Lest We Forget: America's 'Greatest Senator' Had an Owl in His Closet

John W. Lillpop

Now that all the lying and hyperbole over the greatness of Senator Ted Kennedy have subsided, it is time to turn off the BS machine and resume the relentless search for truth.

During his life, the mainstream media crowned Teddy Kennedy as a White Prince in shining armor when it came to issues important to women. He was the Liberator, the Advocate, the Defender, and a father figure to tens of millions of confused females who bought into liberal misinformation.

In fact, Kennedy was a flaming hypocrite.

For example, three years ago, the favorite son of bartenders all across Washington, D C., attempted to paint Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito as a bigoted racist, owing to the nominee’s membership in a conservative alumni group at Princeton.

Predictably, Kennedy’s witch-hunt for intolerance came up empty. Glory be to God, however, because the ruse actually boomeranged on Kennedy who, it turns out, had diversity skeletons stinking up his own closet.

Indeed, the leftist champion of female everything was a member of Owls, an intolerant All Boys club at Harvard University that did not admit women.

Why? Simply because they were women!

As it turns out, all those fire and brimstone sermons from Kennedy about equality and tolerance were nothing more than alcohol-blasted hot air from a male chauvinist hypocrite.

In the end, though, Kennedy tried to do the right thing.

He quit Owls, blamed campus Republicans for the misogynist enterprise, and sent $5.00 to the Mary Jo Kopechne memorial fund.