Joe Biden's Harrowing Skirmish with Transparency!

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Anyone who has been paying the least bit of attention over the past 100 days knows full well that Joe Biden is not exactly the poster boy for Mensa.

In fact, the VP appears addicted to the taste of his own toenails, which explains why he is constantly stuffing one of his feet into his mouth.

However, nobody in his or her right mind would have imagined that Joe Biden was actually silly enough to fall for the transparently false nonsense that Barack Obama has dished out regarding transparency.

Only a fool would believe that, or any part thereof--say it ain't so, Joe!

Whatever degree of gullibility that Biden was nursing on openness was trampled by the Obama Transparency police when Biden crossed over the line by doing the unthinkable:

He told the truth about the swine flu crisis.

While President Obama and Janet Napolitano were demanding that everyone remain calm and not fall into alarm mode over a few swine flu cases, Biden advised against flying in airplanes, riding subways, and other common modes of moving about.

In other words, Biden urged a common sense approach to a deadly disease: Get ALARMED!

By delivering that message on NBC's Today Show, Biden caused real alarm at the White House. Transparency is one thing they said, but transparency mixed with truth is as lethal as--well, a pandemic of swine flu.

By the end of the day, Biden had been water boarded 138 times in the basement of the White House and had taken an oath, in blood, to NEVER again delve into the shark infested waters of transparency without prior written approval from the president himself!