Obama bitterly opposed the speech and made every effort to discredit Bibi and sabotage his message concerning the absurdity of the Obama-Iran nuclear “deal” as reported in the media.

Obama found that his hallowed pen and phone were helpless in preventing the truth from being spoken before Congress. Thanks to the efforts of House Speaker John Boehner, Bibi was warmly received on Capitol Hill and his message was delivered amid numerous standing ovations and robust applause of appreciation.

Congress 1, Tyranny 0!

Bibi’s triumphant delivery was followed up by a letter from 47 Republican Senators to Iran’s Supreme Leader which apprised the Iranian leader of the fact that any commitment made by Barack Obama would have to be approved by the US Senate in order to be law; and that any deal not so approved could be easily withdrawn at the behest of subsequent US Presidents.

In other words, the GOP Senators cautioned, beware of any promise that Obama might make regarding, “If You Like Your Nuclear Program, You Can Keep It!” because he is not authorized to make any such commitment without Congressional approval!

Congress 2, Tyranny 0!

Naturally, when news of the Senate Missive was made public, liberal Dems and the White House went ballistic with rage!

How dare the Congress usurp the President while delicate negotiations with the terrorist state were still in process?  How vile of Republicans to undercut the power and authority of the sitting tyrant!

In much the same fashion as they moaned over the violation of “protocol” with the Bibi speech invitation, liberals and the White House railed against “traitorous” actions by the 47 Senators while appealing for a return to the orderly execution of affairs in a civilized nation of laws.


America’s weak and confused President has acted in defiance of the Constitution and Congress in matters involving immigration and the 2nd Amendment, and has made known his interest in using presidential decrees to unilaterally raise taxes!

Forget protocol, and a civilized nation of laws.

Barack Obama has declared all-out war on America and our Constitution!

He must be stopped and made to understand that it takes more than a cell phone and pen in the hands of an anti-American Marxist to destroy American democracy!


Earth to GOP: Liberals Have No Intention of Securing the Border!

By John W. Lillpop

Among the more exasperating realities of the illegal alien nightmare is the incredibly naive insistence by Republicans that Democrats accede to securing the US-Mexico border!

Outrageous, idiotic dumb!   STUPID!

Republicans generally given the benefit of the doubt with regard to intelligence and patriotism, luminaries such as Jeb Bush and John Boehner, are nothing but brain-dead fools if they really believe that Democrats will ever agree to cutting off the flow of illegal aliens from south of our borders!

Fact is, Barack Obama’s promise (threat?) to fundamentally transform America is largely based on the notion that tens of millions of non-English speaking, unskilled, 3rd-world foreign peasants can be lured into the US with promises of undeserved welfare, food stamps, health care, education, and other booty paid for by US taxpayers.

Once here, illegals will be converted via fast-track to US citizens, and made to vote straight Democrat for decades to come!

That and providing unlimited slave labor for greedy Republican billionaires are the motivations behind amnesty, immigration reform, and open borders!

Democrats understand that importing illegals is the way to secure the vote for Marxist policies.  The impact on American homeland security, language, culture, education, economic, political, and social well-being matters not at all to Democrats, driven as they are by the insatiable lust for absolute, unabridged power!

Democrats know that the unrestricted flow of illegals into America will destroy the two-party system, a fact that is apparently beyond the reasoning ability of Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, and scores of other deluded RINOs now polluting the ranks of the Republican Party.

Given the fact that the Obama administration is actively pursing a pact with Iran that, if executed, will facilitate the nuclear arming of the terrorist state and all but guarantee the annihilation of Israel, it should be obvious that converting America into a third-world cesspool akin to Mexico is well within the lunacy powers of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party!

Besides, Obama and his racist brethren and sisters are most anxious to replace the control that Caucasians have exerted over the rule of law and American culture for more than 235 years with the values and traditions of impoverished people of color from the 3rd world.

Secure the borders? And dismantle the cash and voter cows?

Don’t be silly!


Vindication of Darren Wilson: Another “Teachable Moment,” Mr. President?

By John W. Lillpop

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice announced that former police officer Darren Wilson would NOT face criminal prosecution for his role in the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri last August.

As reported:

In the criminal investigation, federal officials concluded Wilson's actions "do not constitute prosecutable violations under the applicable federal criminal rights statute."
Specifically, the DOJ said there was "no evidence" to disprove Wilson's testimony that he feared for his safety, nor was there reliable evidence that Michael Brown had his hands up when he was shot.”

Thus ends the racially charged vendetta against an innocent police officer that was simply doing his job.  Apparently, Wilson’s greatest mistake was being a white man in law enforcement.

The entire Ferguson matter should be the subject of a presidential decree titled, “Tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri: A Teachable Moment about Due Process.”

Americans must not be allowed to forget, or gloss over, the ugly facts surrounding the Ferguson tragedy and the wild, public hysteria created when some community members disagreed with the Grand Jury findings, and, without benefit of proven facts, took to the streets in angry protest.

Angry protesters marched and chanted, “What do we want? Darren Wilson! How do we want him? Dead!”

Given their druthers, these protesters would have murdered an innocent police officer, despite the facts.

How is such thinking different from the evil schemes executed by white racists who lynched blacks in the dark days of slavery and Jim Crow atrocities?

Americans must also remember that some ill-advised leaders in government and the community issued intemperate remarks, which kindled the flames of civil unrest and racial enmity.

Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and even Barack Obama made remarks which, at the very least, suggested that white police were wrong and that the “gentle giant” known as Michael Brown was murdered without cause.

Always on the prowl for examples of perceived white prejudice and racist-based crime, the mainstream media served as a willing and able conduit for transmission of false narratives.  The “Hands-up, Don’t Shoot!” lie was repeated daily in the media…a falsehood that the recent DOJ report exposes as a blatant falsehood.

In an extraordinary violation of decency, the New York Times violated it’s “All the News Fit to Print” mantra by publishing the home address of Darren Wilson at a time when Wilson was very much the subject of death threats!

Given the facts now known, how was the New York Times anything but complicit in behavior intended to deprive Darren Wilson of the presumption of innocence and due process?

In sum, the Ferguson tragedy must be remembered as an ugly chapter in American history based on racial discrimination, race baiting, political opportunism, media malfeasance, and unchecked ignorance.

Sounds like a perfect candidate for a “Teachable Moment,” wouldn't  you agree Mr. President?


If Only GOP Leaders Had But a Smidgen of Bibi’s Courage!

By John W. Lillpop

March 3: What a day of contrasts in Washington, D.C.!

On the one hand, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered a masterful speech to a joint session of the US Congress, a speech in which the articulate, courageous leader warned the world of the idiotic path that the Obama administration is pursuing with regard to the nuclear aspirations of Iran, that renegade, terrorist Islamic republic that, given its druthers, would dispose of Israel and six million Jews at once in the Mediterranean Sea!

Bibi was precise and clear in laying out the facts and insane dangers in trusting Iran for 10 minutes, much less ten years as the Obama-Kerry team appears ready to do.

Despite the anti-Semitic bile emanating from the White House, Bibi’s speech was warmly received by those in attendance, as attested to by the 43 standing ovations and countless roars and cheers that filled the capitol throughout his truth letting presentation.

While Bibi was championing the cause of freedom through fearless dedication to truth, even when doing so meant taking on Barack Obama, weasels in the United States Congress were busy stabbing the American people in the back, for fear of offending the tyrant.

For while Bibi was fighting for a just cause, John Boehner and his gang of losers was succumbing to tyranny by refusing to engage Obama over his unlawful and unconstitutional Executive Orders concerning illegal aliens.

Oh, if only John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and other Republican establishment types were endowed with just a smidgen of the intelligence and guts of Bibi, America might have a decent chance to survive the Obama plague which threatens our very existence!


Barack Obama’s Childish Snit Notwithstanding, US Senate Unanimously Welcomes Netanyahu!

By John W. Lillpop

While Barack Obama nurses a childish  hussy fit concerning Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who will address a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, cooler, wiser heads prevailed in the US Senate.

As reported at the reference:

The U.S. Senate on Thursday unanimously passed by voice vote a resolution welcoming Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

The resolution states in part:

Whereas, in particular, the Government of Iran’s ongoing pursuit of nuclear weapons poses a tremendous threat both to the United States and Israel;

Whereas the negotiations between the so-called P5+1 countries and Iran over its illicit nuclear weapons program are entering a key phase, and Congress has heard the perspectives, both publicly and privately, of a number of close allies involved in the negotiations;…

Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Senate

–warmly welcomes the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, on his visit to the United States, which provides a timely opportunity to reinforce the United States-Israel relationship;

–eagerly awaits the address of Prime Minister Netanyahu before a joint session of the United States Congress;….

–continues to strongly support Israel’s right to defend itself from threats to its very survival.”

Senator John Cornyn, who initiated the resolution, said that “for some reason, some people are trying to turn this into a public controversy, but to me and I imagine to many others, it is mystifying and somewhat disappointing.

“Both of our countries are threatened by radical Islam….

“I would also argue that we have no bigger foreign policy challenges than stopping the Iranian drive for nuclear weapons and keeping those weapons out of the hands of terrorists. A nuclear Iran would make this world a far more dangerous place. For starters, it would dramatically increase Iranian leverage, Iranian power, and Iranian aggression in the Middle East.

Well said, Senator, especially the reference to “radical Islam”!

Reference: http://www.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/senate-resolution-unanimously-welcomes-netanyahu/2015/02/28/