Open Letter to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer: Sign Arizona Bill SB 1070

April 22, 2010

The Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Dear Governor Brewer,

For far too long now, the people of Arizona have been forced to go it alone in their righteous battle against the economic, cultural, and social devastation brought on by foreign invaders who cross the border illegally from Mexico into Arizona.

Border security and enforcement is, of course, a federal responsibility. That constitutional responsibility was, in large measure, ignored during eight years of the Bush administration and by your predecessor, Governor Janet Napolitano.

This dereliction of responsibility is even more severe now that Barack Obama is in power and Janet Napolitano is “serving” as Secretary of Homeland Security.

As you are aware, irresponsible and reckless inaction by the United States government lead directly to the recent slaughter of Arizona rancher Rob Krentz who was killed on his own property by a suspected illegal alien.

Mr. Krent’s cold-blooded murder was reportedly in retaliation against his brother who allegedly reported illegal alien crossings to federal authorities.

Governor Brewer, enough is enough!

When American citizens are murdered on U.S. soil for defending their own property, the time has come for decisive and firm action.

Ideally, the president would send a significant number of armed troops to the border to prevent further invasions, and to protect American citizens living in your great state.

Unfortunately, President Obama is more focused on growing the base of the Democrat party by granting amnesty to illegal aliens than he is in defending citizens.

Despite the flagrant disregard for Arizona and her citizens in Washington, D.C., Arizona state lawmakers recently passed SB 1070 which levels the playing field somewhat by giving law authorities in Arizona the power and authority to question and incarcerate those here illegally.

Admittedly, SB 1070 is not a complete solution because the federal government continues to work against the interests of Arizona’s citizens.

Nonetheless, SB 1070 is a vitally needed weapon in the hands of Arizona law enforcement authorities in their ongoing battle against invaders.

Arizona Senator John McCain, certainly no right wing zealot when it comes to illegal immigration, has endorsed SB 1070 and has advised you to sign the bill.

Moreover, a recent Rasmussen poll indicates that 70 percent of all Arizonans support SB 1070and want it signed into law.

The time has come to let illegal aliens and would be illegal aliens know that the Napolitano era of reckless and partisan pandering to invading criminals is over and done!

Accordingly, Governor Brewer, I respectfully request that you sign SB 1070 and set an example for all of America to follow.

Please sign the bill, governor, in memory of Rob Krentz.


John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California