What about Voter Intimidation by Black Panthers, Mr. President?

By John W. Lillpop

With each passing day, it appears as though President Barack Obama is on a mission to divide America along racial and economic lines.

The administration seems bent on legislating one set of rules and perks for people of color, including anemic whites, and a package of higher taxes, restricted freedoms, and government scrutiny for Caucasians.

Is this not race-based fascism at its evil worse?

Evidence of this evil CHANGE is abundant in the president’s reaction to Arizona’s SB 1070, the law that deals with illegal aliens.

The law made necessary because of President Obama’s refusal to uphold the rule of law and enforce U.S. borders.

The law made necessary because President Obama is more concerned about people of color that happen to be in America illegally than he is about citizens.

SB 1070 would not be ripping the nation apart today if Obama (and his Republican predecessor) would enforce the law and defend the American people from invasion by foreign interlopers.

Instead, this president is prepared to unleash the resources of the United States against Arizona based on trumped up civil rights violations.

Arizona did what any state with intelligent leadership would do: It took action to defend Arizona citizens from illegal aliens, regardless of race.

What’s that you ask? Surely, SB 1070 targets Hispanics, Mexicans, and Latinos, right?

Actually none of those words are found any where in the bill, the short title to which is “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act.”

Doubt the veracity of that statement? Down load SB 1070 and search the document for Mexican, Latinos, and Hispanics.

You will get a message that the terms are not found in SB 1070. Nada.

While there, read SB 1070 and see if it sounds oppressive or racist.

So the question is: Who in their right mind would oppose law enforcement and safe neighborhoods?

Answer: President Obama and Marxist politicians, with all due apologies to the term “in their right minds.”

While Obama, Al Sharpton, and millions of illegal aliens stew in the juices of a melting pot gone amok, a real civil rights issue is ignored by this president and his administration.

Specifically, as reported, in part, by wsj.com (reference 1) the New Black Panthers party was apparently involved in the serious business of voter intimidation on November 4, 2008 when Barack Obama was elected:

“President Obama's Justice Department continues to stonewall inquiries about why it dropped a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party.

“The episode—which Bartle Bull, a former civil rights lawyer and publisher of the left-wing Village Voice, calls "the most blatant form of voter intimidation I've ever seen"—began on Election Day 2008. Mr. Bull and others witnessed two Black Panthers in paramilitary garb at a polling place near downtown Philadelphia.”

“One of them, they say, brandished a nightstick at the entrance and pointed it at voters and both made racial threats. Mr. Bull says he heard one yell "You are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker!"

How is that a law which seeks to deal effectively with foreign illegal aliens is racist and unfair, while intimidation of citizens by New Black Panther members is ignored by President Obama?

Might it have to do with racism and bigotry—from people of color and the Left, sir?

(1) http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203550604574361071968458430.html