Obama Inherits "Axis of Evil" and "Road Map" Messes from W.

By John W. Lillpop

Despite President Obama's best efforts to remain cool, calm and collected while confronting world calamities created by, and left behind by, former President George W. Bush, playing "nuclear chicken" with both Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are starting to exact a toll.

North Korea brought a sour note to the President's Memorial Day holiday by conducting a powerful underground nuclear test followed by test firing of several short range missiles, all during the same news cycle.

Thus, in spite of Obama's "speak softly and carry no stick" CHANGE mantra, North Korea continues to march relentlessly towards nuclear mayhem, unafraid and undeterred.

The story is pretty much the same in the Islamic state of Iran, another mess left in Obama's To Do bin by the president whom liberals regard as a fundamentalist Christian nut ball on steroids.

Under the shaky hand and unsteady mind of President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran continues to work toward becoming a "nukkler" power.

Ahmadinejad takes his nation down that slippery slope with little or no regard for America's precocious leader who actually believes that he can remedy thousands of years of feuding and blood letting between Jews and Muslims with simplistic dialogue coaching and "make nice" diplomacy.

Moreover, the disemboweling of Obamamania is not limited to "bad Axis" on the world stage. Indeed, Israel, one of America's most dependable allies, is boldly proclaiming its recovery from Obamamania, and doing so loudly and clearly.

After receiving marching orders from President Obama which would have caused Israel to unilaterally surrender to the Palestinians, learn to live with a nuclear Iran, and accept the future of Judaism in the middle east as quite bleak, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discovered that excrement is not Kosher, thus he declined to further ingest said substance just to assuage Obama.

In defiantly refusing Obama's orders, Netanyahu was quoted as saying, "The demand for a total stop to building is not something that can be justified and I don't think that anyone here at this table accepts it," the PM told his cabinet, referring to Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Even like minded leftists from his own party have parted ways with President Obama when it come to his foolish plans to close GITMO without having thought the process through.

Transferring 248 world class terrorists from an isolated naval base in Cuba to the U.S. homeland is change of the sort that America can definitely do without.

A stinging 90-6 rebuke in the US Senate put Obama's ill begotten GITMO plans on hold, and forced the president to duck "friendly fire" from otherwise adoring leftists.

The decline and fall of Obamamania in foreign lands makes perfect sense. After all, this president seems obsessed with dismantling America's defenses against terrorism; defenses, by the way, which have kept the nation safe for seven plus years.

Why should any foreign leader, whether friend or foe, respect a president who is committed to making his own nation weaker, more vulnerable?

The Obama presidency will surely be recorded in the annals of American political history as the greatest snake oil fraud ever perpetrated on a presumably well educated and sophisticated electorate.

With barely more than the charisma of a rock star going for him, Barack Obama managed to convince over 65 million voters that he possessed the intelligence, mental toughness, determination, and leadership skills needed to protect and defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic while serving as the nation's Commander-in-chief.

As painful as it is to admit anything even approaching agreement with Hillary Rodham Clinton, one must agree that the Hildabeast got it right on Obama:

This is a man without any notable accomplishment or experience.

Alas, he is NOT the one who should be taking those 3 AM red phone calls.