Help Obama? NOT IN MY NAME!

John W. Lillpop

President Obama may be a gifted intellectual who moves about freely in circles dominated by bitter Harvard professors and former terrorists turned professors.

However, this president does not seem to have a clue about the concerns of the average American family struggling to survive his fascist regime.

The old "Will it Play in Peoria?" political yardstick has apparently been discarded by the new president who, being from Illinois, should understand why Peoria is the center of the universe.

In the latest Obama boomerang, millions of American parents are brimming with anger at the president for attempting to turn the first day of the new school year into a "Help President Obama" campaign event.

This sinister effort is obviously a last-ditch, desperate attempt to save Obama's Marxist HMO scheme by enlisting naive youngsters to serve as soldiers in the war to socialize American health care.

Predictable, the stunt fooled almost no one, except the White House dunderheads who concocted this silly scheme to take kids away from reading, writing, and arithmetic for a mindless lecture on advanced Marxism.

As reported at wnd.com, in part: *

"Following widespread concern about President Obama's nationally televised address to schoolchildren, many parents and schools are opting to forgo the Sept. 8 speech.

"School officials have been asked to take a break from normal educational activities to allow students to view the speech from the president and participate in recommended brainstorming exercises following the broadcast. Obama will give the speech at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Va. The speech is scheduled to broadcast live at 12 noon EST on C-SPAN and at whitehouse.gov.

"But parents across the nation are complaining about the speech taking up valuable classroom instruction time and possibly "indoctrinating" young children.

"Several people referred to Sept. 8 as "National Keep Your Kids at Home Day."

Interesting enough, the presidential talk was billed as a way for the president to communicate the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions.

This, mind you, from a president who refuses to accept responsibility for his new job and who continues to blame President George W. Bush for all of his woes!

Help Obama? NOT IN MY NAME!