Goldman Sachs Fraud: Obama Is Partially to Blame!

By John W. Lillpop

President Obama and Democrats in Congress are trying to use the Goldman Sachs fraud allegations as evidence of Wall Street greed in order to justify the president’s call for another layer of anti-business regulation, an effort that failed the first trial vote in the U.S. Senate on Monday night.

Leftists are also counting on the Goldman Sachs fraud case as a “wedge” issue to distract attention from the ObamaCare fiasco, Obama’s failure to improve unemployment despite the trillion dollar stimulus bill, the out-of-control federal deficit, foreign policy failures, and the attempt to replace free-market capitalism with socialism.

Desperate Democrats are scrambling like drowning rats to latch on to a populist theme that will spare their jobs when the tsunami of voter anger floods across our great nation on November 2.

In their partisan scheming, Democrats are counting on anti-Wall Street anger to out poll anti-government rage.

An outbreak of voter memory loss is also a critical part of the Obama campaign election strategy for this fall.

However, observant voters will recall that President Obama was a key player in the bail out of financial institutions.

It was he who cried wolf and warned that there was no time to study and review before sending hundreds of billions to firms the president now refers to as greedy purveyors of fraud and corruption.

It was President Obama who cautioned against too much caution, lest the American economy collapse like a flimsily-stacked deck of cards.

It was President Obama who saw the bail out as the only way to avoid a devastating depression.

And it is President Obama who has repeatedly taken credit for “saving” the economy with his economic policies, including the ill-advised bail outs.

Perhaps the fraud planned by Goldman Sachs could have been nipped in the bud if only Obama and his administration had refused to send out all of that taxpayer money without a comprehensive understanding of the facts?

After all, many did advise caution, sir.

Come November 2, the American people will deliver the only verdict that really matters.

In the war between the anti-Wall Street and anti-government crowds, who will prevail in November? Those who realize that the Goldman Sachs fraud scheme would not have worked if President Obama had not been complicit will vote from the anti-government perspective.

If enough thinking voters show up on November 2, America may be saved from the irrational wave of Obamamania that was once so prominent.