Dishonoring the Memory of Memorial Day

By John W. Lillpop

As originally conceived, Memorial Day was more than just a day off with pay, barbecued hot dogs, slow-pitch softball and ice-cold beer.

Indeed, the last Monday in each May was set aside to commemorate all U.S. men and women who lost their lives while serving in the military and, whom, while so doing, helped preserve the liberties and freedoms that bring felicity to the American experience.

In order to fully appreciate those who gave their all for the grand American experiment, patriots should take time away from the BBQ grills, beer, and softball diamonds long enough to ponder the impact that President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress are likely to have on our democracy, values and way of life.

Specifically, would those American heroes who sacrificed so much be as willing to risk life and limb for a president and Congress that:

Ridicules and shuns the faith and values upon which this great nation was founded?

Speaks critically of America while on foreign soil, even stooping so low as to apologize for our values and elected leaders?

Considers returning veterans "right-wing extremists" along with those who oppose infanticide, gun control measures that violate the 2nd Amendment, out of control spending and taxes,and invasions of American sovereignty and soil by illegal aliens from third-world, failed states?

Bows before foreign kings and declares that America is "not a Christian" nation?

Deliberately neuters homeland security measures, which have kept the nation safe following the most deadly attack in U.S. history?

Jeopardizes Americans in order to bestow "kinder, gentler" treatment on brutal terrorists completely committed to destroying the United States and its allies?

Seeks to enact a "Fairness Doctrine" to choke off free speech, particularly dissenting opinions critical of the Obama administration and Democrat Congress?

Considers "empathy" more important than judicial restraint and strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution in selecting Supreme Court nominees?

Seeks to replace capitalism and free markets with universal health care, rigid government control of private businesses, and other socialist schemes long ago proven fiscally ineffective?

Calls the enforcement of immigration laws "un-American" and accuses the CIA of lying and deliberately misleading the Congress?

God Bless those who gave their lives that We the People might survive while bundled in liberty.

God willing, Americans will honor their memories by taking our nation back, and by demanding sanity, common sense, and morality in those we elect to serve We the People in the future.

Have a Blessed Memorial Day!