Obama’s Lunar Lunacy: Camelot Would Be Appalled!

By John W. Lillpop

When Barack Obama gazes into the mirror each morning, the image staring back at this arrogant poser is a very well tanned John F. Kennedy.

Indeed, Obama fashions himself as the fourth Kennedy brother and heir apparent to Camelot and the rich Kennedy legacy.

However, were he still around, JFK would be insulted by the very notion that the policies of this upstart from Kenya are a continuation of Camelot.

To begin with, JFK was the catalyst behind America’s mission to the moon and outer space.

He was an ardent, pro-space Democrat who understood that being number # 1 is about more than grabbing bragging rights for one’s high school soccer team.

JFK knew that being #1 in space exploration was vital in maintaining America’s leadership and dominance in world affairs. Beating the pants off the USSR was not only fun, it was essential to the notion that freedom and democracy are vastly superior to Communism in improving the quality of life through advanced technology.

How might JFK react to Obama’s recent decision to abandon further explorations to the moon? Would the fact that Obama would rather spend hundreds of billions on education and health care for illegal aliens soften the impact on the JFK ego?

Other Obama policies that JFK would find distressing:

Taxes: JFK “got it” with respect to taxes. He knew that raising taxes was an almost perfect formula for sabotaging the U.S. economy.

How might JFK react to Obama’s out-of-control spending and proposed tax increases during a deep and dark recession?

Cuba: JFK nearly went to war over the fact that Fidel Castro imported nuclear-capable Russian missiles into his miserable little island, just 90 miles from U.S. soil.

How might JFK feel about the fact that President Obama, who was one year old at the time of the Cuban missile crisis, has ignored the history and lessons to be learned from that harrowing experience?

Were he alive today, JFK would be outraged at the immature arrogance of the Marxist currently squatting in the White House.

When it comes to Obama, JFK would surely endorse a famous punch line from a political debate, tailored to fit the One:

Obama, you’re no JFK!