To Be Fair, Everyone Should be on the Supreme Court

Satire by John W. Lillpop

When you really think about it, the law (US Constitution) that established the Supreme Court is blatantly unfair, un-American, and, if adjudicated in today's leftist courts, unconstitutional.

This is so because in those mostly wrinkled old 18 hands lies the irreversible fate of over 300 million Americans, plus the impact of those Americans on the entire globe and its six billion residents.

How is that nine individuals are consecrated to lifetime positions of power with essentially zero accountability, from which they will decide how our youth are educated, how wealth can be garnered, what powers are conferred upon the president and Congress, the value of innocent unborn life, if separate but equal is really equal, and on and on?

Monumental questions that touch every aspect of life for all Americans are left to the dictates of nine un-elected dictators who can have their way for 50 years or longer without ever answering to We the People.

One wonders why the Founding Fathers did not even attempt to "spread the wealth" a bit when it comes to the powers of Supreme Court judges?

As it is, the romanticized notion that we Americans are empowered by virtue of self-governance is mocked by the Supreme Court.

Still, it is sort of cool that President Obama has nominated Sonya Sotomayor to the bench. If nothing else, Sotomayor gives Ruth Bade Ginsburg a sympathetic femi-nazi pal with whom to exchange recipes and juicy gossip!