Netanyahu Afraid of Being Ambushed--- in Washington, D.C.?

By John W. Lillpop

Another astounding item to stuff into the already bulging file titled, “Change America Neither Needs or Wants.”

This concerns Barack Obama’s unseemly and historic abandonment of Israel, another American ally and friend thrown under the Obama Express as part of the president’s war on America’s war on terror.

As opined, in part, at lobelog.com, (1):

“Netanyahu will not attend the weapons conference because he is afraid to confront a group of representatives of Arab nations who plan to bring up the issue of Israel’s non-participation in the Non-Proliferation Treaty. These nations want to force Israel to publicly acknowledge its nuclear capability and permit international inspection of its facilities.”

To the phrase “a group of Representatives of Arab nations” one could, quite correctly, add, “aided and abetted by an American President obsessed with pacifying Muslims at the expense of Israel.”

The big question: Will American Jews remember the disgraceful abandonment of Israel on November 2? Will they vote to end Obama’s dictatorial corruption and unchecked abuse of power by forsaking Democrat candidates running for Congress?

Or will they continue to grovel in the mud and support an anarchist with Jihad sympathies who happens to be dedicated to the demise of Israel?