Obama As "Take Responsibility" Coach for American Youth?

By John W. Lillpop

One of the most annoying things about President Obama, besides his wrong-minded Marxism, is his arrogant manner and tendency to "talk down" to the American people.

Reverend Jesse Jackson recognized this elitist trait during the 2008 campaign and, thanks to FOX microphones being on when presumed to be off, proposed that Obama's attitude be adjusted by cutting off a vital part of the candidate's reproductive apparatus.

As far as we know, Jackson was unable to carry out his threat, and now-President Obama remains whole.

For the moment, that is, although Republicans in Congress have the president on the run. The big question being, "Does the GOP have the cojones to do the job?"

An example of Obama's condescending ways is in the "Back to School" extravaganza scheduled for September 8, the day on which many of the nations' youth begin a new school year.

For some inexplicable reason, some whack job leftist thought it would be a great idea for our failed president to deliver a message directly to our youth. Reading, writing, and arithmetic can wait, they reasoned, and pushed ahead with the idiotic "Help President Obama" brainwashing nonsense.

Following a national outcry worthy of a couple of town hall riots, the brain trust at the White House backed off the idea of conscripting masses of innocent youth to fight in Obama's war on America, and decided instead to bill the Messiah's address as a lecture on "taking responsibility."

This from a president who has yet to take responsibility for anything that has gone wrong over the past seven months, preferring instead to blame George W. Bush for everything.

Given Obama's deplorable record in this area, mindful parents should take responsibility for their children by keeping them at home on September 8!