Kalifornia's Voodoo Economics: State Parks Out, Illegal Aliens In!

By John W. Lillpop

Governor Schwarzenegger and Sacramento Democrats have repeatedly refused to acknowledge, much less confront, the $10.8 billion gorilla in California's state budget.

That is the annual cost of proving public services (from education to health care) to illegal aliens who have no business being here.

Schwarzenegger dismisses those who breach the subject as anti-immigrant ignoramuses, and claims that illegal aliens are not the problem.

Apparently, state parks maintained for citizens and those here legally are the problem, which is why Schwarzenegger is set to shut down 90 percent of those treasures just in time for the summer vacation season.

Other liberals have decided that proposition 13, the so- called taxpayer revolt passed in 1978, is the source of all evil and budget shortfalls.

The governor and his co-conspirators in Sacramento are missing a major point: We the People are fed with up the invasion of our once bountiful state by illegal aliens and by programs that reward invaders with free health care, welfare, food stamps, and education.

In 1994, by a margin of 2-1, Californians passed Proposition 187 which, had it not been sabotaged by a judge and liberal politicians, would have solved the illegal alien problem by cutting off services to illegals 15 years ago.

Had 187 been enforced as the people voted, California's annual deficits would have been dramatically reduced, perhaps even eliminated.

Until the governor addresses the $10.8 billion illegal alien issue head on, he and the Democrats will never be taken seriously when it comes to the budget.

Perhaps it is time for another go at Prop. 187? The truth is that the measure would pass, probably by more than 2-1, if presented to the people for a decision in 2009.