“Major Human Rights Crisis,” Confronts Illegal Aliens In Mexico!

By John W. Lillpop

While moon bats in San Francisco and other liberal-infested sanctuary cities protest Arizona’s scandalous abuse of illegal aliens vis-à-vis SB 1070, it turns out that being asked to prove one’s immigration status is a really a minor inconvenience.

Compared, that is, to the possibility of being kidnapped, raped, or killed, fates that can befall the unsuspecting Latino illegal alien who gets caught in Mexico.

Mexico’s despicable treatment of Latino illegal aliens is s called a “major human rights crisis” by Amnesty International.

As reported, in part, at yahoo.news, (1):

“MEXICO CITY – Amnesty International called the abuse of migrants in Mexico a major human rights crisis Wednesday, and accused some officials of turning a blind eye or even participating in the kidnapping, rape and murder of migrants.

“The group's report comes at a sensitive time for Mexico, which is protesting the passage of a law in Arizona that criminalizes undocumented migrants.

“Rupert Knox, Amnesty's Mexico researcher, said in the report that the failure by authorities to tackle abuses against migrants has made their trip through Mexico one of the most dangerous in the world.

"Migrants in Mexico are facing a major human rights crisis leaving them with virtually no access to justice, fearing reprisals and deportation if they complain of abuses," Knox said

“Central American migrants are frequently pulled off trains, kidnapped en masse, held at gang hideouts and forced to call relatives in the U.S. to pay off the kidnappers. Such kidnappings affect thousands of migrants each year in Mexico, the report says.

“Many are beaten, raped or killed in the process.

“One of the main issues, Amnesty says, is that migrants fear they will be deported if they complain to Mexican authorities about abuses.

“At present, Article 67 of Mexico's Population Law says, "Authorities, whether federal, state or municipal ... are required to demand that foreigners prove their legal presence in the country, before attending to any issues."

“The Interior Department said the government has taken some steps to combat abuses and Mexico's legislature is working to repeal Article 67 "so that no one can deny or restrict foreigners' access to justice and human rights, whatever their migratory status."

“The Amnesty report said one female migrant told researchers that Mexican federal police had forced her group off a train and stolen their belongings. Forced to walk, she said, she was subsequently attacked by a gang and raped.”

So while millions of illegal aliens take to the streets of America to DEMAND rights to which they are not entitled, and do so with the encouragement and blessings of Marxist extremists like President Obama and Harry Reid, aliens caught in Mexico are lucky if they are able to get out of this third-work failed state alive!

A clarion call needs to be sounded to the likes of La Reza and other bleeding heart lefties: If you are genuinely concerned about mistreatment of Latino aliens, forget about conditions in America.

Focus instead on Mexico, home to a “major human rights crisis,” that imperils the lives and dignity of Latino travelers, those innocent invaders simply in search of a better life.