Mr. President: We Want OUR Money Back!

By John W. Lillpop

On January 15 of this year, President Obama resorted to populist baiting of banks in order to divert public attention from his monumental failings on the economy, terrorism, soaring deficits, Iran’s march toward nuclear viability, the quagmire in the Middle East crisis, the war in Afghanistan and darn near every effort in which he became involved.

As reported, in part, at blogs.telegraph.com, (1):

‘We want our money back,’ Barack Obama has told US banks, announcing a levy on large financial institutions to help repay the notorious bailout he imposed last year. Oh, do “we”? And who gave away the taxpayers’ money in the first place, Mr. President?

This pretended identification with Joe on Main Street is a favourite ploy of dodgy politicos with their backs to the wall – Wall Street, in this case, which is imminently expected to announce bonuses beyond the dreams of avarice, hence Obama’s nervous anxiety to be seen to be “doing something”. If Obama wants to see the taxpayers’ money repaid, that will take some doing, since the Tarp bailout cost America $700bn.

That is not very nice language. Since the purpose of this cosmetic exercise is to save the face of a President with minimal physiognomy still showing through the egg splattered over his features from just about every policy he has touched, we need a more user-friendly terminology. How about “Small change you can believe in”?

Moreover, since January, this president has saddled American taxpayers with a trillion dollars for his “stimulus” scheme and lord knows how many other trillions for the world-class Ponzi scheme known as ObamaCare.

How perfectly appropriate it is, then, for the people to demand “WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK!” of the president who obviously cannot be trusted with OUR money!

(1) http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/geraldwarner/100022329/barack-obama-we-want-our-money-back-and-who-gave-it-away-to-the-banks-mr-president/