California Had Solution to Illegal Problem Sixteen Years Ago!

By John W. Lillpop

In 1994, California’s voters were asked to vote on Proposition 187, a measure to cut off public services to several million illegal aliens who had invaded the state by illegally crossing our southern borders, bringing with them widespread economic, social, medical, and cultural devastation.

The good, enlightened people of California eagerly embraced Proposition 187 and approved the measure by a margin of nearly 2-1.

However, a liberal activist judge, convinced that she knew better than nearly 60 percent of the electorate, issued an injunction which blocked implementation pending an appeal by California.

California, governed at the time by conservative Pete Wilson, was working on an appeal; many legal professionals believed that California would prevail in a show down before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, in 1999 liberal governor Gray Davis violated a campaign promise by dropping California’s appeal altogether.

Davis did so, because, in his words, 187 was “too divisive.”

Four years later, the people of California again showed their mettle and discretion by kicking Gray Davis out of Sacramento in a historic recall election.

Sixteen years later, illegal immigration has spread all across the nation leading to the wasteful expenditure of hundreds of billions of dollars a year, reintroduction of diseases long ago eradicated in America; out of control identify theft, voter fraud, and other results deleterious to the best interests of American citizens.

If only America has listened to California sixteen years ago, illegal immigration would have been solved and America would not be saddled with the horrendous problems associated with feeding, housing, educating, incarcerating, and providing medical care to aliens who should not even be here.

Perhaps its time for a national law, a morphing of 187 and Arizona’s SB 1070, to prevent the complete destruction of America by third-world criminals?