Open Letter to Jeb Bush Regarding SB 1070

Jeb Bush

Dear Governor Bush,

With all due respect, sir, your recent statement against Arizona’s SB 1070 seems somewhat misguided.

As you are perfectly aware, your brother, President George W. Bush, had eight years in which to deal effectively with our porous borders and the flood of illegal aliens into America.

Unfortunately, President Bush did not live up to his Constitutional responsibility with respect to upholding the rule of law. As a consequence, during his term the number of illegal aliens in America increased dramatically.

Even worse, this invasion across our southern borders came during a time of war. Indeed, our borders should have been sealed on September 12, 2001, and should have remained sealed.

Instead, your brother spent his energies insisting on Comprehensive Immigration Reform, a regrettable euphemism for amnesty.

President George W. Bush had the political power to shut down the borders and remove illegal aliens through deportation. By doing so, this divisive and potentially lethal issue could have been resolved during your brother’s watch.

However, President George W. Bush simply did not have the political will to do the right thing. America citizens are now paying for his neglect.

We understand that the Bush family has important ties to the Mexican people, including your marriage to a woman born in Mexico.

However, the interests of the American people must be our greatest priority. Pandering to millions of invading criminals through amnesty will only serve to lure millions more across the border.

That is not in the best interests of America and her citizens.


By John W. Lillpop
San Jose, Ca