Joe Wilson: 'Magnificent Disrupter of Status Quo' or Scalawag?

By John W. Lillpop

Because the Creator denied Shrieker of the House Nancy Pelosi the requisite intelligence required to make an honest living, the bug-eyed air head decided to seek a career in a field in which common sense, patriotism, and logic are actually considered negative qualities on one's resume:

She ran for the U.S. House of Representatives to represent the City of San Francisco, once a great and proud part of the American ethos, now an insignificant, decaying suburb of Moscow.

With mindless liberalism as her only tangible asset, Pelosi has managed to dupe about 120,000 San Franciscans into shipping her to Washington, D.C. to misrepresent the interests of San Francisco, California, and all of America.

This electoral charade has been going on since 1987 and proves that not only is San Francisco a "sanctuary city" for illegal aliens, but is also a favored destination for malcontents, the ungifted and untalented, and those demented beyond the point at which medical intervention might help.

Pelosi's diminished capacity has made national headlines since she was able to hijack the Speaker's gavel back in 2006.

She, for example, is the faithful Catholic who defended her pro-abortion politics by declaring that the "fathers of the Church" have yet to rule conclusively on abortion. That dilly came as news to Pope Benedict and all of the Fathers working at the Vatican, but provided a much-needed boost to Pelosi's approval ratings in decadent old San Francisco.

Pelosi, who makes Sarah Palin seem intellectually gifted by comparison, is also on record as describing enforcement of immigration laws as "un-American," a tirade delivered to a group of illegal aliens in the basement of a San Francisco church of all places.

She also considers Town Hall dissenters to be Nazis, or worse.

However, Pelosi's most notable stumble was in her glowing endorsement of Van Jones, the now-vanquished green czar in Obama's unconstitutional oligarchy.

As reported in part at wlatjr.wordpress.com:+

"When (Van) Jones won the San Francisco Foundation’s 2008 Community Leadership Award, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called him “one of the most innovative and strategic thinkers of our time. He is what I like to call a magnificent disrupter of the status quo.” San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom lauded him profusely. SFF, which presented Jones with a $10,000 honorarium, describes itself as “a vehicle for change.”

Hmmmmm. Magnificent Disrupter, is he?

For those who have not heard, Van Jones is a self-described Communist, a 9/11 Truther, and one who actually believes Hurricane Katrina was a Bush conspiracy.

In other words, Jones rivals Pelosi when it comes to wacky anti-American sentiment and blather.

He was truly a perfect fit for Obama's closet government.

So, given the fact that Shrieker Pelosi holds renegade Van Jones in such high esteem for rocking the boat, how do you suppose she felt about the gutsy and courageous shout out from Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina during Obama's unpaid advertisement for ObamaCare on Wednesday night?

Did Rep. Wilson demonstrate that he too is an "innovative and strategic thinker" by calling the president to task?

Surprise of surprises: Rather than applauding the Magnificent Disruption staged by Rep. Wilson on behalf of We the People, Pelosi later confessed that she nearly used the Speaker's gavel to disrupt the disrupter.

Only in San Francisco could a person as unhinged and warped as Nancy Pelosi be considered normal, much less elected every two years!

+ http://waltjr.wordpress.com/2009/09/05/