America In Crisis: Where Is President Obama?

By John W. Lillpop

Our nation faces monumental challenges with unemployment approaching ten percent, a 9/11 "truther" named Van Jones embedded in the Obama administration, an escalting war in Afghanistan, out of control deficits, a White House press secretary who clearly needs a stronger dose of prescription medicines, and on and on.

With America the great being CHANGED into a third-world failed state as we speak, where in the hell is President Obama?

Golfing? Rehearsing his "Back-to-school Brainwashing" speech?

Or practicing his message to Congress regarding the Marxist HMO that he favors for you--but not he or his family?

The answer is a shocker: Barack Obama, hardened thug from the wild streets of Chicago, has turned over the presidency to Joe Biden, amiable dunce and alleged Vice President.

As reported, in part, by the Washington Times+:

"With President Obama off on vacation, his second in two weeks, unofficial Acting President Joe Biden has stepped into the vacuum, claiming credit Thursday for the successes of the administration's $787 billion stimulus package and fielding questions on health care reform -- something his boss hasn't done in nearly two weeks.

"The vice president, borrowing Mr. Obama's teleprompter for a speech before a friendly audience at the Brookings Institution, said "I" more than a dozen times as he pointed repeatedly to progress on the economy and to his lofty role in the process.
"Every week -- with notable exceptions -- I hold a Cabinet meeting. And most of the Cabinet secretaries attend," he told the audience in Washington."


Hard to believe that just over seven months ago, the world and, in particular the leftist media, were all agog over this inexperienced community organizer with no notable accomplishments to his credit.

However, he was black and "clean and articulate" and that was all the leftist media needed to turn Barack Obama into a morphed version of Jesus Christ, Michael Jackson, and Elvis.

Just over seven months ago, the phenomenon known as Obamamania was captivating millions, perhaps billions, all across the globe.

Obama the Omnipotent! Obama the all knowing! Obama the nanny master, come to pay everyone's mortgage and make his or her car payments!

Seven months later, the truth emerges: Obama is a fraud. An incompetent bureaucrat without a clue. In way over his head.

Obama the Omnipotent said recently, "I do not break. I am from Chicago." (Paraphrased)

Hmmmmm. We shall see, won't we?