Gas Prices Soar: Media and Dems in Tank for Obama?

Satire by John W. Lillpop

To the few Americans who still have jobs to drive to, and to the unwashed millions who must motor about to pick up unemployment checks, foreclosure notices, welfare payments, food stamps, and other fruits of CHANGE gone amuck, there is an eerie undoing of the law of supply and demand taking place at gasoline pumps these days.

As reported, in part, at Yahoonews.com:


"Storage tankers across the globe may be brimming with oil that no one is buying because of the global economic downturn, but the traditional laws of supply and demand don't always apply to oil prices. Drivers have faced rising prices at the gas pump in recent months, as investors and oil-producing countries hoard supplies in anticipation of a global economic recovery later this year."

Back in the good old days--prior to noon, January 20, 2009, leftists like Barbara Boxer and Dennis Kucinich would be hogging the floor in their respective bodies of Congress to demand immediate investigations into the price gouging being ordered from the Oval Office by W. himself.

Liberals would bleed non-stop in front of C-Span cameras to demand that W. be impeached for his sleazy family ties to the kings and princes of Saudi Arabia.

All in all, it would be a festival of opportunity for the Left to lambaste Bush, Dick Cheney, Texas, the entire south, the Republican party, the 2nd Amendment, Exxon, Shell, SUVs, and that old gas bag himself, El Rushbo.

But that was then, this is now!

Since post-noon, January 20, We the People have been blessed with an omnipotent new age Messiah who: cares about the little guy, holds big oil companies in utter contempt, and believes that profits are the handiwork of the devil when it comes to the corporate board rooms of big oil and Republican auto dealerships.

Best of all, Obama has no family or spiritual ties to Saudi Arabia, right?