Fifteen Practical Steps That Can Salvage the Obama Presidency

By John W. Lillpop

Once again, We the People are confronted with a failed presidency. To be sure, Barack Obama was dealt a lousy hand, what with the economy in melt down, two foreign wars being fought, and a host of domestic problems.

Still, Obama's bull headed arrogance has led him to where he is today--in deep dodo.

Rather than pursuing a reasonable agenda for solving America's problems, this naive president has tried to ram huge changes down the throats of the American people all at once, a strategy that has exacerbated the problems and left the president on a slippery slope indeed.

Can the Obama presidency be salvaged? I say perhaps, but only if the president agrees to take the following 15 steps:

*Declare all out war on deficit spending, and freeze all "stimulus" funds not yet disbursed;

*Vow to veto any new "bail out" or "stimulus" bills;

*Commit to a balanced budget by making it known that legislation that would increase the deficit (using reasonable accounting methods rather than wordsmith gimmickry) will be vetoed;

*Establish a moratorium on health care reform and climate change actions until legitimate bipartisan support can be achieved and until the U.S. economy is out of recession;

*Refuse to sign any legislation more than 10 pages in length. Demand physical proof that those who support any new bill have read and fully understand said bill;

*Rescind orders to close GITMO;

*Reaffirm America's continuing and unconditional support for Israel, Britain, and other traditional American allies;

* Fire all 35 plus White House czars and disavow the practice of circumventing the Constitution in order to establish a shadow government;

*Commit to pursuing corruption and greed in labor unions with the same fervor and zeal applied to Wall Street;

*Fully enforce the provisions of the Immigration and Reform Act of 1986, including deportation of all illegal aliens and criminal prosecution of businesses that hire them;

*Fire Attorney General Eric Holder and the Special Prosecutor hired to investigate the CIA;

*With the consent of GOP House and Senate leaders, appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate voter intimidation by the New Black Panther party and voter fraud by ACORN;

*Pledge to NOT raise taxes on any individual or entity, again avoiding word-smith gimmickry;

*Apologize to the American people for discrediting American leaders and policies while on foreign soil, and

*Pledge to take responsibility for the governance of America by refusing to blame George W. Bush for this nation's woes. You inherited the greatest civilization in human history, sir. Own it or move on!

Do these 15 simple things, Mr. President, and I can assure you that millions of Americans will not vote against you--until 2012!