Pelosi in China to Discuss Warming, Or to Escape CIA Heat?

Satire by John W. Lillpop

After driving her rock-bottom approval ratings down even further, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi escaped to China where she is not all that well known, AND where hardly anyone can understand a word she utters.

Being indecipherable is critical to the future of the 69-year-old granny-Speaker because it gives her a built in excuse for advancing multiple versions of the same story.

While In China, Pelosi is free to make all sorts of outlandish and contradictory claims about whether or not she was briefed by the CIA about water boarding, why she did not immediately report her concerns to the Justice Department, and how she was lied to and deceived by the man with the lowest IQ to have ever exhaled in the White House, that being former president George W. Bush.

Pelosi's ploy works because she can always claim that the Chinese press mistranslated her remarks, even though most of the press are more articulate in English than the bug eyed air head from San Francisco.

As reported at Yahoo.news, in part:


"BEIJING (AFP) – US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a longtime critic of Beijing's rule over Tibet and its rights record, arrived in China on Sunday for a trip focused on energy and climate change.
"US embassy spokeswoman Susan Stevenson confirmed Pelosi had arrived in Shanghai but could not say who the top US official was going to meet in the country's financial hub.

"Pelosi is scheduled to attend a clean energy forum in Beijing on Tuesday along with Senator John Kerry, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Other details of her itinerary were not immediately known."

Strange, is it not, that Pelosi spokeswoman Susan Stevenson cannot say who the person third in line for succession to the U.S. presidency is "going to meet in the country's financial hub," and could not provide other details about the Speaker's itinerary?

Wild guess: The Democrat Party is paying to have Pelosi's mouth permanently sewn shut so as to prevent a repeat of the PR drivel she slurped over the past two weeks, OR she is being fitted for a teleprompter similar to the one that keeps President Obama from being transparent or truthful.

Either way, Pelosi is definitely on a mission to escape the heat that she brought upon herself with those zany and inconsistent statements about CIA briefings.