Mexicans Retaliate with Anti-Chinese Racism

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Proving that two-legged swine are nearly as lethal as their four legged brethren in third-world Mexico, the Mexican government on Saturday advised its citizens not to travel to China.

As reported in a very succinct Reuters news alert:

"MEXICO CITY, May 2 (Reuters) - Mexico's government recommended on Saturday that its citizens not travel to China after the Chinese authorities imposed a quarantine on a Hong Kong hotel when a Mexican guest fell ill with the new flu virus. (Mexico newsroom: +52 55 5282 7147)"

This announcement immediately raises three urgent questions:

1. What did China do to earn this special treatment from Mexico?

2. How can the U.S. get on Mexico's "do not go there" list? and

3. Can the effective date be made retroactive to cover the 12-40 million illegal aliens now squatting in our great nation?

Being on that list could save American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars a year, preserve our culture, boost homeland security and ease overcrowded school rooms.

It could also reduce the Democrat party to permanent minority status and force people like Nancy Pelosi and Janet Napolitano to get honest jobs!