With “Friends” Like Mexico, Who Needs Enemies?

By John W. Lillpop

At this very moment, the failed state of Mexico is falling further and further into anarchy and civil war born of drugs, violence and chaos. The danger of that violence spilling over into America is becoming greater by the day as well.

Unfortunately, rather than reforming the political and economic policies that make our southern neighbor a failed state, the dim wit socialists that govern Mexico choose to blame America for their problems.

In a stark reminder of just how foolish Mexican leaders can be, President Felipe Calderon made the following inane statements as reported, in part, at Reuters about one year ago:

"Mexico will cooperate with the United States in sharing intelligence to fight drug trafficking but does not plan joint patrols with U.S. forces, President Felipe Calderon said Monday.

'We do have to work together but that does not imply the joint participation in military operations or even a joint participation of law enforcement agents," Calderon said at a press conference during a state visit to London.

“The Mexican president said forces from both sides of the border should share information to try to stem the flow of illegal drugs and tackle the gangs who supply them.

“The United States has stepped up security on the border with Mexico after new President Barack Obama put Mexico's drug war high on his agenda.

“Crushing the drug cartels, who arm themselves with smuggled U.S. weapons and leave slain rivals in public streets, has become the biggest test of Calderon's presidency as the bloodshed rattles investors and tourists.

“Calderon noted that the U.S. demand for drugs and the availability of guns there were fueling the violence.

'Violence and organized crime is not only a problem for Mexico, and it has been acknowledged by President Obama, this is a common problem,' he said.

'It has to do with the fact that our border is the border with the largest drug market in the world and with the main producer and seller of guns in the world,' he added."

The obvious question to Calderon would be:

Are you saying that Mexico's problems have NOTHING to do with the fact that Mexico is a third-world, socialist nation, which because of corruption, greed, and incompetence, is unable to feed, educate, and provide health care to its own citizens?

Boiled down to plain English, Calderon was telling America, "Send us your money, but don't bother crossing our borders to help."

How about that? Sovereignty really does matter, but only when Mexican sovereignty is at stake.

When it comes to enforcing America's borders, immigration laws, and sovereignty, the immediate conclusion is that racism and bigotry are at work!

What will it take to convince the incompetent, corrupt, and greedy American politicians that Mexico is an enemy of America, and that immediate action must be taken to protect the American people from the undeclared war being waged against our interests by Mexico?

The single greatest priority in defending America is to secure our borders. If that means positioning 100,000 or so troops at the border, then so be it.

America must defend its borders against foreign invasion, including use of force if necessary.

Some immigration reform proposals now in congress entertain the notion of "amnesty," called guest worker in Washington.

All such proposals are unacceptable because they would simply encourage even more illegal aliens to invade America.

We must not reward criminal behavior with foolish amnesty programs!

If illegal aliens are uncomfortable about living in the shadows as second-class citizens, THAT IS NOT THE CONCERN OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

Illegals are here illegally, and should not be made to feel good about themselves---they are criminals!

Illegal aliens have the option---make that obligation--- to go back to Mexico.

Bottom line: Secure our borders NOW, deport those here illegally NOW, and enforce all immigration laws NOW.

Do it for the children.