What If “Obama-Logic” Applied to Bank Robberies?

By John W. Lillpop

According to logic gleaned by President Obama, apparently from the Kenyan School of High Finance and Global Economics, the “solution” to illegal aliens is really quite simple: Grant all 20 million of the invaders complete and unconditional amnesty.

Just like that there would no longer be any pesky illegal aliens to deal with, and the Democrat party voter rolls would be replenished with 20 million illiterate, non-English speaking peasants.

It would be brown magic by a black magician, if you will.

The only question: Does America really need another 20 million leaf-blower operators and McDonald’s burger and fries all stars?

Oh, and does anyone remember that we tried this amnesty idiocy in 1986 with the Immigration Reform and Control Act?

Given the fact that 20 million have invaded America since the failed “reform” of 1986, why in the world should the American people believe that Obama’s scheme will not cause another 20 million Mexicans to jump the fence and head north?

Owing to the fact that illegal immigration is the moral equivalent of bank robbery, what would happen if Obama’s warped logic were applied to convicted bank robbers?

To begin with, the president would issue an Executive Order to pardon all convicted bank robbers of any and all crimes. Their voting rights would be reinstated, and their records expunged to delete all crimes.

Next, Democrat party moon bats would rush to register all former bank robbers as Democrats in time for the 2010 mid-term elections.

What then? Would this gracious outpouring of empathy turn hardened criminals into choir boys and flower arrangers? Would bank robberies cease to exist because of the love and gratitude owed President Obama?

Of course, bank robbers are not exactly the same as illegal aliens.

For instance, most bank robbers are citizens and nearly all speak English.

Other than that, there is damn little difference between a bloke who holds up a bank and the knot head that jumps the fence at the border and heads for the nearest welfare and food stamp outlet.

The solution: Deport them ALL, bank robbers and illegal aliens, to Mexico. Give Felipe Calderon a taste of his own vile medicine!