Media Ignore “Stimulus” Fraud; Fret over $1,946.25 Spent on Girlie Show

By John W. Lillpop

Bad news on Good Friday for Obama: For the third consecutive month, the nation’s unemployment remains at 9.7 percent.

Leftists will quickly point out that the economy did add 160,000 jobs, but will conveniently forget to tell you that those are temporary government jobs filled to misstate the 2010 census numbers so as to fraudulently increase the Democrats' numbers in Congress.

Missing from the news is any hint of moral indignation or outrage over the missing trillion dollars that President Obama promised would save or add millions of jobs once the “stimulus” kicked in.

Whatever happened to those trillion dollars, Mr. President? It surely has not been spent on jobs, so just where the hell are those monies being spent?

Of course Obama could not care less about the missing stimulus funds. After all, it is not his money. It’s not even his home nation for gosh sakes.

In his defense, it must be admitted that our wild-spending president simply does not have time to worry about that trillion.

This is so because he is up to his eyeballs in covering up the costs of his health care debacle, as well as creating new trillion dollar government give-away programs for illegal aliens, global warming, and on and on.

If America had an independent and objective press, Obama would be called to task for the failure of his stimulus bill.

Or, if a Republican president had mislaid a trillion dollars of taxpayer money, the media could be counted on to demand Blue Panel Congressional investigations, perhaps a special prosecutor, an emergency session of Congress and so forth.

However, Barack Obama is a Marxist radical and that just happens to be the politics of choice for most media types.

Thus, the slimy media demands zero, nada, nothing when it comes to accountability for one trillion dollars of your money!

While the media continue to give Obama and the Democrats a free pass on the non-stimulating stimulus, their collective ire is being stoked over the appalling lack of morality and accountability at the RNC.

At issue is the shocking expenditure of $1,946.25 at Voyeur West Hollywood is listed as “meals” on the RNC disclosure form.

Now THAT is worthy of some real investigative reporting, brother!