With Gnarly Napolitano Gone, Americanism Blossoms in Arizona!

By John W. Lillpop

Who would have thunk that the promotion of Janet Napolitano to Secretary of Homeland Security would actually help the cause of American sovereignty and enhance the effort to keep invading criminals from Mexico in check?

Yet, that is the wonderful news being played out in Arizona, which has been richly blessed with Napolitano’s absence for more than a year now.

As reported, in part, at latimes.com, (1):

“Arizona lawmakers on Tuesday approved what foes and supporters agree is the toughest measure in the country against illegal immigrants, directing local police to determine whether people are in the country legally.

The measure, long sought by opponents of illegal immigration, passed 35 to 21 in the state House of Representatives.

The state Senate passed a similar measure earlier this year, and Republican Gov. Jan Brewer is expected to sign the bill.

The bill's author, State Sen. Russell Pearce, said it simply ‘takes the handcuffs off of law enforcement and lets them do their job.’

Immigrant rights groups were horrified, and contended that Arizona would be transformed into a police state.

The bill, known as SB 1070, makes it a misdemeanor to lack proper immigration paperwork in Arizona. It also requires police officers, if they form a "reasonable suspicion" that someone is an illegal immigrant, to determine the person's immigration status.

The bill cements the position of Arizona, whose border with Mexico is the most popular point of entry for illegal immigrants into this country, as the state most aggressively using its own laws to fight illegal immigration. In 2006 the state passed a law that would dissolve companies with a pattern of hiring illegal immigrants. Last year it made it a crime for a government worker to give improper benefits to an illegal immigrant.”

While "serving" the people of Arizona as a Mexican mole pretending to be governor, Napolitano sabotaged numerous attempts to rid the state of invading criminals who cost the state billions in services to which they are not entitled, spread crime, and denigrate the rich cultural heritage of American citizens living there.

According to the warped thinking of this gnarly ninny-nanny, invaders are “newly arrived fugitives,” worthy of being greeted with open arms, rather than being processed for deportation.

“To hell with the law,” was the motto of Calamity Janet, who was more interested in expanding the base of the Democrat party than defending the good people of Arizona.

It is truly a shame that this anti-American goof ball is still in any government capacity, but at least her departure has helped bring common sense back to the state of Arizona.