Nicotine-Addicted Muslim Creates Havoc in Water Closet Over Denver!

Satire by John W. Lillpop

That Muslim “diplomat” who simply could not resist the urge to sneak a puff, or a couple hundred, in the restroom of a jet liner over the skies of Denver was not, we repeat, NOT, joy-riding on Air-Force One.

Indeed, that was NOT America’s Jihad-in-chief, the unlovable Barack Hussein Obama, giving in to the urge to destroy his lungs and heart, which because he is exempt from ObamaCare, will be tended to by the best medical professionals that tax payer money can buy.

As reported, in part, at myway.com (1), the real Muslim scalawag was Mohammed Al-Madadi of Qatar:

“DENVER (AP) - Qatar's U.S. ambassador rushed to the defense of his envoy whom authorities say grabbed a surreptitious smoke in a jetliner's bathroom, sparking a bomb scare and widespread alert that sent jet fighters scrambling to intercept the Denver-bound flight.

“But no explosives were found and authorities speaking on condition of anonymity said they don't think he was trying to hurt anyone during Wednesday's scare and he will not be criminally charged.

“Qatar's U.S. ambassador, Ali Bin Fahad Al-Hajri, cautioned against a rush to judgment.

"This diplomat was traveling to Denver on official embassy business on my instructions, and he was certainly not engaged in any threatening activity," he said in a statement on his Washington embassy's Web site. "The facts will reveal that this was a mistake."

Of course it was a mistake!

Only an overly-zealous American patriot, still stuck in the quagmire of 9/11 memories, would be suspicious of a bloke with a name like Mohammed Al-Madadi.

On the other hand, administration intellectuals like Janet Napolitano rushed off to Denver to greet Al-Madadi in person, and to apologize for the tacky fools who interrupted his smoke break and profiled him solely because of the harmless IED found embedded in his bowels.

As to those who immediately thought of President Obama when this story broke, presidential surrogate liar Robert Gibbs admonished everyone by pointing out that it was impossible for President Obama to be in Denver, since The One was pre-occupied in Prague where he was officially surrendering to Russian President Medvedev!

Take that, right-wing whackos!